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How To Get Away With Murder: 04x10, Everything We Did Was For Nothing

Maria Alicia | PopWrapped Author

Maria Alicia

Staff Writer
01/28/2018 7:43 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
How To Get Away With Murder: 04x10, Everything We Did Was For Nothing | Everything We Did Was For Nothing
Media Courtesy of ABC>Richard Cartwright

The mid-season premiere left us with all the feels and all the worries. Is Asher going to go down for this? Will Simon wake up and tell all? What does Wes have to do with Dominick? Is Laurel going to get the baby back from her evil father? Lastly, who has the drive? 

Laurel wakes up in the hospital and Antares has gone public. Oliver and Connor are watching it all on television and Oliver is in a state of shock because everything they did was for nothing. 

Michaela and Asher are also watching, but Michaela is worried about Tegan and if she got fired. Asher tells her not to text Tegan, but she already has. 

Bonnie is in the office with Todd Denver and Denver is angry Bonnie is trying to protect the group. She claims she is protecting them to protect him and how he set up Annalise for Wes's murder. 

Laurel, Annalise, and Frank are talking in the hospital about the upcoming custody hearing. Annalise tells her that her father is visiting the baby every second he gets, which will just help with his case. After leaving Laurel, Frank asks Annalise if he can tell her about the voicemail. When Michaela shows up, Annalise tells her to keep an eye on Laurel. 

Frank still have Dominick's phone because he wants to keep the evidence on it. Wes's voice mail. But, Annalise wants him to destroy it. 

Annalise then pays a visit to Nate's office. Annalise wants him to help them get the hard drive, but Nate won't do it. He doesn't want to play her games anymore. 

In other news, Annalise is still working on her class action. She has piles and piles of letters from people wanting to be a part of it. But, Oliver, Connor, and Asher all have their minds elsewhere. Asher wants to know if he is still under investigation and Oliver is worried about Simon. 

Annalise goes to leave the building and Connor goes after her to tell her to go easy on Connor, but she won't have it. 

Frank has dumped Dominick's body but did not take Annalise's advice and has decided to hold on to the phone. We are thinking this is going to come back to bite him, but maybe it will come back to bite Annalise. Who knows? 

Back in the hospital, Michaela and Laurel are talking about how to get Laurel out. Laurel wants to research ways to get out but Michaela won't let her and wants her to trust Annalise. But, like all good girlfriends, they have each other's back and Michaela hands over the phone. 

Annalise shows up at an interesting location, Wes's apartment. What can she be looking for? She takes files out of his desk and they are all about Mr. Castillo. Wes also had baby clothes in his drawer. 

Bonnie and Nate are at the courthouse and Bonnie is asking about Asher. Nate tries to tell her to back off and not think about Annalise. 

The boys are still playing at Annalise's trying to weed out different court cases. But, Oliver is still not in a good place. He has hacked into the hospital to find Simon's medical file. 

Laurel texted Annalise to get her to come to the hospital because she thinks she found a loophole. Annalise said that she already filled it and the judge turned it down. Michaela chases Annalise out of the hospital because Michaela knows she lied. Annalise says that they still don't know why she miscarried and Annalise saw the gun in her purse. Annalise is worried that Laurel will be reckless when she gets out. 

Frank goes back to Bonnie and tries to play the card that Denver works for Mr. Castillo and now that Bonnie works for Denver, she can act as a mole. Only she does not want to do it because they aren't exactly on good terms. 

The boys are still hunting for a good candidate when there is a knock on the door. Nate. He wants to talk to Asher. But he has bad news, someone at the party said that they saw Asher knock a glass out of Simon's hand the night of the party. When Asher and Connor talk to Nate, Oliver slips out. He goes to visit Simon in the hospital. He gets in by says that he is Simon's boyfriend.

Frank is still trying to convince Annalise to tell Laurel about the voicemail when the phone rings. Frank kept it because he put an app on it where he can track the incoming calls. Frank says the number calling is local. Must be Denver. Frank admits he already try to get Bonnie on board, but she refused. Now, he wants Annalise to try. And, she does.

Bonnie lets her in. She knows what Annalise wants. Bonnie is angry that Annalise couldn't go there on her own and that she needed a push from Frank. Annalise actually apologizes and it sounds like she means it. They actually have a heart to heart and say how the pressure they put on each other sometimes becomes too much. 

Asher and Connor find Oliver and are trying to get him to leave Simon's side, but he won't. Asher is trying to talk to Oliver and tell him that he can't let his mind go to dark places. 

Laurel and Michaela are still at the hospital and Michaela is trying to figure out how she went into premature labor. Laurel begins to confess what happened and Laurel thinks that it was when Frank hit her stomach. 

Bonnie actually goes along with Annalise's plan. She goes and tells Denver that she has scrubbed any evidence of his attachment to Antares. He seems pleased, and Bonnie got it on tape. 

Nate goes to visit Caplan and Gold, where he finds Tegan. She still has her job and it seems everyone thinks it was a suicide attempt, or at least that is what was told to the authorities. 

Finally, the whole gang is together in Laurel's hospital room. They are all joking about ways to get Laurel out and get her to get the baby. Michaela goes straight to Annalise to ask her to help get Laurel out of the hospital. Michaela tells Annalise and Frank that it was Frank that elbowed her and that he is the reason she went into labor. 

Annalise visits Isaac to ask one more time to get him to evaluate Laurel. Isaac is not going to have any of it. Annalise pulls the daughter card again in order to manipulate him into doing it. Annalise admits she is helping all of them, just to help herself feel better. 

Annalise wakes Laurel up in the hospital and who is with her but Isaac. Now, we wait.

The boys are back to trying to find cases. But who do they stumble across but a man named Nate Lahey. Wonder what that is about? 

Michaela finally goes to Tegan and asks why she is covering for her. Tegan tells her that what she and her friends have done have put them all in danger. 

Denver meets with Mr. Castillo. Denver tells him that Bonnie is going to be a problem. 

We finally get Isaac's report, and Laurel has been released! Thank goodness. When she returns home, Frank has set up camp. He is staying with her, even though Laurel doesn't want him too. Then they decide to let Laurel listen to the voice mail.

The phone rings again, and guess who it is? Laurel's mother! 

How is she going to play into this now? Could Dominick have been a double agent? Was Wes in contact with Laurel's mother, too? Leave it to HTGAWM to drop major bombs at the end of the episode! Now we have to wait another week! Watch How To Get Away With Murder on ABC, Thursday February 1st at 10:00 p.m EST to see what happens next!


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