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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

'Lets Get To Scooping' with This Week's 'How To Get Away With Murder"

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

10/19/2014 11:26 pm
PopWrapped | Television
'Lets Get To Scooping' with This Week's 'How To Get Away With Murder
Media Courtesy of Courtest of ABC
  Last week, Annalise & Co. took on a case about a suburban housewife, who was actually I wanted woman who changed her identity.  Annalise also decided that instead of representing Griffin, like the school wanted her to, she was going to represent Rebecca.  Tonight’s episode of How To Get Away With Murder kicks off with Connor showing up at his boyfriend’s apartment and orders him to take his clothes off. His boyfriend whines that all they ever do is have sex and he thinks they should go out to dinner like a normal couples. Annalise is in court arguing to have Rebecca’s confession thrown out, but the judge doesn’t listen and sets her bail at $1 million. Rebecca meets with Annalise and Bonnie afterwards and says that she didn’t kill Lila. She said the only reason she did confess was because Wes said Griffin was going to try and pin it on her, and he was right. Annalise drags Wes in to her office and screams that it’s his fault Rebecca confessed. She announces to everyone that Wes is off of Rebecca’s case, he isn’t allowed to speak to her or even look at her. Annalise takes her students to meet with her next client, Marin Trudeaux (Weed's Elizabeth Perkins),  a self-made billionaire who owns her own stock exchange firm and is being charged with inside trading. They head to Marin’s office which is being raided by the FBI. She is yelling at the FBI agent and takes the warrant and lights it on fire and says that she hasn’t broke any laws. The agent takes out his laptop and says that she has received inside stock trade information from Edson Pharmaceuticals, and they have a tape of her having sex with the CEO of Edson Pharmaceuticals. What is with sex tapes this week in Shondaland?  Annalise sits down with Marin to discuss her case and Marin insists she didn’t buy any stock from Edson, Annalise points out that she made the purchase from her log-in. Marin insists that she was hacked, and Annalise says that she will have an IT group look in to her account to see if there were any log-ins from someone else’s computer. Annalise sends her students out to interview all 50 of of Marin’s employees at her firm to see if there are any disgruntled employees who might have tried to frame their boss. After spending the day with Marin’s staff, who all have nothing but nice things to say about her, Asher spills the beans and tells one of the employees why they are really there. Marin shows up at Annalise’s office and is angry that she interrogated her employees. She is certain that it was an outside job and argues that her employees are her family. Annalise heads home and her husband Sam is getting ready for a department dinner, he kisses her goodbye and says that he will be home as soon as he can. Meanwhile, Nate is in Sam's car  going through Sam's GPS trying to find out where Sam went the night Lila died.  Sam catches Nate getting out of his car in the driveway, but Nate lies and tells him that he seen his light on while he was jogging and wanted to make sure his battery didn’t die. However, neither of them know that Bonnie drove up to the house while Nate was in the car and had been there the whole time. 

Fast forward

: Connor, Micaela, Wes, and Laurel are driving out of town to buy lighter fuel to burn the body. Connor has a melt-down while he is driving and tells them that they are wasting their time buying lighter feul in a different city because Asher knows they were in the house, the police spotted them leaving with a rug, and they left DNA and skin cells all over the house. At least one of them realized all of the mistakes they've made. 
Back to present time, Micaela is caught trying to steal Laurel’s outlines from her bag and is having a meltdown because she is certain she is going to flunk the exam. Connor heads back to Marin’s company and talks to her personal assistant Braxton. Braxton insists that Marin would never be dumb enough to make that inside trade with Edson and she was definitely set up. He begins flirting with Connor and asks if he has a boyfriend, Connor says he “does what he wants,” and they start ripping each other’s clothes off. Connor rushes out after they are done having sex. Braxton calls someone and says that they have nothing to worry about because the lawyers still think Marin is guilty. Little does he know Connor is recording the whole conversation and is listening in. Connor heads back to his boyfriend’s house with his illegal phone recording and has his boyfriend hack in to the phone company’s records to try and figure out who Braxton was on the phone with. Bonnie heads to the police station to get the confession tape and reveals to the officer that she knows that Nate is investigating Sam Keating for Lila’s death, she threatens to expose his department if he doesn’t hand over the confession tape. Connor and Annalise play the recording of Braxton setting up Marin for her and she is furious that he betrayed her after everything she has done for him. She brings up the fact that his family disowned him and she is going to send him to prison for trying to ruin her. When Marin turns around to walk away and Braxton cries that he is sorry and then jumps out the office window and commits suicide in front of the entire company. Annalise and Marin head back to her office to have a drink, and Marin blames herself for Braxton’s death. Annalise says that her case isn’t over because even without Braxton’s confession they can still figure out who his accomplices were. Annalise interrogates Marin’s other employees and is determined to “pound the truth” out of them. They are certain that Jimmy and Talia were working with Braxton. Annalise lies and pins them against each other, which works, because they finally get confessions out of them. Wes, Laurel, Connor, Asher, and Michaela gather in Annalise’s office with Bonnie to watch Rebecca’s confession tape. They head back to the courtroom the next day with the video evidence, and Annalise shows the judge that Rebecca’s confession was clearly coerced, you can see her looking off camera to someone who was standing there. The judge agrees and sets Rebecca’s bail to $100,000. Annalise announces to Rebecca that she is going home. Connor heads to his boyfriend Oliver’s house and has sex with him again. While he is getting a beer in the kitchen, Oliver finds the recording of Braxton’s phone call and listens to the whole thing where he brags about having sex with Connor. In tears, he kicks Connor out of the apartment. Wes greets Rebecca as she comes home from the police station and shows her that he still has Lila’s phone. He takes the phone to Annalise and she thanks him and tells him that he did his job, now he has to let her do hers. In probably one of the best scenes on television, she takes off her armor. She takes off her wig and washes her make-up off. Her husband Sam comes home, and with a face that says, "I dare you to lie to me," she very calmly asks him, “why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?” got some explaining to do.

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