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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

There's Nothing But Tension On This Week's How To Get Away With Murder'

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

11/08/2014 6:04 pm
PopWrapped | Television
There's Nothing But Tension On This Week's How To Get Away With Murder' | How To Get Away With Murder
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Only a few more episodes of How To Get Away With Murder left until we find out who killed Sam. I have been driving myself so crazy that I'm to the point where I'm now accusing everyone of killing Sam.  Last week, Annalise had to deal with Wes discovering that Sam was sleeping with Lila. This week, court proceedings have begun, and though Rebecca confessed to one murder, she is still trying to clear her name of another. The episode opens with a flashback of Rebecca covered in Sam's blood on her face and body. Wes takes her to the upstairs bathroom and begins to clean her off and then they start to make out. I mean, it's not your average type of foreplay, but to each his own. Back to the present day, Rebecca and Griffin's sexual relationship has leaked to the press. Annalise says that it's because they are trying to "slut shame" Rebecca and make Griffin one of the guys. Annalise is not happy that Rebecca got into an argument with Griffin after court and calls her a terrorist and says she better start cooperating or she will be going to prison. When she goes into her office, she says she's glad for her "miscarriages," because she didn't have kids that turned out like Rebecca. That was harsh. In the classroom, the students are learning about trial experts. It is revealed that they are paid and they are used to throw doubt on the opposing counsel's testimony to show failing and also having a better expert for your side.  This gives Wes ideas to help his murderous crush. Back to the flash forward, Rebecca and Wes are in the hotel room. Before he leaves she tells him that Sam tried to kill her and she had no other choice. She offers to turn herself in. This confession was to easy, don't you think? It makes me think that she's covering for someone. Someone who would be the reason why the rest of the gang would help hide the body. In court, Lila's mom gives an emotional plea to stop Lila's body from being exhumed, which would help Rebecca. Leaving Court, Connor gets reacquainted with a guy, whose name he can't remember, he met on Humpr.  Connor tries to get over his breakup with Oliver, but his little sexcapade doesn't help. Does it ever? Nate goes to meet Annalise in her car and tells her that he knows about Frank and planting the phone. The men of Annalise & Co. are sent out to flirt for information. Wes is able to get information that will help Rebecca, Connor finds a girl to cry about Oliver to, and Asher just gets some. Rebecca comes up with a plan to say Griffin raped her, but it doesn't stop the proceedings because the judge rules that Lila's body should be exhumed. If you thought it was weird that wiping blood off of Rebecca led to a make out with Wes, then how did you feel about the interchanging scenes of their first time and Lila's exhumation? Wes tells Rebecca that his mom tried to kill herself, which could be the reason why he wants to save Rebecca so badly. Frank and Laura have their final blowout, which leads to their sexual attraction coming to a head and they kiss. Laurel gets to make out with her hot assistant teacher, while dating her equally hot boyfriend? You go Laurel! Rebecca is in a convenient store when she is approached by Nate.  He asks her to team up with him to find Lila's real killer. Annalise and Sam seem to be getting along better, but that moment is ruined when Bonnie tells them that Lila was six weeks pregnant. Oh Sammy boy, you're in trouble now. Now that we're getting closer to the truth, who do you think killed Sam? Let us know in the comments.

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