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Television PopWrapped | Television

"How To Get Away With Murder" Winter Finale

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

11/22/2014 4:34 pm
PopWrapped | Television
No one does a finale quite like Shonda Rhimes does a finale. Last night's episode of How To Get Away With Murder is proof. We went back to the night of the bonfire and found out what went down inside and outside of the house and also who killed Sam. If you missed last week, get caught up here Annalise is throwing Sam's things out of the house and demands that he leaves before she calls the cops. At the same time, Wes, Laurel, and Connor are on their way to the house because they think Rebecca is headed over there. Wes tells Laurel and Connor that Sam killed Lila and Annalise is defending Rebecca because he blackmailed her. Back at Annalise's house she tells Sam about he affair with Nate and brags about how good the sex was. Sam grabs her by the throat. He eventually lets go, but says that she is nothing but a "disgusting slut" and a "pathetic piece of ass that he was too ashamed to tell his friends about." js2-earrings.gif Annalise leaves the house, but doesn't see Rebecca standing outside with the flash drive Nate told her to plug into Sam's phone.  Michaela shows up at the house and Sam tries to kick her out. They are talking when Rebecca tries to sneak upstairs, but Sam catches her. She runs into the bedroom and begins downloading the files. Michaela calls Wes and tells him to get there asap. The rest of the gang show up and convince Sam to let Rebecca come out. As they're leaving, Sam tackles Rebecca and they fight to get him off of her. She is able to get away and Sam chases them. Michaela pushes him over the banister and falls two stories to the floor. When the get downstairs they assume he's dead and start arguing over what to do. They are interrupted by Rebecca trying to breath because Sam is still alive and choking her. Wes deals the final blow by hitting him over the head with the trophy. Wes tends to Rebecca's needs and washes the blood off of her. *Heavy eye roll* Meanwhile, Connor throws up and Michaela is crying in a corner and Laurel is trying to get her to calm down. They're about to leave, but Asher pops up looking for his trophy. He is banging on the door, but they all hide and wait it out for him to leave. After taking Rebecca to a motel, Wes goes back to Annalise's house to get the weapon. He apologizes to Sam's dead body and leaves to meet up with Laurel, Connor, and Michaela. Laurel says they need to go back to get the body. Michaela says they can't carry a body through campus during one of the busiest nights of the year. Wes flips a coin to help them decide because that's how you make serious decisions. Annalise goes to see Nate and confesses that she thinks Sam killed Lila. She cries and Nate says his wife is in the hospital. He invites her to stay for the night and they makeup. Connor, Michaela, Laurel, and Wes go to the bonfire to take pictures, for their alibi, and begin posting them on social media. After they're done, they head back to the house to the body. The plan is to burn the body by the bonfire so no one will notice the smoke. Laurel washes off the trophy and they wrap Sam's body in a rug. Asher, who is currently on the phone with Bonnie, walks right in front of their car, but doesn't notice them. Bonnie calls Asher for a late night booty call. She goes over to his place and he rejects her advances because she was drunk. She tells him that she can make her own decisions and jumps on him and rips his clothes off.  Is that qualified as sexual harassment? Annalise is sneaking out of Nate's house and leaves a voicemail on Sam's phone. She says that she will stand by him and begs him to come home. Back in the woods, the killer crew pour lighter fluid on Sam's body and set him on fire. They are about to leave when Michaela starts freaking about how she lost her engagement ring. Why she wouldn't take it off is beyond me. Wes is at the motel and starts to panic when he can't find Rebecca. She comes back with bagels and he asks her where the flash drive is. He smashes it and tells her they can't use it because it proves they were at his house. Connor goes to Oliver's apartment and begins to cry saying he screwed up. Laurel also runs to her boyfriend, but with the trophy. She tells Frank that she stole it from Asher. Bonnie and Asher are in bed when Annalise calls her saying that she can't find Sam. Bonnie quickly gets dressed and heads over to her house. The next day, Michaela sees her fiancee's mother and gives her the pre-nup and apologizes. Connor is still at Oliver's house and he wants to know why Connor came over in tears. He lies and says that he was high and has a drug problem, like it's no big deal. Oliver wants to talk more about it, but Connor leaves. Bonnie texts everyone to come to the office. When they all arrive, Annalise comes out of her bedroom and says the police are on their way and are going to question them about Sam. She reveals that Sam was having an affair with Lila and she thinks he ran away. She wants them all to as hones as possible. She looks at Wes. We flashback to when Wes comes back to get the trophy. He apologizes to Sam's body and Annalise, who was sitting at her desk, tells him not to be. WhatJustHappened.gif You've done it once again Shonda Rhimes. I'll see you in January. What did you think of the finale? Did you know who killed Sam all along? 

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