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How Will The Tides "Turn, Turn, Turn" On This Week's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/10/2014 3:17 pm
PopWrapped | Television
How Will The Tides
Media Courtesy of IMDb

DJ SoundBite

Staff Writer


I hope someone picks up that phone…because I freaking called it! However, that being said, the end reveal is like receiving the call charges, I did not see it coming! As a side note, I have not seen Captain America: Winter Solider yet. You may get more insight if you have, but the average watcher should be able to get what is going on for this week’s episode “Turn, Turn, Turn.” We open with Agent Garret flying the mini plane as some drones try to shoot him down. He looks out and sees the planes have SHIELD logos on them. May is still at gun point. She tells him she has been calling Director Fury and she is under orders and can’t reveal more. Sky tries to radio but finds ‘noise’ across all channels, she hones in on Garret’s voice as he is under attack. Coulson shoots May (with the Icer) and sticks her with Ward in the cell. Garret comes in hot and the team shoots the drones down. Coulson brings Garret up to speed and Garret asks the obvious question of why Hands would reveal herself. Sky breaks the noise which is actually a code: “Out of the shadows, into the light- Hydra.” The thought to run away is floated, but both Tripp and Simons are still there, so of course it becomes a reason to put our heroes in danger. Speaking of the Hub… Simons shows her ability (or lack thereof) of lying while she and Tripp are in the lab. He bullies her into giving him information and we the audience think he might be a double agent; but instead he helps her get a secure line to her friend at the Academy. Hands is ordering her team to kill them as soon as they land while soldiers capture various people throughout the Hub. Simons gets a secure line with Agent Weaver at the Academy to discuss Sky’s blood, but she tells them Hydra has taken over and the line is cut off. Tripp locks the door and pulls a knife (again trying to get the audience thinking he is a double agent) but is actually on her side and gives the knife to her to defend herself. May wakes up and Ward gives her crap of being a sleeper, she counters he killed a man in cold blood which shuts him up…Oh I will get to you Ward! The Bus arrives at the Hub and the soldiers take out the guns on the plane. Fitz fixes the secure line and May rings it, but a man picks up and says “Director Fury is Dead” (I am assuming that will be in CAWS movie). Guns start firing and May is shot in the arm. While getting patched she tells Coulson Fury knew he would want May to join up, he asked her to keep an eye on him for signs of mental or physical breakdowns. She also knew about TAHITI, and May was the one who set the parameters of what she needed (someone who could repair his body, technician to reprogram his brain and a specialist who could put him down if it needed to be done) and Fury told Coulson. Let me just interrupt the recap for a moment to say every problem, and I mean EVERY problem could have been solved if SHIELD stopped keeping secrets. Now, granted; Hydra has infiltrated their ranks, but I suspect a large portion of this problem is self-inflicted! Anyway… Simons and Tripp are still in the lab and get surrounded by 3 guys. Hands comes in to gloat and offer them a choice to join or die. Tripp disarms a guy and puts a knife to his throat saying if we die, one of you die too…which Hands says is the right answer. Turns out Hands is a good guy but she can only trust the team. Hands also says Coulson is part of Hydra due to all the things he has done (i.e. the lying, disobeying orders, ignoring protocol, etc)…see what I mean about self-inflicted problems? A tactical team tries to infiltrate the plane but Fitz cut a hole through it, so now they are in the Hub. Sky and Ward go to the nerve centre to cut off communications with a bomb. Ward also has an attack of conscience, and Sky tries to comfort him that he killed an innocent man with the line “you didn’t know” as an excuse. No... Just no! He then says the cheesy line “if we make it out maybe we can go for a drink” and they kiss…OH HELL NO! This is so STUPID!!! I expected better than this from you AoS! In the control room, Garret says they need to kill Hands and lists all the things she did, Coulson realizes he never mentioned the girl in the flower dress (Rena) had been inside the machine, he told no one, so how did Garret know. Just then a group of soldiers comes in and Garret says “Sitwell” trained some of them, at which point some of the soldiers shoot the others. Garret explains that Fury must have discovered their secret and “Top Brass” did what they had to do, which is why they have come out of the shadows. Just as they are about to shoot them, Sky and Ward take out the system causing the lights to go out and another big fight ensues. Hands comes in with her team having heard the whole exchange, and arrests Garret Rock music plays over people being taken away in slow motion, Trip angry at Garret, Ward in disbelief- very dramatic! Hands says to Coulson that Captain America has defeated the helicaptor at the Triscellian (Watch the movie, I assume, to understand this) but his status is unknown. Hydra has taken control of East African headquarters and the Tree House. Ward wants to see Garret suffer by going to the Fridge and locking him up personally. The team starts to repair the plane and May is no longer a friend to Coulson, but he sees her as an ally so he keeps her on board. So, for the record, everything I predicted last recap is 100% correct. I had the assumption that the series was falling into predictable territory, until the last 2 minutes… On the transport plane, Hands says maybe they should put Garret deeper underground than the fridge and offers to shoot him for Ward. Ward instead shoots the guards and Hands and the episode ends with him nodding to Garret and the Hydra logo comes up. YES! All of the YES!!! THAT is how you do a closer. And you know what? It makes Ward’s actions completely justified! Of course he killed an innocent man; he works for an evil organization! Of course he kissed Sky, because he is ensuring his trust with her is secured! Everything about his character which I was complaining about for the past 3 episodes is now amazing due to his level of deception. Now all we have to do is ensure they don’t screw it up as him actually wanting to infiltrate the Hydra organization, because if they do, I will be so angry at the lazy writing! This episode is a 4/5. You have me hooked Agents of SHIELD, and you bloody know it!

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