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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Sex, Drugs, And Secrets Abound In This Week's 'How To Get Away With Murder'

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

10/10/2014 3:05 pm
PopWrapped | Television
How To Get Away With Murder Courtesy of
How To Get Away With Murder starts off with flash-forwards to our “Crime Stoppers” law students resorting to snapping candid pics around the giant campus bonfire (Laurel’s idea) as a way to establish an alibi for the killing of their law professor’s hubby. I still can't believe Wes is having them help clean up what could be Rebecca's mess. Annalise’s detective side piece continues to investigate Sam’s whereabouts the night of Lila’s death. He discovers that the hunky professor wasn’t where he’d said to be and then lies to Annalise and tells her he’s found no reason for suspicion. So many lies with so little time. Annalise & Co. take on a new case this week defending a suburban mom played by Anna Ortiz (Ugly Betty, Devious Maids) who gets arrested for doing private activities in a public park. You know what I'm saying? But right after she is released, she ends up getting re-arrested. "Paula" seems to be living under a fake name and has been on the run after she skipped bail on a felony murder charge from 20 years ago.  “Elena” (the name on her first birth certificate) and her anti-globalization cronies set off a bomb and killed a janitor. She is still in love with the imprisoned ring-leader (Jason Gedrick), but after he unexpectedly rats her out on the stand (in exchange for early release), she flees Philly, and her husband, by bus. Plot twist: Gedrick, the mastermind, is waiting for her in a bus seat alongside her! It was that easy for them to get away, though? Something's not right. This case would have been perfect for an L&O: SVU episode, because there was just too much going on this week, for all of the plot holes to be filled.  The only good moment from the proceedings is when Elena talks about burying her passions for two decades, and having realized that despite the guise of domestic bliss with her husband and kids, she’d missed her imprisoned lover, and the thrill of fighting for a cause, every day. When Annalise tells Michaela at the close of the hour to “choose your husband carefully, you only have yourself to blame if it ends badly", it seems as much a pep talk to herself as it is to her student. Back to the “Crime Stoppers”; the quartet try to establish their alibi and Connor demands that Michaela "smile or go to jail." We see Rebecca was indeed in Annalise’s office along with our core quartet on the night Sam met his demise. Somewhere between the house, campus bonfire, and the woods Michaela loses her engagement ring. Speaking of Michaela, we finally meet her fiancé Aiden--who had sex with Connor back when they attended an all-boys boarding school. Ummm?? Connor has a little too much fun with Michaela’s reaction, going as far as teasing her about what Aiden's penis looks like. After she has worked the case and gotten Annalise's advice, Michaela talks to Aiden. She tells him that she has plans to get married in bespoke Vera Wang, have one child, hire a cook and a nanny and, conquer the world with Aiden. And so she accepts his explanation that he was merely experimenting and that he is not gay or on the down low. She lets him know that if he embarrasses her she will divorce him, take all his money, and destroy his political aspirations.  I wonder if she'll include that threat in her vows? With someone arrested in connection with the Lila murder, the case moves forward and Wes impersonates an attorney to sneak into jail to see his wide-eyed, but not that innocent, neighbor Rebecca. She doesn't  want any part of his assistance. Later, though, when a call comes in to the phone Rebecca had hidden in his bathroom floor, he answers it and discovers it’s actually Lila’s, and the caller seems to be looking to score some narcotics. The university, meanwhile, wants Annalise to take on the case of current student Griffin, Lila’s football player boyfriend, but she stalls for more time. She just wants to be sure that her husband isn’t the killer, which is reasonable. Her detective boyfriend eases her suspicions about Sam, but when Annalise has to bail out Wes from his fraudulent act, he tells her Rebecca is poor and helpless and needs to be championed. And Griffin’s frat-party alibi to Keating & Assoc. (his DNA was under Lila’s nails because caught him having sex with Rebecca after the latter woman delivered cocaine to his farmhouse) doesn’t exactly paint him as the football playing charmer. She takes Rebecca’s case, but that seems pointless because by the time Annalise arrives at Police HQ, Rebecca has already confessed to Lila’s murder. *Throws hands in the air!" What did you think of this week's episode?

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