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Huck and Co. Show Us What It Means To "Say Hello To My Little Friend" On This Week's Scandal

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/26/2013 12:44 am
PopWrapped | Television
Huck and Co. Show Us What It Means To
Media Courtesy of ABC

Erika Rivera

Senior Editor

Hello my fellow Gladiators in suits! Hope you all have missed me as much as I've missed recapping this show for you all. Many thanks to

Jordan Apps


for covering for me last week. Without much further ado, let's get started on looking over what happened on this week's episode. Between Mellie “minted” (Cyrus' words) Fitz’s rival in the upcoming election, Olivia handling a Weiner-ish straight from the headlines situation and Jake’s mouth getting him deeper on Fitz's bad side (he doesn't know yet) by finding itself in familiar territory, Shonda Rhimes has been keeping us busy and guessing. As always, spoilers lie ahead so if you haven't seen the episode, put your suit back in the closet and keep it moving. Here's a breakdown on what went on:
  1. Lisa Kudrow (who, in my opinion, always plays an AMAZING stone cold Ice Queen) made her arc debut as Josephine Marcus, a Democratic congresswoman who is running for President against dear old Fitz. Marcus minces no words by having with a thing or two to say on TV about Fitz’s "untamed cobra" (anyone else die of laughter here?). When asked by a reporter at a press op what she thought on it, Mellie handles it with great tact, only to slip up later on with a massive verbal oops when she thinks her mic is off. Cyrus goes off at her later on for it. “You minted her ass while also birthing the hashtag #MellieHasaBigFatMouth,” he spits out. Mellie offers a public mea culpa, but the damage may have already been done. Cyrus sends his lackey to find dirt on Marcus but will “abandoned baby” dirt that lackey Ethan dug up be enough to make the problem go away?
  2.  Jake tries to warn Olivia about her father, that he would “slit your throat and drink your blood if it served the Republic,” but Liv’s done with Jake, saying, “I’ve never heard of B613, I’ve never heard of you.” Later, Fitz takes notice of the Remington issue when he reads of Navy pilot Pete Foster’s “suicide” (as done by Huck last week). Fitz then arranges a private military funeral, a gesture which James brings to hubby Cyrus’ attention (one day, he'll learn to butt out). Cy warns Fitz that if he can’t put Remington behind him, others will start their own digging, and they both know what lies at the bottom of that Cracker Jack box (Cy's words). “Think we can leave the past in the past sir?” Cyrus asks Fitz, with the Pres. nodding in agreement.
  3. Quinn, in the meantime, notices that Huck has had some “whiskey” aka has killed and liked it. She tries to expresses her concern but Huck isn't having it as he calls her out on her crap. He fires back that she isn’t so much worried as interested, meaning she's literally turning into him or wanting to. “Stop being interested,” he urges her. “Stop while you still can.” Later, thanks to an interesting chat they shared via pistols, Huck listens to a tape Jake made of a Rowan/Cyrus sit-down, in the wake of Foster’s funeral, and comes to the conclusion that the man he killed last week flew a mission that never made it to his official record. Jake and Huck share this info with Olivia, who doesn't seem to take it well. By the episode’s end, Fitz, after interrupting Olivia’s make-out session with Jake, arrives at B613 HQ, where he stands poised to confront Rowan, seeing as it looks like they know one another.
  4. The Case of the Week is a classic, early Season 1 affair: Senator Richard Meyers was sexting his naughty bits to Desiree, who gets whacked. Meyers’ wife nobly stands by his side but more and more “recipients” are discovered. Olivia then uses the wife’s growing hatred towards her hubby to make her alibi affirmation all the more solid, ultimately earning Meyers a “not guilty” verdict, much to David Rosen's dismay. In a surprise twist that Olivia catches on at the end much to her heartbreak, it was his Mrs. who dispatched with Desiree.
There you have it, Gladiators. Join me next week as Kudrow's character is exposed more and Fitz and Rowan look to have a showdown of sorts. Hopefully, Quinn backs off her Huck channeling because it's starting to scare just a bit. Until next time, keep those suits clean and pressed, Gladiators!


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