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Science PopWrapped | Science

Huge Lake Discovered Under Antarctica's Ice

Kristina Atienza | PopWrapped Author

Kristina Atienza

05/03/2016 7:41 am
PopWrapped | Science
Huge Lake Discovered Under Antarctica's Ice | Antarctica's Ice
Media Courtesy of Upworthy

Many would assume that Antarctica is just a part of the world that is covered in solid layers of ice. With the dense layers of ice covering certain parts of Earth there is still an untold amount of history buried in the ice.

Scientists might not have to wait as long as they thought to get the answers from beneath the ice due to the discovery of a subglacial lake under the Antarctic ice.

According to Motherboard's report, a 62 mile long, ribbon-shaped liquid lake was discovered after researched noticed an unusual groove in some of the Antarctic ice.

The researchers' had assumed that the groove indicated the presence of liquid water beneath the ice and their findings have proved their assumption correct. The newly discovered lake is within close proximity of an established research station, allowing scientists to investigate the potential evidence for ancient life that was hidden under the ice.

The lake's location left it isolated under the ice for approximately 25 million years, giving researchers hope that some the area's ancient creatures may still be  surviving in the newly discovered area. From initial reports, it seems that the lake is connected to one of the largest canyon systems on Earth and some of the channels that lead away from the lake also might be potentially flowing into some distant oceans.

There is speculation that some creatures might still exist in the lake, possibly having alien-like features that were developed over time to help the creatures survive in their environment.

The discovery of this subglacial lake is not the first of its' kind in modern history. Towards the end of the 20th century, Lake Vostok was discovered, where researchers were able to gather some samples of ancient life.

With these two particular discoveries, it isn't surprising to see that scientists are charting other potential expeditions under the Antarctic ice to discover some of the answers to the mysterious world that just lie beneath. Who knows what secrets of the Earth's past are just about to be discovered?


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