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PopWrapped | Recaps
Humans 01x03 | Humans
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Here is Rebecca's recap of Humans, episode 3, where story-arcs featured in the last two episodes continue to unravel...

With fans left wondering whether or not Laura really was going send Anita back to the manufacturers last week, luckily this week, they weren’t left waiting long during the episode to find out…but I’m getting ahead of myself.

There’s first the pressing matter of Fred waking up and finding himself under intense observation in the lab. Hob, meanwhile, conducting the observation, voices his views on synths, who they are and what they’re doing, telling Fred:

“There are five of you, I think. One of the others is this female (by which he means Anita). You were created by David Elster….when he died, you ran and hid. You were split up.”

Considering we’re only three episodes in, it would appear Hob is quicker at working things out than most people who are still struggling to decide whose team they’re on – Synth or Human.

The remaining synths meanwhile, out in the open, are seen to have enough provisions to last them a while. Clever things, aren’t they?

Back with the Hawkins family, Laura is, quite literally, driving Anita away from the home. With a smile on her face, Anita seems not at all troubled by the potential return she is facing as she sits in the back seat of the car, watching the world go by. Toby however, driven by his increasing crush on Anita, decides to try and stop his Mum from removing her from his life, and pedals after the car in the hopes of catching the pair before the damage is done. However, it is here that Anita really proves herself – just as Toby is about be struck by a white van, she puts herself in harm's way instead, ensuring that she, rather than Toby takes the brunt of the impact.

Leo, bottle in hand, is missing Anita (otherwise now known as Mia) while Max believes they should continue the search for her. But they don’t exactly have time to ponder what to do as Niska is proving problematic at the synth brothel. The punter who was bothering her last week is now lying dead on the floor. Unsurprisingly, the owner of the establishment isn’t impressed and knows who to blame – although by this time, Niska has high tailed it to the nearest recharging point, located in the shopping centre and picked herself up a few new items of clothing. Charged up, she hits up a bar, finds herself the victim of a cheesy-chat up line and ends up at a strangers’ house, as you do.

DS Drummond is continuing his fight against the synths (if you haven’t gathered by now, he really doesn’t like them!) but his superior, judging the scene at the brothel, wants to sell the incident of as little more than “a sex game gone wrong”, which doesn’t go down well, as Drummond declares:

“People have a right to know if their dollies are going to start strangling them.”

He’s got a point right?

Synth Vera finds herself locked in the living room by Dr. Millican. This in turn gives Odi a chance to escape with his owner who tells him with undeniable concern: “If they find you, they’ll recycle you” and leaves him in the woodland. It’s touching to see Millican have such a bond with his synth, but you can’t help but wonder whether such a bond will, sooner or later, be completely and utterly destroyed – I’m going with yes.

After her heroics with the white van, Anita is granted a well-earned reprieve and returns to the Hawkins family home. Mattie, with typical teenage sarcasm and with little regard for the danger her brother has just been in remarks coolly, in what is by far the best line of the episode:

“What were you going to do with her anyway? Ride off into the sunset with her on your handlebars?”

All joking aside, Anita is damaged and suggests to Joe that she be inspected. He doesn’t look entirely comfortable being alone in the garage with a now-naked Anita, but he doesn’t exactly walk away. Anyone thinking that Laura has finished with her ‘synth or not’ grilling of Anita proceeds to be proven wrong as she continues to question her. It is only when Anita pushes a cocktail stick into her eye (really?!) that, for the time being, Laura seems satisfied.

While it would seem Anita is free from Laura’s prying for a while, she now has Mattie’s to contend with as she downloads her data, curious to find out why, in her own words, Anita is “a weirdo.” As she undergoes the data download, Gemma Chan gives the best performance of the evening as Anita’s ‘cover’ slips and, in a moment overwhelmed by utter terror, Mia emerges and cries out:

“Help me!”

The data Mattie then shares on an internet forum informs Max and Leo that their friend is still around, and viewers are left wondering just how Anita’s slip will impact her and the other synths from here on out. Until next week….

What did you think of the episode? Any highlights? Do you think Niska should be repentant for her murderous actions? Sound off below and let us know!


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