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PopWrapped | Recaps
Humans: 01x04 | Humans
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If you think things were complicated before…think again. We're just getting started!

As this show progresses, I find myself getting more and more confused when it comes to working out who is human and who isn’t, and for that the writers of the show should be applauded. However, as we reach the halfway stage of the series, I’m also finding myself with more questions than answers, and I don’t know about you, but that drives me insane.

We begin tonight with Pete, who is finding himself at the end of a serious conversation via Jill. “I would like some time apart,” she tells him, completely dead-pan. The way in which she speaks is harsh, cold, and almost emotionless. Unimpressed but defeated, Pete has no choice but to sleep in his office

and finds himself company in Karen, to whom he unburdens himself of his synth-killing related worries, as he asks:

“What if it’s not an isolated incident?”

To be fair, it’s a great question and one we’re all likely to get an answer to sooner or later.

Karen is then shown going to bed, but not before she removes a plastic bag from her mouth which is filled with the nights’ dinner. Great, so she’s a synth too…anyone else?

Back with Joe and Anita, the pair


on their own since the kids and Laura are all out. Joe’s on the wine, Anita’s got the washing. Anyone got a feeling something illicit is about to unfold? Sure enough, that’s exactly what happens as he looks through the ‘adult options’ booklet for Anita. After a few moments of awkward, stilted chat and the entering of some codes and passwords, the two share a kiss…and we all know what that can lead to (as it does…).

Mattie and Toby are at a party where a synth has been put into sleep mode and finds herself being taken upstairs by two teenage boys. Mattie is having none of it, querying sharply:

“Do you think it’s normal to drag an unconscious woman into a room and rape her?  Is that standard party activity?”

Back at home meanwhile, Joe’s feeling guilty (and with good reason) when Laura returns home, determined to check Anita’s diagnostics. By doing so, it’s revealed that Anita isn’t new like most people think – she is in fact 14 years old. It’s enough to convince Laura that she’s far more than just your average machine and insists simply:

“She’s more than that.”

After Leo found Mattie’s upload of Anita’s data online, the pair meet, albeit briefly. Seeing a photo of who she thought was Anita, but is actually Mia, is enough to send her running – in all fairness, I’d probably run a mile too.

As the revelations keep coming, perhaps the biggest of the night comes from Leo. As Dr. Millican announces his reason for leaving the synth project (he wasn’t comfortable with the direction it was being taken by David), Leo confesses that he is David’s son. No big deal you might think. That




  until he adds that he’s the son



Naughty Niska (yes, that’s what I’ve nicknamed her) is handed a flyer for an underground synth-jousting event. Unsurprisingly, she attends, but those she is surrounded by find themselves shocked (and rather hurt) when, she opts to attack humans rather than the machines. And she’s far from finished – as Leo discovers the programme is father used in order to give synths like Niska thought and consciousness - she (not literally) nails a policeman into a wall and vanishes off into the darkness.

Tonight’s episode has, once again, made my head hurt as I try to figure things out. What the hell did Leo’s father do to the synths that we don’t yet know about? Are there more reveals about who is a synth and who isn’t yet to come? (I’m guessing yes). And exactly what does Joe think he’s going to get out of his illicit fling with Anita? (We all know that can’t end well!)

Until next week…


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