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Humans: 01x06 And 01x07

Rebecca Haslam | PopWrapped Author

Rebecca Haslam

08/11/2015 7:26 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Humans: 01x06 And 01x07 | humans

Humans has  certainly upped the shock-factor in style this past fortnight as we edge ever closer to the finale. Here is Rebecca’s recap of Humans, episodes 6 and 7…

The rather irritating Vera begins proceedings tonight, although she doesn’t play a part for long after she is powered down by Niska the knife-wielder (kinda catchy, don’t you think?), who warns Dr. Millican:

“You should be scared of me.” (damn right, I’m scared of her and she’s on my screen…)

Odi makes his way home unable to even get the simplest of words out of his mouth, so it’s a little reassuring to see Niska in a rare moment of kindness offer to help look at his systems.

After much umm-ing and ahh-ing about the whole Tom issue (the one Laura’s been on about from time to time), Mattie finally learns who he is, and no, he’s not her mum’s secret lover, but her dead brother – he passed away when she was eleven as she admits forlornly:

“He was hit by a car…I was supposed to be watching him.”

As the pair head home, it’s not the mutual empathy between mother and daughter that makes the moment, but instead, the glint in Anita’s eye that hints at familiarity with the sentimentality of the occasion. When she gasps, it’s unexpected (by both them and me!) and panic ensues. It’s also the first real ‘Mia’ moment of the whole series and, the shock factor is upped even further when, while struggling to maintain her Mia persona, she declares:

“The Anita personality identifies me as rogue code, tries to delete me…I’m in here, but not in my head.”

Seconds before Anita regains control comes the confession that Mia lost a brother too. (anyone starting to see a possible connection as to why Laura and Anita came together? The mystery deepens).

After Joe’s dalliance with Anita, it’s not that surprising to find Simon and Jill hooking up, although he could certainly have given her a better compliment than that of:

“Your body mass index is well within the recommended range for someone of your age, height, and weight.”

Fed up of his lacklustre attitude, Jill then proceeds to have him ‘modded’ (oh-oh!) and subsequently, he goes on a rampage which is brought to an abrupt end thanks to Pete and a metal bar (our hero!)

Elsewhere, Leo allows Mattie to watch a couple of extracts from his digital memory, in exchange for a reunion with Mia. I don’t know about you but at this point I assumed perhaps the two were former lovers, but no – instead Mia was created to care for Leo after dad David’s wife’s illness meant she couldn’t do it herself. There’s real emotion in his voice when he admits:

“She became a mother to me.”

As to what happened between him and his mother, that’s also revealed via a memory of drowning in the car his mother had stolen him away in. Fortunately, ever the protector, Mia rescued him while David kept him alive and returned him to consciousness.

True to her word, Mattie brings Leo round to her house, along with Max, and they have a play around with Anita’s codes. Suddenly (I jumped a little I must admit) Mia comes alive and a slightly odd reunion of sorts proceeds to take place. Laura who has for the majority of the series opposed anything to do with Anita/Mia seems to thaw and in a moment of calm, offers the group protection as Mia simply says:

“We just want to live free.”

After last weeks’ rather dull ending, tonights’ is much better, although surely not a great deal of good can ever come from Max and Leo driving off into the night (remember when Anita walked off with Sophie?) Sure enough, they’re pulled over by the cops. Unable to run and with Hobb and Leo almost as helpless as he is, Max jumps off a bridge, his final words being poignant and haunting:

“If I die, it means I lived.”


Onto the penultimate episode, then…

With Laura now offering protection to Mia/Anita, it’s touching to see her actually listen to her synth ‘friend’ as she worries about Leo. Unfortunately, such a rather tender moment doesn’t last that long as Joe, having somehow worked his way back into the family home, walks in and shakes Mia’s hand with a simple comment of:

“We’ve met before.”

Elsewhere, Karen is on a mission and said mission leads her to march her way into Dr. Millican’s house, desperate to see Niska. So who exactly was Karen previously? How about David Elster’s late wife, Beatrice? The suggestion infuriates her and she snaps back:

“I was never her.”

Millican however won’t be so easily moved from the suggestion that Beatrice is exactly who she is. It takes some doing, but eventually admits that David put a block within Karen’s coding to ensure she couldn’t commit suicide like his wife did (anyone else a little creeped out?) With that said, Karen still doesn’t want to live and, turning to Niska (who else?) makes an attempt into talking her into murder/manslaughter instructing her to take:

“Four shots. Two in each hemisphere, then burn my body.”

Just when you think Karen may get her wish, in comes Vera, taking a bullet through the hand before shooting Dr. Millican (no!!!!!) Niska, in a rare show of emotion and empathy, having been told to leave, says forlornly:

“I wish I could save you.”

Odi meanwhile delivers the most heart-warming moment of the episode as he bends over Millican, whispering how Mary is waiting for him. (quick, someone get me a tissue!)

Back with Laura and the family, the new, caring personality of Mia is causing a few problems, notably between husband and wife. She has a moment alone with Joe and she tells him about their encounter:

“I was there the whole time. You started to hate yourself before we even finished.”

Leo and Fred drag Max from the river-bank and head to the family home, where even Niska is waiting by the patio doors (I swear they have the least curious neighbours ever.) Max is in bad shape, so again, in a show of possible empathetic evolution, Niska offers to be a synthetic blood donor. Surrounded by both synths and humans willing him to survive, despite a 13-hour charge, he’s undergone too much damage and in their sadness, the two groups are united.

Back with the now deceased Dr. Millican, Odi can do little else but watch the home he loved so much become a crime scene and be informed of his own demise by Hobb who instructs his officers:

“See if it saw anything and scrap it.”

Karen, still on her quest to be destroyed, offers to help Hobb stop the other synths, but there’s a catch – he must ‘get rid’ of her once the task is completed.

A police call round at Joe’s causes quite a stir, especially when the others overhear the visit relates to:

“A suspicious man and his synth.”

Footage of Niska going nuts at the smash club certainly doesn’t help matters and, as the killer queen herself is giving little Sophie a cuddle, much to the dismay of Mattie, Laura orders them to leave, but they don’t have time to do so, as in one of the most climatic endings to an episode all series, Hobb leads a raid on the house.

Max smiles innocently down the barrel of a gun, Leo cries out for help and all the while, little Sophie, innocent in her pyjamas, watches it all unfold from the top of the stairs.

With one episode to go, things aren’t looking good for the synths so many of us have come to love so much, but what exactly is their fate? Will they be scrapped? Remodelled? I for one am worried, but SO, SO excited for next week. Join me then!


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