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I Am Cait: 01x04, The Confrontation

Chantal Johnson | PopWrapped Author

Chantal Johnson

09/15/2015 9:37 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
I Am Cait: 01x04, The Confrontation | i am cait
Media Courtesy of E!

This week on I Am Cait, Caitlyn finally confronts the tension between daughters Kim and Khloé, has a sleepover with gal pal Candis Cayne, and visits a center for Trans Youth and their families. Cait has much needed conversations with her family, gets a lesson about the "Freak Factor" in terms of being transgender, and continues to learn more about the trans community through the eyes of a diverse group that's often misunderstood.

In the beginning of the episode, Caitlyn has woken up in the middle of the night in "an absolute panic." In her nightmare, she's surrounded by paparazzi, and can't get away from them, which doesn't steer far from her real life. Being as visible as she is, Cait's still learning how to navigate being herself without her every move being under a microscope. This is something she anticipates as her friend Candis Cayne invites her to her first sleepover!

"What will we do," questions Cait in what seems to be a simultaneously joyful yet anxious tone. In addition to a sweet but innocent flirtation between Caitlyn and Candis, Caitlyn doesn't know what to expect. What does she wear? What happens if no one else shows up? These are all question she ponders with stylist Courtney, who jokingly advises her to wear lingerie because "you never know what could happen."

Fortunately, Cait has nothing to worry about, as the evening with Candis starts out with some wine and pizza. Who doesn't love that? Any attraction aside, the two women clearly have formed a great bond, and it's heartwarming to see Cait finally finding people that understand her and can teach her at the same time.

The party doesn't stop there as one of Caitlyn's friends and a recurring guest of the show, Jen Richards, stops by with renowned trans activist and author, Kate Bornstein. Caitlyn finds herself very honored to meet Kate. Kate, author of the popular book, Gender Outlaw, asks Cait almost immediately how she's dealing with "The Freak Factor." Kate explains that trans people are "freaks to a lot of the world." Caitlyn has trouble accepting this term and instead wants to focus on normalizing the cause and movement. Kate responds that "part of why is because you don't want to be a freak."

The two go on to have an important discussion on how one moves past this form of "adolescence" that comes with discovering yourself and dealing with the changes once you transition. There were a couple of take away statements that stuck with me while listening to Kate Bornstein during this episode. One was when she explained the true definition of an ally. "An ally means you ask me what I need," says Bornstein, who often gets frustrated with those who are accepting of minorities and diverse people such as the trans community. However, they don't know how to truly be an ally. Kate also advises Caitlyn that "when the rug gets pulled out from under you, jump." Which is a powerful statement that can be helpful to all.

I Am Cait might be a reality television series, but the show so far focuses on activism and education, which I find to be very helpful. In this episode, Caitlyn and Candis visit a center where Trans Youth and their parents and family members get the chance to be educated about the transgender community, but also how to support their children. We get to see transgender kids, teens, and young adults speak up about their troubles, but also just how awesome and happier they are to live in their true identities. We also hear from the parents, who really advocate for the support of trans youth and being there for their children. Not everyone is on board at first, like mother Julia who was "completely lost and panic driven," when her child expressed a confusion with their gender identity. However, this program, which is co-directed by famous trans activist Chaz Bono, is aimed to help ease that transition for both parent and child. "I didn't know I was strong as I [was] until Zoe," a mother talks about the strength she's developed from just taking the time to learn and accept her daughter.

It's great to see Cait really trying to learn about all aspects of her community even while she holds such a privileged position.

The highlight of the episode, however, is the two meetings Caitlyn has with daughters Kim and Khloé. Kim approaches Cait first with some discomfort about the Vanity Fair article published just months ago. "I thought Caitlyn would be kinder," Kim takes a jab as she is clearly unhappy with the content of Caitlyn's first interview.

In the Vanity Fair article, Caitlyn is excited to finally be truthful and share her story in an honest manner, but her words don't translate in that manner according to her family.

"Had Kris been more accepting to who I am, we'd still be together," is one of a few things that Kim has an issue with. She explains that that wasn't a fair statement to her mother Kris Jenner, who isn't a lesbian. "She wasn't going to be with a woman."

Caitlyn also mentions that her youngest daughters Kendall and Kylie were a "distraction" to her true identity, another statement that did not go over well. Caitlyn feels that everything is all just a big misunderstanding. She insists to Kim that there she has no hard feelings towards Kris, but Kim urges for there to be a united front among the family.

In the final moments of the episode, Caitlyn has a similar conversation with Khloé, yet the stakes were a little bit higher between the two. Due to a recent text conversation between Cait and Khloé, Caitlyn felt attacked by Khloé's "tough" words. Even with their current misunderstanding, Khloé still greets Caitlyn with a hug and a kiss, starting the conversation about purses and fake eyelashes.

They eventually talk about recent events and again discuss the Vanity Fair article. Khloé is upfront that there isn't an issue with Caitlyn's journey or transition per se, but "that doesn't entail you speaking negatively about my mom." It's clear that both daughters are hurt by what has been said about Kris Jenner, but Caitlyn says her words didn't come from a malicious point of view.

"I have no issues with her," Caitlyn insists. Khloé has a hard time with accepting Caitlyn's "one-sided" views, but in the end squashes the drama. All Khloé wants is there to be some communication between them all, which she believes would be best for her youngest sisters. She also agrees that her mom Kris and Caitlyn are both "much happier" now than they were together in their last year together.

The episode ends with Khloé teaching Caitlyn how to group chat in an effort to mend the somewhat broken communication with the family. We learned in this episode that Caitlyn still has issues she's going to face everyday, whether it's paparazzi, learning how to navigate sleepovers, or balancing being herself and also a parent to her children.

Next week's episode looks just as entertaining as we see Caitlyn head to New York with Candis Cayne, the infamous ESPY Awards speech, and the highly-anticipated confrontation with ex-wife, Kris Jenner.

How are you enjoying I Am Cait so far? Make sure to leave your comments below and catch up on all our recaps here! Tune into I Am Cait every Sunday, 8PM EST only on E!



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