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"I Heard A Rumor" About This Week's Carrie Diaries

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/16/2013 11:27 pm
Media Courtesy of The CW

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

Gossip abounded in this week’s The Carrie Diaries.  And once again, the show brought humor, angst, and heartfelt moments to Friday night with their latest episode entitled “I Heard a Rumor.”  If there was any doubt that Carrie might have overreacted by breaking up with Weaver, this episode solidified the fact that he just wasn’t the loveliest of guys.  You know who was super lovely though?  Sebastian.  I’m starting to believe he might be perfect and frankly, that scares the hell out of me.  Read on to find out who got caught in the rumor mill as I break down this week’s episode.
Before the sex and before the city...
Carrie broke up with Weaver after she realized his criticism made her uncomfortable.  Weaver of course, blamed the break up on Carrie’s tendency to compare him to Sebastian.  Maggie found out she was pregnant and Simon wanted nothing to do with her.  Sebastian offered Maggie his help but Carrie wrongly assumed there was something between them.
Carrie Bradshaw loves gossip, she fully admits to indulging in tabloid magazines—Page Six—and enjoying all the dirt.  However, that perspective changes drastically when she reads something that was written about her.  We head back to Interview where Bennett is reading the excerpt out loud.  Weaver was asked what his next play would be about and he replied that it would be about his ex, calling Carrie a “diminutive, suburban poser” and stating that he broke up with her.  Carrie is angry that tabloids would just publish things without fact checking, which is a hilarious notion.  But when she’s about to set the record straight, Bennett advices her to keep her identity secret instead because it might do more bad than good.
Larissa walks into the office with a huge box of pagers.  Carrie is very excited to get one but Bennett compares it to being tied down like a lapdog.  He complains to Larissa that he’s not getting paid enough to be on-call 24/7 but she brushes it off.  She hands a pager to Carrie and tells her that “once a rumor is out there, that’s the only thing people will believe.”  And speaking of a rumor that people gobbled up faster than a fat kid eating cake, we head to Castlebury where the whole school is murmuring about Sebastian and Maggie.  Donna approaches them in the hall and assumes that the rumors about them are true.  While Sebastian says she shouldn’t believe everything she hears, Donna only goes on to express her discontent with Sebastian’s choice of girl.
Maggie wants to put the rumors to rest but Sebastian assures her that he doesn’t care what other people think.  She knows that Carrie will be hurt if she finds out what others are saying about them.  Sebastian tells her that Carrie saw her the night she slept at his house.  He believes Carrie dropped off his jacket to get rid of the last memory she had of him.  Maggie admits she’s not ready to explain why she was there because that would mean having to tell the truth about her pregnancy.
At the Diner, Mouse and West discover that their relationship has reached a plateau.  They both realize they have become boring and in an effort to spice up their relationship, Mouse suggest they have sex in the car.  One problem, West needs to be at basketball practice.  Mouse assures him that they will be fine and their relationship is about to take a “hot” turn.
Back at school, Carrie’s pager keeps going off but she ignores it knowing that Larissa’s probably trying to contact her over something unimportant.  Walt tells her how pissed off Bennett is about the whole situation—so much that he’s thinking about quitting.  Her pager goes off again and she finally decides to call Larissa.  Tristan Cassidy from Page Six is trying to confirm if Carrie is the ex Weaver was talking about in the article.  Larissa tells Carrie that she needs to convince them it’s not her or she’ll face the wrath of their boss, Andy Warhol.  A few feet away from her, in the hall, Maggie and Sebastian are talking about her decision to get an abortion.  She asks if he could take her to her appointment and he gladly agrees to help in any way he can.  I’m telling you guys, Sebastian is just the kindest kid around.
That weekend at Interview, Carrie and Bennett are busy stuffing envelopes with magazines as he complains about working too much for little pay.  Samantha and Walt are also there helping out and she gives Bennett some advice.  He needs to make sure Interview realizes other magazines are interested in his work so they know they have competition.  Samantha tells them about the Paris party going on that night and invites them to come along to do some networking.
Back at the Diner, Mouse and West start off their mission to make their relationship red hot.  The first step in the process is eating spicy foods because chili peppers increase the libido.  Mouse tells West that there’s a surprise waiting for him in his backpack, as he heads off to basketball practice.  Later, one of West’s teammates asks him for notes in the locker room and he accidentally drops a photograph on the floor—Mouse’s surprise.  Later, Mouse finds out West lost the photograph and starts freaking out even though she only took a picture of her boobs and not her face.  West goes back into the locker room and finds the boys asking Donna if the picture was hers.  Later, he tells Mouse he got the picture back but not before the whole team saw it.  She goes into panic attack mode but then gets insulted when West tells her no one thought they belonged to her.
Meanwhile, Sebastian takes Maggie to the clinic to get her abortion but she hesitates getting out of the car.  She admits that she’s not like Carrie and Mouse—all her dreams consist of being a mother someday.  Maggie starts crying knowing that her parents will kill her if they ever find out she’s pregnant.  Sebastian sees that she’s not ready to make a big decision like that and tells her to wait a couple more days.
In the city, the group arrives at the Paris party and discovers that Samantha’s connection is the party’s buss boy.  Walt tells Carrie that serving drinks will only fuel the “suburban poser” rumors further and tells Bennett he just needs to work hard instead of parading around asking for attention.  Samantha tells them they not only need to work but “work it” in order to get ahead.  Carrie grabs a tray of drinks and walks into the party only to run into Weaver.  They say hello and he acts like nothing happened, Carrie hesitates to bring up the Page Six article.
In the meantime, Bennett spots Tristan Cassidy and Samantha approaches him pretending like they’re acquaintances who have met before.  Tristan is confused but goes along with it.  She introduces him to Bennett and Walt but their conversation is cut short by Larissa.  When Larissa expresses to Bennett how impressed she is that he was able to make it inside the party without an invitation, Walt tells her that he not only got him in but also Carrie and Samantha, making him look better in her eyes.  He tells Larissa that Tristan was discussing Bennett’s future plans, making her think that he’s going to quit Interview to go work for Page Six.
Meanwhile, Carrie decides to confront Weaver about the article.  He tells her he couldn’t be perceived as the loser in the relationship so she was the one who had to take the hit.  Carrie tells him that she cared about him and he brings up Sebastian again.  “You’re just lucky I didn’t name you,” he says with a smug face.  He points out that Tristan Cassidy’s been wanting to know her identity.  Carrie turns to see that Tristan is speaking with Bennett and Walt and lets Weaver know that can’t be good for him.  She leaves him and goes up to Tristan, going off about how needy and insecure Weaver is and how the article that was published was a lie.  She gives Tristan a fake name—Katia—and gives him permission to quote her on a new article.  As she’s finishing up the conversation, Sebastian pages her.  When she calls him, he tells her that Maggie collapsed and they’re in the hospital.
Carrie leaves the party and goes to meet Sebastian.  He doesn’t tell Carrie the whole truth, only that Maggie fainted.  Carrie is able to deduce that Maggie is pregnant and just when she’s starting to assume that it’s Sebastian’s, he tells her the truth and says that Simon is the baby’s father.  Carrie asks him why Maggie was at his house the night she returned the jacket and he tells her she just needed a place to stay.  Sebastian wants to know why she came that night and Carrie tells him she missed him.  They admit they both love each other and hug.  Maggie’s parents arrive after getting a call from one of the nurses.  Her father is very angry and takes it out on Sebastian after he assumes he’s the father of Maggie’s baby.  Sebastian doesn’t defend himself and instead takes the insults.  The doctor comes out and tells them Maggie has an ectopic pregnancy and the surgery will be very risky.  Later, Carrie asks Sebastian why he didn’t tell the truth but he insists it’s not his story to tell.  He doesn’t care what people think of him and tells Carrie she shouldn’t care either.
At the party, Walt is working it in behalf of Bennett with the media folks in attendance.  He should really think about going into PR.  Samantha joins them and Walt says he realized how unappreciated Bennett is at Interview so he decided to help him out.  They start getting all lovey-dovey and a photographer takes a picture, which of course starts to make Samantha uncomfortable because she’s not a fan of intimacy.  Weaver approaches them and asks about Carrie—and if looks could kill.  I love how defensive the three of them get when it comes to her, you can tell they really love her.  Samantha tells Weaver that he should look out for a new article about him to pop up on Page Six.  “They can’t print stuff about me that isn’t true,” Weaver replies and Samantha retorts by saying they already have before by calling him a “Wonder Kid.”  Weaver leaves and in strides Larissa.  She tells Bennett that Andy knows he’s been talking to others at the party so he’s decided to give him a raise and a promotion to Features Editor.  They’re celebrating when they announce the name of the winner of a trip to Paris.  It turns out to be Carrie but since she’s not there, they urge Samantha to go in her place.
Meanwhile, Carrie is at the hospital with Sebastian waiting for a word from the doctor.  Sebastian tells her that he knows he’s going to get hate from people but it doesn’t matter as long as she knows the truth.  Carrie realizes how different his perception is from Weaver’s.  The doctor comes back and tells them Maggie made it out of surgery fine but any future pregnancies will be difficult.  They head to the room but not before Carrie makes a call to Tristan to urge him to cancel the article.  After he refuses, she offers to give him the name of the ex Weaver spoke about in exchange.  Tristan agrees and Carrie gives herself away, coming to the conclusion that “at the end of the day, it’s just words.”  Carrie goes into the room and speaks with Maggie.  She tells her that she’ll always be there for her, finally patching up their friendship after everything that’s happened.
The next day, Mouse walks into the Diner to prove to the boys of the basketball team that she does in fact have “perky boobs.”  She flashes them as they’re eating and tells them the picture was hers before walking out.  In another part of town, Walt is having breakfast with his mom.  She’s reading the newspaper and sees a picture of him cozied up to Bennett but decides not to ask him about it.  She mentions the Paris party but neither of them bring up the fact that Walt was there.  At the hospital, Sebastian is once again confronted by Maggie’s father who warns him to stay away from her and asks him to leave.  Carrie wakes up and goes to look for him outside.  She knows that he’s truly a good person and once again tells him that she loves him.  The episode ends with them sitting on the bench holding hands, as she rests her head on his shoulder.
You guys, Kyddshaw is back!  Despite of how bad Maggie’s situation was this episode and the consequences she faced for her careless acts, I still found the whole episode to be heartwarming.  Carrie realized that words shouldn’t matter as long as the people who you love know the truth and support you.  And I loved that she decided to take the high road when it came to Weaver.  Overall, this episode was really great, wasn’t it?  I’m really looking forward to seeing how Walt’s story develops in the following episodes.  I have a feeling it’s about to get very complicated.  Did this episode live up to your expectations?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments.


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