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American Idol 80's Week Recap: Double Elimination

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

03/27/2015 4:48 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
American Idol 80's Week Recap: Double Elimination | American Idol
Media Courtesy of Twitter/American Idol
Well, yours truly may not have agreed with last weeks save, which meant tonight was going to be even harder with a double elimination!! Last weeks "American Idol" shocker saw the judges use their one and only save pretty damn early, choosing to keep Qaasim around, but what would that mean for last night's 80's themed show? What it did mean for starters, is that guest mentor Boy George was in the house!! Ryan Seacrest welcomed us to the show, and there was going to be a lot of ground to cove, so let's get right to it. After a guest appearance from David Hasselhoff (?!) who gave Ryan the dreaded results, we were treated to a performance from the Top 11, alongside Boy George!! It was time to get right down to business though. 1. Daniel Seavey - "You Make My Dreams" by Hall & Oates I see you Mr. Seavey......I see you trying to bring some more personality to your performance..... And it kind of worked? While Daniel's vocals are still not on the level of the other finalists, he definitely improved this week and I was legit impressed with what he delivered. He's getting better, but there's still a disconnect for me. 2. Quentin Alexander - "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins VERY happy that Quentin made it through to Top 9, because it's very deserved. Now for the performance. There has always been something so magical about the tone of Quentin's voice, and it was in full effect with his take on Phil Collins. He has this ability to hit these crazy notes, but they can get away from him some times. This was another solid performance from Quentin, and I can see him sticking around for awhile. 3. Joey Cook - "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper Another performer I'm thrilled to see sticking around!! Dressing up in her best Cyndi Lauper, the fabulous Miss Cook delivered once again taking on the "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" legend. This was really the first time we saw Joey really have fun with a performance, and it WORKED. There were definitely a few vocal missteps, and seeing Joey bounce around the stage was a huge switch from previous performances, but I think that's why I loved it so much. Seeing a different side of Joey really made me smile. This girl has potential to sail into the finale, and I can't wait. 4. Tyanna Jones - "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston Another week, another stellar performance from Tyanna!! Jennifer Lopez was 100% right by saying it was the perfect song choice, and Harry Connick Jr. was also right by saying not to get comfortable. Tyanna seems to be fitting into this groove and while it's working, she still needs a breakthrough moment. Everything has been enjoyable, but there still needs to be more. Of course Keith Urban loved it. HA! 5. Jax - "You Give Love A Bad Name" by Bon Jovi Okay, so we have a problem. This song is so iconic, that the arrangement bothered me. It appeared that Jax may have gotten lost in the middle of the track as everything got a tad busy, but the intro and ending were really spot on. Jax is so original, and that's a killer trait to have, but sometimes in can hinder the artist if it strays too far. Does that make sense? 6. Nick Fradiani - "Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson Nick wanted to make a connection this week, and really set out to impress the judges with his MJ classic. The song fit his voice  perfectly and he really nailed the emotion in the track. Nick has been gradually growing every week, and he finally gave the judges what they wanted. There's no way he's in danger next week after what he gave them. 7. Clark Beckham - "Every Breath You Take" by The Police Going against the mentor? Clark stuck to his guns after Boy George suggested dropping the key, and it paid off. Clark brought the song to life and while Harry commented on the fact that he normally doesn't change things up, it doesn't matter because it works. His vocal was outstanding and it was the vocal of the night so far. Only 2 spots left!! 8. Qaasim Middleton - "Addicted To Love" by Robert Palmer Last weeks save makes it through!! FINALLY, Qaasim takes the judges advice, still throws in a bit of attitude but delivers a VOCAL that is good!!! While he will never reach the heights of the vocals of the rest of the finalists, Qaasim gave us all a vocal we could get behind. I truly did enjoy this even if I am still shocked that he's still there. 9. Rayvon Owen - "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" by Tears for Fears That means we say goodbye to Maddie Walker and Adanna Duru. While I'm happy that Rayvon is sticking around, this vocal was really lacking although the emotion was there during it. Rayvon is immensely talented, and can really go far, but there's still a wall up that he needs to tear down in order to really connect with the viewers. That's all she wrote!! Next week, the (finally) unveiled Top 9 will tackle the hits of Miss Kelly Clarkson, the original Idol Queen!! Who's excited for that? Based on tonight, who do you guys think should go home next week? I think Rayvon and Daniel could be in trouble.

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