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Idols, Flips And Surprises: Catch Up With The Latest Episode Of Survivor Cagayan

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/04/2014 9:17 am
PopWrapped | Television
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Jayden Sheppard

Staff Writer @_jaydensheppard

Okay, now that I’ve finally got my head around what happened on the last episode of Survivor, I might now be able to recap this. It was a tribal council for the ages, with two idols played, a flip, and a blindside that no one saw coming. Debate has risen about whether this tribal is the best of all time, but I have already put it up there with Erik’s Immunity give away in Micronesia, the power shift in Marquesas, and Parvati’s hidden idol hand out in Heroes Vs Villains. To take it all the way back to the start of the episode before the merge even starts, Kass and Sarah have the fight that fuels the episode. The fight is about trust, but really if they had more trust in each other, then maybe Sarah would still be in the game. Solana gets the message that the merge is happening, and they will be moving to Aparri, so LJ and Tony have to dig up their hidden idols. When the two tribes merge, it's all smiles and getting along while they enjoy food and wine. Tony is trying to talk to Sarah to swing her over, but she has no interest. Trish is doing a one up on Tony, sitting in the spy shack (which he created) listening to Kass, Sarah, and Tasha argue once again. At the immunity challenge everyone stays steady standing for thirty minutes, but once everyone has to move their feet to the final setting, everyone drops like flies, leaving Tony and Woo as the last two standing. The wind plays a big part of the challenge, allowing the smaller Woo to beat Tony and take the first Immunity challenge. Back at camp everyone is still trying to get Sarah on their side, but it looks like she will stay with the tribe she went into the merge with. Trish works her magic on Kass, but we are unsure if it has worked. When we get to tribal council Jeff brings up the question of idols, and if it has been weird that nobody played one pre-merge. LJ puts on his best poker face and says maybe this season there are none, and that it’s a big Survivor joke, even though he has one is his pocket.Next thing we know, Tony is saying he has an idol, but Spencer won’t believe it without him showing it. So he pulls it out and the alliance of six are now changing their vote to “the other one”. After the vote Tony stands up and gives his idol to use on LJ, but just as Jeff is about to read the votes, LJ says he wants to cover Tony and plays his idol for him. When the first vote is pulled out it reads Jefra, making the group think the played the idols on the wrong people. Luckily for them we have Chaos Kass playing and she flips her vote to get rid of Sarah for personal reasons, in a blindside that no one saw coming. Sarah was totally shocked. The line from Spencer ended the episode well, “Kass has zero chance of winning the game”.  

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