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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

"I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" Keeps Viewers Wide Awake During This Week's Ravenswood

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/21/2014 11:36 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of ABCFamily

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

Last week on Ravenswood, Remy accidentally almost killed her boyfriend and Miranda was faced with a choice. That’s where tonight’s episode picks up! We learn a few things regarding the fatal curse and a good night’s sleep is just so overrated. Remy checks into the Sleep Disorder Clinic so the doctors can monitor Remy’s sleeping. I can imagine how freaked out she might be after waking up and finding that she practically stabbed her own father and almost stabbed Luke. Before Miranda makes the decision to smash the jar, Caleb confronts “Creepy”Collins with it. Collins claims to have no idea what it is, but flinches when Caleb threatens to smash it right there in front of him. Threats are made on both ends and even Miranda is heated by the argument she ends up busted some glass, which actually fazes her uncle. He knows a lot and I just want to hear it all.  When Miranda and Caleb return to Caleb’s place, a message is waiting for them in the form of smoke and ashes: “Unseen Forces”. “Your mind’s a busy place,” the doctor tells Remy. That’s not really something I would want to hear, to be honest. Here we learn about Remy’s childhood. When she was 7 years old, she drew herself on a bed and black figure with the 3-sided knife. The nightmare is in fact a memory. Remy’s set up and ready for the first sleep period. She begins to dream of her childhood. It’s all nice and peaceful until the figure in black shows up about to stab young Remy. Before it goes any further, present Remy screams out to the person to get away and then she’s taken away by the figure. She wakes up immediately. Olivia sneaks into Springer’s room in the hospital. She retrieves his cell phone and hears audio on Springer’s phone. “I planted the knife, wasn’t that enough?” Conveniently, everything else goes choppy. Olivia then recruits Caleb and his cell phone hacking skills to see what else he can get from the audio. Miranda also happens to be at Joe’s Vault, but she begins to hallucinate and think back to the night she died. It’s a good thing no one else can see her or else she would’ve made the biggest scene. I bet that Olivia and Caleb looked a little out there reacting to an invisible person. While family members are only allowed to visit Springer, Creepy Collins ends up getting into the room. Is he a family member? I think not, but clearly he has some sort of tie to his former employee. Olivia catches Collins leaving Springer’s room and she and Tess go to follow him out. They don’t get any further because a code blue is called to Springer’s room! He needs some immediate resuscitation and it’s a little fishy that Collins just left the room 30 seconds before. Now back to the other hospital patient, Remy has to go through another sleep stage for the tests. The old locket remains in her hand as she sleeps and I’m still wondering the significance of it. It seems like it’s the anchor between reality and the dream world. Remy wakes up in her childhood bedroom, not as a little girl, but her current age. A creepy clown made its way inside the room, but that was just to distract her from the figure in black. A spike in brain activity happens and the doctor just says she’s in deeper stage of sleep and not distress. I beg to differ since Remy’s sitting down having tea with her attacker, the preacher. Miranda is all sad she can’t help much since she’s just a ghost roaming about, but Caleb is all adorable. It’s just refreshing to see especially after all the creepy things that pop up during this episode. (And I’m still a bit mad at Hanna after tonight’s episode, but I digress). After exchanging a few more silly words an Caleb taking a call from one of the others, Miranda sees Remy in the teapot and her ghost senses are tingling. While Remy and the preacher sit for tea, Remy demands answers. “Promises are made. Debts are owed,” says the preacher. While Remy stands up to this creepy guy in black and reiterates the fact that only one of them are dead instead of five implying they broke the curse, the preacher is a bit angry and irritate. “YOU BROKE NOTHING…There’s a debt on the books and I always collect.” In the real world, Remy’s vitals are going nuts. She isn’t able to wake up and just lays there on the bed convulsing. It’s quite difficult for her family and friends to watch. Miranda ends up finding a way into the nightmare saving Remy before preacher man gets to her. Remy wakes up by jumping into the black empty space, but preacher gets a hold of Miranda before they fall into oblivion. Later we learn that Miranda’s okay, but the preacher is nowhere to be found – at least not yet. The audio file on Springer’s phone is corrupted. How convenient for the forces working against the five. When Olivia creeps into Springer’s room again to return the phone, he reveals a little shocking detail to Olivia. “He made me do it…Dylan,” the look of shock on Olivia’s face is quite priceless. At this point I question whose side Mr. Collins is on because I could’ve sworn Springer seemed to still be working for him. But I guess I was wrong. Ravenswood always has a way of freaking me out. I always have to brace myself when I see a dark room or when we’re taken into one of Remy’s nightmares. Maybe it’s because I get freaked out really easily, but that’s beside the point! Until next time Ravens! Sweet dreams, Adele


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