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Fandom / Art PopWrapped | Fandom

Introducing PopArt: Original Art With A Geeky Twist!

Sash | PopWrapped Author


06/06/2015 9:47 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Introducing PopArt: Original Art With A  Geeky Twist! | PopArt
Media Courtesy of SashDoesDoodles

Welcome to Popwrapped’s new arty section, PopArt! Exciting, eh?

“But what makes you qualified to be chief head art blogger type person?” I hear you  cry...

Well, I’m Sash, commonly known in this here land we call the internet as SashDoesDoodles. I’m a professional illustrator (I do a lot of work for the BBC, dontcha know) and I’m a bit of a fandom geek. When I’m not working on art for other people, I unwind with some fanart; usually Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Marvel, etc. As well as creating my own art, I thoroughly enjoy seeing what other talented types are working on, because fan artists are pretty amazing. This weekly column aims to celebrate those of us who show our love for the media with our pencils, pens and tablets. Allons-y!

To kick things off, I thought I’d start with the Doctor. Doctor number Twelve to be precise.

PopArt SashDoesDoodles

He’s sassy, he’s grumpy, he’s slowly becoming my favorite Doctor (shhh don’t tell Ten), and there are some wonderful arty types out there showing their love for him. Here is a teeny selection of my faves.

PopArt Luluxa

First up we have this piece by Luluxa, which perfectly captures the intensity of this incarnation. And look at the hair. The hair is fabulous.

PopArt CardinalCapaldi

Next up is CardinalCapaldi. This piece shows off the Clara/Twelve relationship perfectly and I love his expression. Literal >:-/ face.

PopArt Atarial

Atarial's piece is ace. I love his expression, that little smirk says so much. Did he just wind Clara up, beat the Daleks or have a good cup of coffee? We'll never know.

PopArt Sn0otchie

Sn0otchie has captured the feel of the finale with a really stripped-back style. I love the stylistic choices (and Clara's angry face).

PopArt Cavoliamari

This poster by CavoliAmari called "Series Gr8" manages to sum up the entire series in one fab image. Look at Strax! There's never enough Strax fanart.

PopArt Rachael Stott

And, last but not least, Rachael Stott, whose Capaldi illustration oozes class. Bonus points for his magician hands.

And finally a piece from little old me, created with Prismacolor pencils.

PopArt SashDoesDoodles

All works of art are used with permission from the artists. Don’t forget to check them all out online and give me a follow too - that way you can keep up to date with each week’s theme (it won't always be Doctor Who, fear not, non-Whovians) and send me your art for possible inclusion! Keep drawing.

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