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Legion M Is The World's First Fan-Owned Production Company And Studio

Marissa Messiano | PopWrapped Author

Marissa Messiano

07/30/2016 4:45 am
PopWrapped | Current Events
Legion M Is The World's First Fan-Owned Production Company And Studio | Legion M
Media Courtesy of Legion M

For the first time in history, fans can invest in a production company and studio that's owned by fans. Getting rewarded for being a fan? With Legion M, as a shareholder in the company, you get a say in the content created and share the benefits of its success.

 As an investor of Legion M, you will be a co-owner of a Hollywood studio along with "Seth Green, Stoopid Buddy Studios, Alamo Drafthouse, Meltdown Comics, 42 Entertainment, and a slew of Hollywood heavyweights."

San Diego Comic-Con, a place where fans from contrasting universes can all unite to celebrate fan culture, was the perfect place to speak with one of Legion M's founders, Jeff Annison. 

"For the first time in history, we're making use of equity crowd-funding laws that allow fans to invest and own a piece of it. So it's not like KickStarter where you're investing just to get a reward or investing to make it happen. These are commercial products. When you invest [in Legion M], you become a part-owner of the studio, it's like a mutual fund for movies, and if projects become successful, you make money from it," Annison explained.

Legion M has already joined forces with notable production and entertainment companies to start developing the types of content that Legion M will produce and distribute. "As far as the genres," Annison said, "we've got some samples on our website that give kind of the very high-level, very rough sort of thing that we're doing. But it expands right now to television, film and VR -- those are kind of our three focuses."

Legion M only launched a few months ago and already has close to 2,000 investors. "Our logo here -- this is the Roman numeral for 1 million, and that's because our goal is to have 1 million fans in the legion," Annison said. "And when think about what that would mean, you know having a legion of [people], the fundamental premise of what we're doing is that if you already have an audience that is financially and emotionally invested in your projects, when your project comes out -- it doesn't matter if it's a movie, or a TV show, or VR -- you've got a built in audience, an activated group of evangelists who are going to go out and see it on opening night, and bring all of their friends." 

Utilizing new investing laws that have been designed to even out the playing field and create equity, Legion M hit the ground running as quickly as possible. "The laws went into effect on May 16th and we launched on May 16th so we were one of the first to launch, and we're the most successful today," Annison said.  

Annison revealed that currently, the average investment is around $300-400, but the minimum investment to be a co-owner of Legion M is only $100. If you are interested in investing in Legion M and getting on the "ground floor" of what may be Hollywood's most exciting entertainment company of all time, check out Legion M's WeFunder page to learn more and invest today. 



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