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Is Blood Thicker Than Anything? Survivor: Blood vs Water Aims To Find Out

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/19/2013 10:10 am
PopWrapped | Television
Chelsea Workman-Jernigan Staff Writer “Welcome to the 27th season of Survivor!” Thirteen years later, and Survivor is still as strong as it was in its first season. The much-talked about season 27 brings the ultimate twist, having former contestants and their loved ones competing alongside one another. The contestants this season are: -        Gervase (Borneo) and his niece, Marissa -        Kat (One World) and her boyfriend, Hayden (Big Brother 12 winner) -        Laura M. (Samoa) and her daughter Ciera -        Rupert (Pearl Islands, All-Stars, and Heroes vs Villains) and his wife, Laura B. -        Colton (One World) and his fiancé, Caleb -        Candice (Cook Islands and Heroes vs Villains) and her husband, John -        Monica (One World) and her husband, Brad -        Tina (The Australian Outback and All-Stars) and her daughter, Katie -        Tyson (Tocantins and Heroes vs Villains) and his girlfriend, Rachel -        Aras (Panama – Exile Island) and his brother, Vytas
Photo courtesy of CBS
The contestants arrived on the island half a day early (we’re calling this Day Zero) to spend one final night together. In true Survivor fashion, Jeff informed them that they were getting absolutely zero supplies that first night, and they must fend for themselves. After the night with their loved ones, everyone met up for the competition to begin. Of course one of Jeff’s first questions is directed at Big Brother 12 winner, Hayden. He wants to know how living in the Big Brother house compares to the Survivor outdoors. Hayden said, “It’s hard to compare the cozy compounds of the house to that lush jungle that Kat and I slept in last night.” Jeff started rolling out the twists; the first being that the former contestants will be playing against their loved ones, not with them. There’s much sadness and tears, but many of the loved ones are excited at the chance to show the ones who brought them along what they’re made of, and that they can succeed in this game. The second twist of the day is that each team had to vote out someone. With nine votes against her, Laura B. is the first to go on Tadhana, and with five votes against her, Candice is voted off Galang. Jeff then informed everyone that Redemption Island is back! Even though Laura B. and Candice were voted out, Jeff allows Rupert and John to switch places with their respective loved one. While Rupert and Laura B. immediately switch places, Candice and John decide to stay how they are. The usual happened when the tribes headed to their campsites: They figured out how to start a fire and build a campsite, life stories were told, and alliances were formed. John created an all-guys alliance on Galang, however Vytas was cautious and decided it was also a good idea to stay on the girls’ good side. We see Ciera and Vytas talk about their lives to John. Ciera was pregnant at 16 (“a real-life Teen Mom story,” she said), and Vytas was a drug-addict who spent a year in prison after being arrested at the age of 19. During their introduction, Vytas and Aras both agree there’s some animosity between them from those events. I don’t think the viewers seeing Ciera and Vytas talk about their stories is just a filler moment. Survivor is full of drama, and these stories may come back up later in the season. Day Two started with us looking into life at Redemption Island. Candice is cooking rice, starting fire, and creating shelter while Rupert is either sitting in the water or asleep. Rupert explained how he’s always used up all of his energy before participating in any of the challenges, hence why he’s never won an individual challenge. He’s decided that he wants to conserve all of his energy before the duels. The first Immunity Challenge involved seven of the members swimming through an obstacle course out to a boat to grab three bags filled with puzzle pieces. After paddling back, the three remaining members use the pieces to construct a ship’s wheel. While Tadhana had a huge advantage in the swimming portion, due to Galang’s Gervase growing tired very quickly, Galang quickly took the lead in the puzzle-building portion. Tadhana’s inability to quickly build the puzzle allowed Galang to take the challenge, granting them the first Immunity Challenge winners, and safe for another few days. Gervase’s rude and loud cheers immediately put a target on Marissa’s back, and the Tadhana remembered that when they went to Tribal Council. With eight votes against her, Marissa was the first person to go home on Survivor: Blood vs. Water. This episode was a bit boring, and perhaps a bit spread out – it was 90 minutes long – but, despite my initial hesitance towards the idea of families competing against each other, I’m very excited about this upcoming season. A lot could happen when you mix in Survivor and a family. What did you all think of the premiere? Are you excited, intrigued or just flat out not happy with this season?


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