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Is Breaking Bad Meant To Upset People?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/05/2013 6:59 pm
Is Breaking Bad Meant To Upset People?


Susan Booth

Staff Writer

Call me confused, but why would someone make a show that was intended to upset people? Why would anyone do something like that? I can’t make sense of any of this, so I’ll leave it to you readers to figure this one out. Bryan Cranston said the creators of Breaking Bad “were looking to do something that would upset people.” Seriously, WTF?!

While Cranston did an interview for The Guardian while filming the final episodes of the hit drama series, he said his character Walter was a first for TV. He said, “This type of character has never been depicted before, nowhere in the history of television. Think about this, have we ever seen a character go through this metamorphosis?”

Cranston said, “When we look at our favorite television shows, they’ve all stayed the same, stasis is a part of television lore. What drew people to television was: ‘Every week I was going to see the same guy and I’m grateful for that.’ But, with Breaking Bad we were looking to do something that would upset people. Week after week they’re watching, going “Ooh, what’s he doing now? And I used to like him, now I hate him. He was a good guy, now he’s a bad guy and I’m confused and, grrrr, I’m pacing and…’”

He added, “The passion and vitriol that this show creates, it’s unprecedented.”  Cranston also revealed that he only read the scripts one week in advance and never asked about how the series was going to end. He said, ” Truthfully, I want this series to end exactly how Vince Gilligan wants it to end. I have no designs. I only read the scripts one week ahead of time. I’m along for the ride as well as the audience.”

The final episodes of Breaking Bad will air on Netflix in the United Kingdom and Ireland starting August 12th.


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