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Television / Spoilers PopWrapped | Television

Is Dr. Eugene Porter Following In His Comic Character's Footsteps?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/27/2014 12:57 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Is Dr. Eugene Porter Following In His Comic Character's Footsteps?
Media Courtesy of AMC

Lorraine Grisez

Staff Writer

@LO___Raine Dr. Eugene Porter didn’t have much to say during the latest episode of The Walking Dead but 'Claimed' gave fans a bit more insight into Eugene and his companions. Comic book fans of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead have already learned not to count on the television series following its path.  With new characters and plot twists, the show's execs plan on keeping fans guessing.  And the latest question revolves around Dr. Eugene Porter – is this mullet wearing redneck legit? Eugene is played by Josh McDermitt who recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and hinted that his character may indeed be following the path of the popular comic book series. When asked if his character’s storyline will follow the path of the comics, McDermitt responded that Eugene and his companions were “going to be pretty close to what they were in the comics.” In the comic, Porter is actually just a washed up science teacher who came up with an elaborate lie to survive.  Announcing that he can save the world when people are desperate for hope ensures that his companions will keep him safe.  Sergeant Abraham Ford is convinced that Dr. Porter is on a mission to Washington D.C. to hook up with higher ups whom he recently lost communication with. In fact, in “Claimed” we see Abraham’s complete dedication to the mission of saving the world in his plea for Glenn to remain with the small group.  Saving the world is after all bigger than one man’s mission to save his wife. Eugene says very little in the episode and only responds to Glenn’s inquiry with a blunt, “It’s classified.”  But are his actions louder than his words?  Was his misfire intentional?  Did he plan to take out the truck and leave the group on the road?  Is Eugene just delaying the mission in order to buy more time? McDermitt went on to say that Eugene is “the smartest guy in the room, but he also doesn’t want a lot of people in that room because you never know who could be smarter.”  Eugene doesn’t want to be confronted with a lot of questions because his story could unravel and expose him.  Perhaps that’s why Abraham is the perfect companion – a soldier isn’t trained to question orders, just concentrate on their mission at hand. McDermitt admits that although the character in the comics ends up in a pivotal role within Rick’s group, he isn’t counting on anything.  Excited to be a part of the popular AMC drama series, McDermitt also laughed and said, “I’m actually worried about watching the episodes we’ve already filmed because maybe they somehow shot some footage that I didn’t know about where Eugene ends up dying and I’m going to find out when it airs!  I don’t think there’s any guarantees in any of this and that’s what’s scary about this show and what makes me appreciate the job.” So the question remains… if it looks like a duck, or umm washed up mullet wearing redneck… is it one?

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