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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

It Was A Curious Thing This Week On Once Upon A Time

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/28/2014 9:35 am
PopWrapped | Television
It Was A Curious Thing This Week On Once Upon A Time
Media Courtesy of ABC/Jack Rowand
Courtesy of ABC/Jack Rowand) Courtesy of ABC/Jack Rowand

Kay Ziegler

Staff Writer


What an episode! There was a roller-coaster of feels, thrills, and chills that did not stop even after tonight’s episode of Once Upon a Time ended. Secrets were uncovered, truths were revealed, and a familiar faces returned. Switching between the past and the present, fans were treated to revelations. How can Zelena be defeated? Who sent Hook on the quest for Emma? What happened to Aurora and Phillip? Will Henry ever get his memories back? Where’s the book? Most importantly, who cast the second curse? That is a total of 6 questions answered in the course of an hour. Good job OUaT - good job. This episode was ripe with humorous quips about ladies keeping their shoes' original boxes, dancing daffodils, Peter Pan (the movie), pinecones for currency and cursed lips. These lines were interspersed between moments of intensity so that the show did not become a melodrama. Each character proclaimed their lines with such deadpan expressions that it was hard not to chuckle. Love was definitely in the air. Without her heart, Regina still managed to break the curse with a true love kiss to Henry (thus restoring the memories of the missing year). She also managed to heat things up with her forest-smelling beaux. Back in the Enchanted Forest, her own heart broke for Snow and Charming when they decided to enact the Dark Curse. When Charming's heart was taken and crushed, she could barely keep it together. It was love that made Charming sacrifice himself so they could find the only person to defeat Zelena - Emma. It was out of love that Belle was about to break through Neal/Rumplestilskien's mind to get clues to solving their issues (the riddles lead them to Glinda and finding out Emma was the only hope). It was out of love that Neal was able to pull himself out of his father and send both the memory potion and his address to Hook. While love was a big theme of the episode, so was magic. It seems Aurora and Phillip have been monkeying around. Zelena turned the two of them into her flying minions. That's one way to deal with over-population. With magic, Emma overpowered Zelena so that Henry could get freed from her clutches. However, she could not use her magic to find the storybook. That was up to Snow White. Correlations between earlier seasons and this have been prevalent. However, tonight in particular there were blatant similarities. Henry broke into the yellow Bug like Emma did in "Talahassee". Regina broke the curse by kissing Henry. Granny was knitting a baby blanket during a meeting in the Enchanted Forest. The list goes on and on. In the end, the Charmings discover Hook has been hiding his cursed lips. Henry met Robin Hood and then got to say goodbye to his dad's grave. As a dramatic cliffhanger Snow White went into labor. Is it next Sunday, yet?

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