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Television PopWrapped | Television

It's A Battle Royale As The Battle Rounds Start On This Week's The Voice

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/15/2013 12:20 am
PopWrapped | Television
It's A Battle Royale As The Battle Rounds Start On This Week's The Voice
Media Courtesy of NBC

Bec Heim & Emmy Rivera

Managing Editor & Senior Editor

Welcome everyone! It’s time for Battle Rounds on The Voice this week. And you know what that means.... Ah yes the Battle Rounds. It’s a magical time of the show when two singers enter the arena, sing a song, and one leaves victorious. Unless a coach steals them that is! Anyway, hopefully it’ll be an interesting Battle Rounds season this year. So let’s see who wins, who loses, and who gets stolen on Night One of the Battle Rounds. Well Christina is back with the cleavage and it’s tasteful, so yay!

Bec's Take:

“Domino” sung by Grey vs. Nic Hawk: Grey is a little bit nervous about going up again Nic, who has personality. Grey, however, knows the song because of her wedding band. Ryan Tedder, who is really awesome and actually has great notes, tells her to make sure she doesn’t get longue-y. Nic, however, hits the notes but he needs to work on pronunciation. Nic saying, “BAZINGA!!” is adorable. Grey is nervous about Nic’s power and presence. Grey is good but I love Nic. He has such personality. I’ll remember him more than Grey, who is giving something straight. Nic seems to have a lot of genuine fun with it. Yeah seriously Nic is having so much with it. I’m hoping for Nic. Blake thought it was entertaining and thinks Nic is priceless. Christina loved Nic’s energy level and thought Grey was steady. She chooses Grey. Cee-Lo likes Grey but likes what Nic is giving more. So he chooses Nic. The audience is screaming Nic. 


Bummer. I’m going to miss Nic! Blake steals Nic Hawk! HELL YEAH! Blake loves Nic’s performance. Nic tells him that he’ll teach him how to dance.


“Listen” sung by Amber Nicole and Timyra-Joi: Christina is reminded of herself in these girls. Honestly I’m more struck by professional adorable ginger Ed Sheeran. Timyra-Joi’s age shows in her tremble. Amber connects with the song more. Christina says the girls need to believe in themselves. Christina says that Timyra-Joi needs more passion in her delivery. She says that Amber needs laser focus. Ultimately though both girls made me feel like I’ve wasted my life. Seriously where the hell do these voices COME FROM?! I prefer Amber. Timyra feels like she’s doing too much. Seriously I wasted my life. Wasted. My. Life. Christina is moved to tears from the performance. Cee-Lo thought they were amazing and chooses Amber. Timyra started nervously, thinks Adam, but she made something amazing happen. Blake thought both of them were amazing. Christina goes with her gut.  


“Don’t You Want To Stay” sung by Justin Chain vs Shelbie Z.: Cher and Blake are such an Odd Couple. It’s so weird but kind of awesome. I think Blake is not building an all country army this season. So thank God for that! Cher says nerves makes her clamp down and admits that she does it too. She needs to aim high. Cher tells Justin to find more power. Blake thinks their harmonies are all over the map. They have problems harmony. Cher agrees that finding them are difficult. Justin and Shelbie honestly do try to have chemistry with each other. Those harmonies, though…dear God, those melodies. Can we make it stop? Shelbie sounds cleaner than Justin. The glory note they both shared at the end sounded better. Christina thought they were a great duet pairing. She thought they blended well but choose Shelbie Z. Cee-Lo thought it was a great performance. Cee-Lo loved Shelbie had really great notes. Adam thought it was a great performance but goes with Justin.  


. “As Long As You Love Me” sung by Anthony Paul versus Caroline Pennell: Anthony is out. He got like a five second skip over. Hey another show choir person. Hey it’s Miguel who injured that girl accidentally. Sorry dude that’s all I know about you. Cee-Lo thinks that this song will help them have a moment. Miguel likes the character in her voice. Cee-Lo is worried that he’ll over sing the song. Cee-Lo wants it Anthony to reign it in and Caroline to not be complacent. Caroline needs to project more. I like this pairing. They bring in a kind of mystical quality to what I think is a Justin Bieber song. Caroline makes it better though. She has a Melanie Martinez quality to her voice that I like a lot. Anthony does have a smooth voice. It’s really a magical song. His falsetto was a bit sharp though. Adam thought they both killed it. He thought Caroline made the song more interesting. Blake thought Anthony went out by the slowed down darker tone of the song. Christina doesn’t want to give an answer. Cee-Lo likes both of them. He says that Caroline makes him “dream with his eyes open.” 


 Christina loves Anthony’s vocal control. 


“Next To Me” sung by Donna Allen versus Tessanne Chin: Donna! Oh I loved this lady. They are two of Adam’s favorites, which kills him. He wants Donna to have Tessa’s smooth quality. Tessa to have Donna’s power. Ryan tells her to pick her moments otherwise Donna will steamroll her. Ryan thinks there is no clear winner here. I think Adam is an idiot. Oh hello Tessa. She has this lovely rich voice. Donna, however, has a lot of personality. Seriously this is going to suck. I like both of them! They both are having fun here. They both give a bunch of great glory notes. Yeah that was the battle of the night people. Represent ladies. Blake loved both of them and sees nothing to be critical about. He picks Donna. Christina thought they went Tina Turner on the song. Christina picks Tessanne because of the range.  Cee-Lo loved both of them. Adam thinks Donna is cut from Tina Turner’s cloth. Adam loves that Tessa does something amazing without breaking a sweat. 


“House Of The Rising Sun” sung by Briana Cuoco versus Jacquie Lee: Ed Sheeran continues to make me geek out. She loves the inspiration of the song. Briana is admittedly intimidated by the younger Jacquie. Jacquie thinks Briana has no weakness. Christina thinks Briana needs to be tenderer and to use blues inflections. She thinks they need to learn parts better and to step up their games. Awww Kaley is in the audience for her sister. Jacquie starts off quietly while Briana starts off strong. Briana definitely has improved for her Blinds audition. Both of them are really good. It slowly builds for both of them. It gets bigger and bigger. The lights start blinding me. Cee-Lo thought Jacquie put a spin on an old record. Adam flip flopped between Briana and Jacquie throughout it. Blake was impressed by Jacquie’s power and control and that Briana matched it. He thought that Briana captured the spirit of the song more. 


 Cee-Lo and Blake both hit their buttons for Briana. Briana is freaking out over it. Cee-Lo says he appreciated her true grit and true talent. He thinks she has a story in her voice. Blake says that he really enjoyed her and busts out the finger. 


Erika's Take:

Team Adam: Grey Vs. Nic Hawk: The pair took on Jessie J's "Domino" with the help of Ryan Tedder. In rehearsals, Grey doesn't seem that strong, and Adam notes that. Looks like this is Nic's to lose. Once they get going though, it looks like Grey has stepped it up and delivers some amazing vocals. Nic was a little to all over the place for me with his vocals. In the end, Grey defeats Nic Hawk, leaving Nic in tears for a bit until Blake cleverly steals him! Still not impress by him and so glad that Grey stepped it up. Team Xtina: Amber Nicole Vs. Timyra-Joi: The girls with similar vocals take on "Listen" by Beyonce. I kinda hate this pairing since I like them both. They are both strong vocalists. Timyra-Joi's nerves show and Ed Sheeran, the mentor, points that out. Amber is the stand out in rehearsals. Timyra-Joi definitely delivered, such a big voice for such a little girl. Amber Nicole was strong and steady throughout. Christina teared up during their performance. In the end, Amber Nicole defeats Timyra-Joi. Team Blake: Shelbie Z. V.s Justin Chain: The country bumpkins take on "Don't You Wanna Stay" by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson. Cher calls Shelbie out on her nervous notes which is hindering her. Cher tells Justin to use his power or else he's done.  This is Shelbie's to lose definitely.  Justin starts off decent but Shelbie pretty much wipes the floor with him. In the end, Shelbie Z defeats Justin Chain. Team Cee Lo: Caroline Pennell Vs. Anthony Paul: The two youngsters take on "As Long As You Love Me" by Justin Bieber.  Caroline definitely makes it her own during rehearsals, which Miguel and Cee Lo note and are impressed by. I thought it was so going to be Anthony's for sure with the song choice.  The two were so incredible though. Caroline and Anthony crushed it vocally. Cee Lo has his work cut out for him. In the end, Caroline Pennell defeats Anthony Paul (with Anthony stolen by Xtina). Team Adam: Tessanne Chin Vs. Donna Allen: The powerhouses take on "Next To Me" by Emeli Sande. I love this song to pieces, and these two ladies are going to crush it. Donna overpowers Tessanne in rehearsals. I'm worried for her. Donna is a beast. This should be interesting. Holy crap that was epic! The women totally diva'd out and it was fabulous! Donna overdid it at times but they both did AMAZING. In the end, Tessanne Chin defeats Donna Allen (because Adam figured this was the only way to toss his 54-year-old diva without a national outcry). Team Xtina: Jacquie Lee Vs. Briana Cuoco: The pair take on "House of The Rising Sun" by the Animals. Interesting choice for them but it works for them vocally.  They both sound amazing in rehearsals. This is going to be a close one. Both the girls did AMAZING. I was feeling both of them and want them both to win. In the end, Jacquie Lee defeats Briana Cuoco (with Blake stealing Briana). The Battle Rounds continue tomorrow night!


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