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It's A "Brave New World" On This Weeks Masters Of Sex

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/04/2013 9:23 am
PopWrapped | Television
It's A
Media Courtesy of Showtime

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

Hello everyone! Miss Jamie is taking a break this week, so I gladly accepted the chance to step in and recap Masters of Sex, and boy was this week tantalizing! This week was all about Freud and things can get a bit technical/graphic but assuming you are watching the show you are well aware of where this is going! Virginia and Jane head off to watch Freud’s daughter speak, she agreed with much of her father’s thinking. Which as you know is somewhat rooted in misogyny. Freud believed that a woman achieves an immature orgasm when self-stimulated, while she experiences a mature orgasm when she has sex with her husband. Virginia doesn’t see how this is possible and questions Ana Freud. If anything she left a bit curious and invigorated. Unfortunately Bill is leaving town for a week to celebrate his anniversary with Libby. I just can’t see Bill Masters relaxing on the beach with a drink in his hand. But it’s for Libby after all, who is in need of a break after losing the baby. As Libby packs she can see Bill’s unenthusiasm for their impending trip. He is buried in a Freud book and she is still mourning the loss of her child. Bill is ok with it just being the two of them and it’s very apparent that she is not. Meanwhile Provost Scully meets with his lover to find out if he was the one who sold him out to Bill. His lover plays dumb to the whole research project. With a little sweet talk he gains the Provost favor. Mrs. Scully, on the other hand, is left alone to her romance novels and a separate bedroom. That is no way to live. Back at the office Dr. DePaul is becoming wary of Ginny. She spotted her at the Freud lecture and is upset that patients have referred to her as doctor when she has yet to earn that title. To top it all off Ginny offers her help by saying that she has connections to get her pap smear study funded. Dr. DePaul is looking like she’s going to be quite the thorn in their side as Ginny continues to excel with the study. Speaking of the study, Margaret Scully catches wind of the study over a game of bridge. It seems that Harriet has become one of the latest participants in the couples study and boy oh boy has it changed her life. She relates it to finally finding the right size shoe and how all of a sudden it was like walking on whipped cream. Margaret is taken by this story and figures she needs to do something proactive. Also doing something proactive is the Masters’ hotel neighbors. Apparently they enjoy getting it on to Pop Goes the Weasel. At first it’s a comical distraction, but when it’s happening 3 times a day it begins to intrigue Masters. When he discovers they are well into their 70’s it becomes his new obsession. Ginny and Jane begin discussing female sexuality and the difference between orgasms. Jane is pro-Freud while Ginny believes there is more to be discovered. I mean Jane claims that she can orgasm on breast stimulation alone! They decide to take the study into their own hands and Ginny finds that Jane’s orgasm was slightly more intense through manual clitoral stimulation as opposed to good ole Ulysses. Ginny calls Bill to share the findings and they agree to focus the study on the female orgasm. They could be on to something due to the position of the clitoral nerves it’s possible to achieve a clitoral orgasm from vaginal stimulation. Ginny of course deducts that woman don’t really need a man, but more importantly Freud’s two orgasms could possibly just be the same. Libby did not take to kindly to Bill’s distractions, she thought the trip would make things better. They are far from better. It seems Bill just needs his work and she insists that he leave. Not they leave, just him.  Bill is torn because he can’t leave her alone, which in Libby’s eyes is not a reason to stay. She’s not arguing or asking, he just needs to leave. And he does. Dr. Langham has also hopped on the Freud wagon and is seeking some psychotherapy for his um, inability to function. Of course he can’t get it up because there is something rooted in his relationship with his mother that is causing him great distress. He leaves still not knowing the root of his performance anxiety. Feeling anxious Margaret Scully makes her way to Bill Masters’ office. After a few attempts she finally is able to ask Ginny if she can join the study. Floored, Ginny is unable to respond right away and tells her that she needs to check with Dr. Masters’ before she can be accepted. Good thing that Bill is back from Miami and ready to dive into his work once again. Enjoying time to herself Libby befriends the couple who are rooming next door. They are high school sweethearts who are still madly in love. The trick is to boot your kids at 18. When faced with the children question lies, she says she has 2, Timmy and Susan. Not to mention her husband died in a plane crash. Several daiquiris later she was forgetting her pretend son’s name and hinting that she heard their nightly romps. It was decided that Margaret Scully could be accepted into the study and they set up the preliminary interview. Things got painfully awkward when she had to admit that she maybe has sex once a year, or maybe less. Even more upsetting is that Margaret has never experienced an orgasm. Because of this fact she is not eligible for the study.  She leaves visibly upset. Also upset is Libby. Her neighbor Boris stops by and asks if she’s interested in a nightcap. She declines but he is persistent. Inviting her to dance he begins to make her move. Uncomfortable, Libby suggests they go meet Barb and he admits he lied and she’s already in bed. Boris then goes on to say Barb enjoys to listen, just like her, so why not give it a go. Libby threatens to call Bill and her pretend life is shattered and Boris leaves. At the Scully home the family is having a dinner and it is apparent that there is malcontent in the air. Vivian seems privy to it and suggests that maybe her parents go out after dinner, for a change of pace. Barton declines but encourages his wife to go see Peyton Place, you know she loves those weepy movies. She goes and realizes that there is so much passion missing in her life, and she begins to cry. Also using the movie as a distraction is Dr. Langham. He offers to walk Margaret to her car and the two have a series of moments. The share a kiss and it soon leads to more. It looks like Margaret Scully will finally get to experience her first orgasm and her sexual awakening. After a run in with Dr. DePaul, Bill realizes that Ginny is no longer his secretary. He shares these thoughts with her and she becomes upset. He has already fired her once, why now? But he wasn’t firing her just giving her a new title. She was now his Research Assistant. A step up for a mother just looking for a job to support her children. Ginny brings up that Jane claims that by simply fondling her breasts she can achieve an orgasm and the pair go off on a tangent of questions they have yet to answer. Yet Bill comes back to the idea of being able to orgasm but just breast stimulation. In a bold move Ginny removes her top and hooks herself to the machine and grabs Bill’s hand and places it on her breast. And with that the show ends…. I don’t know if I can wait till next Sunday to see where this will all lead! Thank you for watching with me!


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