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It's A "Dog Dean Afternoon" On This Week's Supernatural

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/06/2013 10:47 am
PopWrapped | Television
It's A
Media Courtesy of the CW

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

Supernatural just loves combining absurdist comedy with some truly gross-out scenarios. This episode, entitled  "Dog Dean Afternoon," is like a seriously disturbed mash-up of Doctor Dolittle and Hannibal.

Dean develops the ability to talk to animals, but the monster of the week is a guy who wants to eat Sam's heart with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. Is anyone else as grossed out as I am?  The result is some seriously screwed up scenes (including more than a little implied bestiality) along with some of the funniest moments the show has ever done thus far. If the sight of Jensen Ackles acting like a dog doesn't make you giggle like it does to me whenever I hear “PUDDING!”, you're a hell of a lot stronger than I am. In a special treat, this week's "Then" is like a highlight reel of the show's funniest moments, including "I lost my shoe," "I'm Batman" and Dean's hysterical freak-out from "Yellow Fever.” And, my personal favorite, “Wishful Thinking” with the depressed Teddy who wants to know why he's here for tea parties! Nothing wrong with a good flashback!

The episode opens with a taxidermist getting kinda scared by some strange noises, as his dog starts to freak out.  A creepy cowboy kills a taxidermist by crushing him like a snake and then goes to the animal shelter to eat some cats before killing the clerk. The boys get the low down on S.N.A.R.T, an animal rights group like PETA, but with a stupid name attached. The boys questions the co-founders and don’t come up with much. A blunt force of radiation cases the S.N.A.R.T to get blasted in the eyes with radiation, which came from the Killer Cowboy, who is more like a human snake. The Killer Cowboy starts going after kittens in an animal shelter and he eats them! At the first crime scene, the taxidermist's dog, the Colonel, turns out to be a witness, popping up again at the second crime scene.  Some animal rights activists are red herring suspects, but it’s not like a bunch of vegan hippies are gonna go around eating kittens, right?

With the dog as their only real witness, the boys find an Inuit spell for a human/dog mind meld. Dean swallows the nasty potion and before we know it, Dean starts to act just like a dog. Seriously? Okay, I’ll buy it. Before we know it, Dean is scratching his head, trying to get Sam to play fetch with him while he debates the merits of Styx and classic rock with the dog. It’s funny as hell watching Jensen get so into being a dog. From the moment this episode begins, the wonderful Jensen Ackles delivers an amazing comedic performance. Seriously, he needs to host SNL ASAP! I give props to the man behind the voice of the dog, he's so surly and crude. Now that I think about it, all of the animal voiceover work is hilarious, whether it's a dog requesting a rock hammer in the shelter ( think of The Shawshank Redemption), or those crazy singing  rats who sound like they came right off of that farm from Babe.

As it turns out, Dean can actually hear ALL animals, leading to a fight with a pigeon who's about to crap on the Impala. I actually had tears of laughter that lasted for several minutes. The pigeon calling Dean an asshat had me coughing because I was laughing so damn hard! And in one of the more disturbing scenes in this episode (you know, the same episode with cats being eaten), Dean stares longingly at a female poodle as porn music plays in his head. I have a large amount of respect for Jensen Ackles, who had to ogle a poodle and did it convincingly. The boys head to the animal shelter for more witnesses of the mysterious Cowboy Killer. One dog (voiced by the fabulous Leslie Jordan from Will & Grace  and, currently, American Horror Story: Coven) saw the whole thing go down, but he'll only talk if Sam rubs his belly. It's so naughty, but it’s one of the most fantastically funny scenes. Who wouldn't want Sam to rub their belly? After getting their help, Dean frees all of the dogs. The doggie witnesses lead the boys to a restaurant where, with some assistance from some friendly rats, they find out the Killer Cowboy is actually a chef using shaman rituals to absorb the powers of different animals by eating their organs, YUCK! I should've expected that the comedy of Dean as a dog was simply being used to offset the  disgusting scenes of the Cowboy Killer/Chef eating animal organs.

The Chef traps Sam with his chameleon powers and slices his neck. Zeke pops up for a second to repair the damage, but that leaves the Chef with more questions about what Sam is. The Chef has cancer and is trying to cure himself, so he sees Sam's healing ability as a nice trait. His plan is now to go all Hannibal Lecter by chowing down on Sam's heart. The chef looks like he belongs as a runner up for Iron Chef. Dean arrives to save the day, but the Chef eats a wolf heart to go on the attack. Dean whistles and gets his new furry friends to help him. All of the shelter dogs show up and rip the Chef apart, it’s chow time!

Towards the end of the episode, I found myself surprised that Dean gave the Colonel to the vegan hippies. When they say goodbye, the Colonel lets Dean know that dogs aren't really man's best friend, they were put on Earth to...and that's when the spell wears off. Looks like we'll never know, but they're clearly up to something interesting. The episode ends with Dean once again having to cover up Zeke's actions to Sam. But this time Dean starts to worry as he explains that the Chef was possessed by something crazy that took over completely. As he says it, you can see Dean start to wonder if Zeke is doing the same thing, and if this possession may not have a happy ending after all. That concludes this recap, until next week do as Dean does and stay classy!

Next week on Supernatural: Cas works at a convenience store!!!


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