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It's A "Family Affair" On This Week's The Following

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/12/2014 8:14 pm
PopWrapped | Television

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

A long-awaited reunion took place in this week’s episode of The Following, "Family Affair",  as Emma’s sociopathic little heart finally jumped for joy at the sight of Joe Carroll.  But more on that later, because first, we had to watch the FBI run around in circles trying to find new information on Lily.  Let’s just say, they’re not the best at their job, but you already knew that.  Ryan’s obviously the smartest guy there, so with the help of Max he was able to stay a few steps ahead of the team and track down one of the followers.  Was he successful?  Let’s find out. Previously on The Following... Carroll killed the Reverend and then Mandy killed her mom.  Emma wanted to believe Carroll was still alive but wondered why he never told her about it.  Emma met the twins and the rest of the followers, and together they fled to a new hideout.  Ryan discovered Lily was part of the cult and then one of the twins called her “mom.” “Family Affair” picks up with a woman, Jana (played by Leslie Bibb), pushing a stroller into her house.  Carroll and Mandy are staking out the house when she comments on the lady looking “nice.”  So, this appeared to be another one of their little murder sprees, and for a second I almost bought it.  Turns out, Jana’s been helping Carroll all along.  I mean, the look of joy on her face when she sees him says it all. The title card appears and then we head over to Ryan and Max as they’re watching the news.  I wonder if networks would really have news on 24/7 about this, just a random thought.  Max questions why Lily was targeting him and the answer is obvious, she knows his history with Carroll.  Ryan knows it’s all a plan to lure Carroll out of hiding.  Max isn’t entirely convinced that he’s still alive but she’s willing to play along and help him if that means she’ll get proof.  Ryan turns down her offer to help but she reminds him that they’re the only ones left of the Hardy clan.  In other words, she’s not taking “no” for an answer. Back at the FBI headquarters, Mike explains that Lily was born in Denmark and inherited everything from her adoptive parents, so she’s filthy rich.  She also adopted twins when their mother died during childbirth—that explains that.  Meanwhile, Luke and Lily arrive at their new ginormous house where they’re greeted by Mark.  Lily informs them that Giselle is back in the city taking care of David, the guy who got stabbed at the gallery.  Inside the home, there are three more people waiting for them.  Lily is basically a murderous version of Angelina Jolie and has chosen to adopt all these crazy youngsters to give them a home.  She introduces herself to Emma and warmly welcomes her into the family.  Mark is very happy with this. Back in the city, Giselle pays David a visit and finishes the job that should’ve been done by the twins.  Lily doesn’t want him talking to the FBI, so the logical thing to do is kill him.  Giselle copies files from David’s computer onto a drive before strangling him with a wire and leaving him to bleed out on the floor.  Meanwhile, Mendez is searching for David at his house but Ryan has a feeling he’s probably hiding somewhere else.  He asks Max to investigate and find him another possible location. Later, Max calls him back to inform him that David’s attorney has another property that’s been rented out.  When she hangs up, Mike shows up and tells her she needs to stop intervening with the investigation.  He’s convinced Ryan is only doing it for revenge and she needs to convince him to stop.  Max pretends like she doesn’t now what he’s talking about.  Mike crosses the line when he mentions that death runs in the Hardy family and she immediately tells him to leave.  He does, but not before telling her that it was nice to meet her.  Okay, pause.  These two are totally going to hook up later on, aren’t they? Back at the followers’ home, Lily tries to connect with Emma.  She tells her she wants them to be friends.  Emma is skeptical and thinks they only want to get on her good side so she can bring Carroll to them.  Lily recounts her tragic story, says she’s adopted kids who have been displaced by violence or neglect because she used to be one herself.  Her father killed her mother after believing she had cheated on him.  Lily tells Emma she knows about her history with her mother.  She compliments Emma’s strength, intelligence, and beauty.  I think Lily is basically saying she wants to adopt her.  She tells Emma her family is made up of “like-minded souls” and Emma replies that Carroll did something similar with his “family.” We head back to Jana’s home where she’s taking a passport photo of Carroll.  He asks about Joey and expresses his desire to find him.  Jana promises she will keep trying to locate him.  She hands him an envelope filled with money and credit cards, as she works on a fake identity.  Carroll tells her someone’s been trying to get a hold of him and she wants to know if it’s safe to answer.  Later, she calls the followers back and Emma answers.   She tells him that it’s safe for him to come to them.  Jana packs him and Mandy some food for the road.  She steps out for a moment and Mandy asks Carroll if he’s going to kill Jana.  Carroll explains that death is a gift and it can’t just be given randomly, besides she is a friend and has been helping him out. Ryan shows up at the address Max gave him and finds that David’s been murdered.  He sees Giselle escape in a car and tries to run after it as he takes pictures of her license plate.  The FBI shows up and Mendez asks him if he’s seen anything—which he denies—before he gets arrested by agents.  Having sent the pictures to Max, she sets off to find the car.  Later, she leaves him a message to tell him they found the car and have footage of Giselle.  Max hangs up and then runs into Giselle at a cafe.  She takes a seat at another table and keeps an eye on her as she continues to try to get in touch with Ryan who’s busy getting questioned by Mendez and Mike.  When they finally release him, he gets in touch with Max and asks her not to follow Giselle. Back at the followers’ place, Lily tells Luke to take Emma to meet Carroll.  Mark insists that he’s better for the job because he’ll be more welcoming than his brother.  Lily admits that she wants Luke to go because she doesn’t fully trust Emma.  Then the creepiness is upped a notch when she asks Luke to zip up her dress.  Either something is going on with these two or it’s just Luke who maybe/sorta loves her more than he should.  Mark looks pretty uncomfortable with the whole thing.  Later, he takes Emma to the meeting place and Carroll arrives with Mandy.  Emma greets him with tears in her eyes but then gets angry with him for hiding the truth from her.  Carroll holds on to her and tries to comfort her. Meanwhile, Max ignores Ryan’s plea to not follow Giselle and goes after her.  She notices she’s being followed and surprises Max by punching her in the face.  They engage in a fight and Max makes an attempt to arrest her but she gets away.  Ryan arrives to find that Giselle’s ran into the train station and he and Max chase after her.  They search around the platform and Giselle hides from Ryan but Max catches sight of her from across the tracks.  The train arrives and Ryan tries to stop her from boarding but is stopped by other passengers who think he’s attacking her.  He watches as she boards and the train leaves without him. We head over to the FBI headquarters where the team is still on the search for Lily.  This scene would’ve been a little pointless if it weren’t for the little twist that followed.  Mendez leaves the office and makes a call to tell the person on the other end that she knows it’s her turn to have the kids for the weekend but she can’t pick them up.  The person on the other end?  Jana.  She’s angry that Mendez isn’t being a parent to their kids.  Turns out they both used to be in the FBI but Jana had to give it up because of her.  This just got a little more complicated. Back to the followers.  Carroll arrives with Mandy at the house and is greeted by Lily, who is dressed to impress—and boy does she.  Carroll looks like he just saw God, as he says “Oh my.”  I bet it’s the fact that she resembles Claire and also that she’s just as crazy as him.  Match made in heaven.  The episode ends with Ryan calling Max, asking where she is and her saying she’s on the train and has Giselle in sight. That Max is such a rule breaker, I love her!  I know I’ve said that being part of Ryan’s family diminishes a character’s chances of living but I hope she sticks around forever.  I’m sure Mike hopes she sticks around too, just saying.  So, what did you guys think of this episode?  A little less hectic than last week but still pretty freaking good, right?  Leave us your comments and thoughts below, and see you back here next week for another round of craziness.

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