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It's A "Grave New World" As A Bombshell Is Dropped On Pretty Little Liars' Halloween Special

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/23/2013 4:03 pm
PopWrapped | Television
It's A
Media Courtesy of ABCFamily

Erika Rivera

Senior Editor

Welcome back and Happy Halloween to all my fellow Liars. 'Tis the season to be scared by our friends from Pretty Little Liars. Per tradition, the show's annual Halloween episode always gives us a gem or two to hold us over till the New Year and drops a bombshell as well. If you haven't seen the episode, you should probably stop reading this and keep it moving. Spoilers lie ahead as always so you've been forewarned. Let's get down to it. The Pretty Little Liars‘ annual Halloween special finally gave us something that we have all long suspected: the major, long-theorized reveal:Alison is alive! (Let that sink in.) This episode filled with the holiday's usual shenanigans of horrors followed the Liars as they race through the neighboring town of Ravenswood (leading to the spinoff)  in an attempt to locate their long lost pal.


The Liars take their impressive costumed dress to the Ravenswood cemetery, because naturally that's where the town holds a Halloween shindig. Ezra makes his first plan of attack post-"A" reveal. "Oh, it's Ezra …" Aria says when she sees he's calling. "Don't tell him too much." Let's not worry the psycho, right?


Hanna and the girls see a guy who's dressed in period costume, the same outfit that "A" is supposed to be wearing. "We go up to this scumbag and ask him if he's 'A'!" Hanna declares (bless her). It turns out to be, however, Ravenswood townsperson Luke Matheson. The girls finally get a first possible Alison sighting! They follow her through the cemetery only to lose sight of the person before they make their way down a secluded stairwell only to get locked in. They can't get a hold of anyone via those trusty cell phones. They spend most of the episode catching glimpses of her here (as always)  and there throughout the fright-filled night, but it’s not until they arrive back in Ravenswood, with the threat of an increasingly creepy Ezr’A’ (my heart still mourns the loss of his innocence) looming near , that they once and for all come face-to-face with Alison ( About time!). The four words that brought Alison back: "Did you miss me?" Turns out it really was Alison and she really is alive. Seconds before Ezra comes back out to give Aria her cell phone, Alison disappears (it's still not safe for her). But Ezra isn't diminishing his creepiness factor when he peers over the girls, as if seeking out something or someone. Also, did anyone notice he kept the hand Spencer hit in his pocket? Also, where did Alison go? To make matters worse, Ezra  pops up suddenly (gotta love the A-Team), prompting Ali to once again flee the scene. Also by the end of the episode, Caleb makes a friend named Miranda and the two embark on a supernatural adventure through Ravenswood (check out our recap on that here). Well there you have it, my fellow Liars. Ali is alive, and we have said goodbye for now to Caleb. Hopefully this will hold us over till January. Until then, stay out of trouble, bitches. Kisses, -E-


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