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It's A Horrific Show At 'Le Grand Guignol' This Week On The Originals

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/05/2014 4:54 pm
PopWrapped | Television
It's A Horrific Show At 'Le Grand Guignol' This Week On The Originals
Media Courtesy of The CW

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer


When we last saw our favorite Original family, Klaus learned of Rebekah's betrayal those many years ago, and Elijah wanted to make sure his baby sister was safe from the hands of the hybrid. Tonight, it's quite eventful at the opera as we are taken back to the day Mikael Mikaelson destroys New Orleans. The episode begins in New Orleans 1919. Witches, werewolves, vampires, and drunk cops are all together mingling in harmony. It's the unification of New Orleans, and Klaus couldn't be more proud of his achievement. But knowing Klaus' history, all good things must come to an end. In the present, Klaus is still daggered, but Elijah seemed to know exactly what he was doing. Elijah calls Cami and he recovers the dagger from Klaus' chest. Cami is confused as hell, but Elijah is sure that she is the key to knocking some sense into his younger brother. Before Elijah leaves to handle the other family business he proclaims, “I will not see you hurt Rebekah.” Klaus' response: “Elijah, you will pay for this.” Klaus tells Cami of his woes and why he absolutely despises his sister. Klaus back in 1919 is still celebrating his success in New Orleans--he even finally decides to give Marcel and Rebekah his blessing. He had no idea Mikael was on his way. After the events of the last episode, Marcel and Rebekah are on their way out of New Orleans, but Rebekah knows better than to run. Marcel suggests they resurrect Davina and have her do a cloaking spell. The only way to bring Davina back is to kill the other resurrected witches. They enlist Thierry for help, knowing he has gained trust with witches before. Hayley has guts. Last week we saw her take a shovel to Sabine/Celeste's head and this week, we see her issuing threats to the witch. She knows that Celeste can break the curse on her pack and Hayley’s holding her own. Sabine/Celeste makes an elixir to break the curse on the next full moon. Celeste in Sabine's body claims that she is helping Hayley to save her from heartbreak and death. Elijah breaks the little party and instead of listening to Hayley, he hijacks Celeste and the elixir. Celeste gets into her former lover's head explaining it's a lose lose situation for Elijah – destroying the elixir destroys Hayley's family and giving the elixir to Hayley ensures that the wolf will choose her pack over Elijah. Thierry, though hesitant, calls a meeting with Genevieve and Bastianna. Just when I thought Thierry was going to betray his former vampire friend, he threatens the witches. When the two witches put their focus on Thierry, Marcel and Rebekah attack from behind. Marcel succeeds in killing Bastianna but Genevieve runs away, unscathed. Back in 1919, Mikael visits Elijah first to enlist him to kill Klaus. Mikael makes Elijah choose between his father and his brother. If he chooses the latter, he's dead just like his younger brother. “I will always choose him,” Elijah says, ready to lose his life for his brother. Mikael stabs him. While Klaus tells Cami of his past, he gets an alert that Rebekah hasn't run far and is back in town. He busts out his own version of the white oak stake that can kill an original. He storms out to find his beloved sister, and Cami runs after him, giving him a piece of her mind. She has always seen the good in Klaus, which is why she didn’t bury Papa Tunde's blade in him--she would’ve felt too much guilt. At this point Cami is not taking Klaus' excuses. “Don't become your father,” she says. Klaus cannot believe anyone would accuse him of that. But that doesn't stop him. If anything, it just stalls him as he takes Cami to the old opera house to bring up those troublesome memories of 1919.  Mikael has a little chat with Klaus. But Klaus is ready to die, because he's proud of his achievements in establishing New Orleans. But Mikael doesn’t just want to kill Klaus, he wants him to suffer a little, first. The curtains open at the opera and Marcel is dead center, struggling to stay alive, while the she-wolf Klaus was sleeping with hangs by her lifeless body, brutally butchered. Mikael compelled the audience to enjoy the show.  Klaus goes to save Marcel, helped by Rebekah. But Mikael won’t let them get away, he even stabs Rebekah, his favorite. Big brother Elijah comes to save the day and tells Klaus to run. Marcel is left to die while the opera house burns down by the hands of Mikael. Back in the present, Klaus tells Cami he won't be anything like his father. Instead of a long torture, he'll just end Rebekah. Elijah made the choice to return the elixir to Hayley, but he's still fed up with Sabine/Celeste. Unfortunately, Elijah didn't kill Sabine when he went in to bite her. He just brought her back to the cemetery and, in a smooth trick, she eases her way out of the cemetery. She continues to push his buttons and Elijah goes to run after her, but he is trapped in the cemetery by a boundary spell. On the other side of the cemetery, Marcel and Rebekah are retrieving Davina's body so they can resurrect her. But Rebekah is trapped, too, and urges Marcel to leave her to Klaus’ search. Celeste takes Sabine's life, ready to go on to the next body. Unbeknownst to her, Monique Deveraux watches and sees that Marcel was right about the older witches' betrayal and mistrust. Through a spell from Elijah’s mother’s spell book, she brought Celeste's bones together and Celeste is resurrected in her true body. Elijah couldn't be happier: “You were so consumed with my downfall, you lost the trust of one of your own.” Knowing she is beaten, Celeste begs for her life. Elijah stabs her with Papa Tunde's blade and Davina is resurrected. But just because the struggle with Celeste is over, that doesn't mean all of the Mikaelsons’ problems are solved. Klaus finds Rebekah after Elijah has killed Celeste, but Elijah says he won’t let his brother kill Rebekah. Klaus has other plans: “Stay away from her. She's mine!” Do you think the Mikaelson family will get over this bump in the road, or will "Always and Forever" become a thing of the past?

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