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Television PopWrapped | Television

It's A 'Long Way Back From Hell' This Week On 'The Originals

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/26/2014 7:53 pm
PopWrapped | Television
It's A 'Long Way Back From Hell' This Week On 'The Originals
Media Courtesy of Bob Mahoney/The CW

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

@itsadeleee   The last time we saw the Original family, they were in quite the predicament. Elijah was faced with the decision to save his brother, sister or Hayley. By saving the young werewolf, Klaus and Rebekah were left to suffer under the witches hands. This week we see the aftermath of that decision. We first see Rebekah waking up weak and in unfamiliar territory, hallucinating.  As she struggles to flee from the Fleur de Lis Sanatorium, she's stabbed in the back by her old friend, Genevieve. The other Mikaelson victim is seen on another floor of the sanatorium gaining consciousness with Celeste hovering. Elijah is still on the hunt to find his missing siblings and interrupts Sophie Deveraux's burial. Monique describes her aunt's death as a casualty of war and that's cold. While Elijah makes threats, Monique gives him a message from Celeste. Names begin to appear on Elijah's body and Monique utters, To find what you're looking for follow the path she left behind.”  Back at the sanatorium, we learn that Genevieve really has a grudge against Rebekah, “I take care of my friends. We were friends, weren't we?” Genevieve says with a hint of sarcasm. A flashback takes place and they reminisce about the day they met as nurses back in 1919 during the influenza outbreak. Seeing Rebekah as a nurse is quite interesting, but we learn later what her big plan was. Genevieve, who was quite the naïve little witch back in the day, was happy that the Original vampire was befriending her.  Elijah enlists Hayley and Marcel to help him decipher the message from Celeste. Marcel reveals that this is a way witches would teach younger witches back in the day. The names appearing on Elijah are a riddle; once solved, they disappear. Solve it and they'll find out where Klaus and Rebekah are being held. All the names are witches that Celeste has inhabited, but there's more to it.  Genevieve seems to have a little crush on Klaus. The tension is odd. The witch insists that Rebekah's treachery is something they have in common. She tries to turn Klaus against his own sister by showing him Rebekah's betrayal from the past. Feeding Klaus Rebekah's werewolf infused blood, they're minds are linked.  Rebekah wandering the old halls and hallucinating more means another flashback of her and Marcel getting it on in the crematorium those many years ago. Marcel enlisted Rebekah to befriend the little witch to cast a spell so they could spend their lives together. Klaus is not convinced that this was a betrayal because he already knew of their little private affair. Rebekah's hallucinations are the worst. I felt like I was watching a horror movie and honestly I don't like that feeling! Genevieve reveals to Rebekah that she linked her to Klaus and he's going to see everything that happened. Rebekah's hiding something huge because she clearly understands the rage Klaus will lay down on her. “Please don't do that to me, I'll do anything!” After doing his research, Elijah figures out the riddle. All of the witches that Celeste inhabited died by their own hand except Clare Summerlin; according to records she died of influenza 1919. The riddle of names disappear, but he has no idea what it means.  Genevieve puts some music on to ease the mood. “They conspired to rid themselves of you for good,” she says to Klaus before Rebekah thinks back to a girls night with Genevieve and Clare. Genevieve admired the Mikaelson clan for the elegance even revealing to Rebekah her little crush on bad boy Klaus. Rebekah goes into her whole spiel about her dysfunctional family and asks Genevieve for help to find her father Mikael. Back to reality, Klaus yells, “Enough of your lies!” He's clearly in disbelief. “My family and I have done some terrible things to each other over the years, but Rebekah would never call my father no matter how angry she was.” You can see how Klaus' heart breaks.  Hayley did her research and found out who Clare was. Marcel sees the photo of the girl and he knows exactly where Rebekah and Klaus are being held captive. He reveals to Elijah that him and Rebekah did something really bad back in the day, referring to their plan to bring Mikael to New Orleans to get rid of the Mikaelson hybrid. Klaus has seen the light, but it's more like he saw Rebekah and the man he saw as a son/successor betray him. Elijah's pissed too. For many years he blamed himself for their father finding them. When Klaus finds out, “I will not let my sister suffer that wrath!” Sorry big brother, he already found out. Rebekah is suffering and tries to make her way out but Celeste/Sabine crushes her efforts, reminding her of the time Rebekah had killed her in 1919. This flashback shows us Rebekah regretting her decision to bring Mikael to the French Quarter. She begs Genevieve to undo the spell, but what's done is done. Rebekah instills fear in Genevieve, revealing that Klaus will blow up when he finds out what they all did. Naive Genevive suggests to tell Klaus the truth, but Rebekah fears for her life and that is not an option. “You used me,” Genevieve has an epiphany. Instead of brutally attacking Genevieve, Rebekah brings an infected, bloody towel to the witch's face. Clare/Celeste walks in on it and she is collateral damage – the two died of influenza.  The flashback ends, but Klaus is still pissed.“You can take your revenge..our revenge.” Genevieve lets Klaus feed on her.  As soon as she lets him go, I seriously thought that he was going to kill Genevieve right there. However, he goes off in a rage to find Rebekah.  Rebekah's tired of running and Klaus is furious with Papa Tunde's powerful blade. Rebekah dares Klaus to just stab her and end it. Marcel comes to save the day but we all know he's no match for Klaus. Klaus would love to see Rebekah suffer by killing Marcel first, but Rebekah insists it was her idea and she should be the only who dies. In a turn of events, right when Klaus goes to stab his only sister, Elijah comes up behind him taking the blade to Klaus' chest. Marcel and Rebekah run, while Elijah holds a lifeless Klaus in his arms. He's now stuck in the living hell he wanted to impose on his younger sister. I guess family over everything isn't the case any longer.  

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