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It's a "Lunar Eclipse" On Teen Wolf's Mid-Season Finale

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/20/2013 5:21 am
It's a

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer 

What a bittersweet episode! Loose ends are tied up but new plot twists are revealed and this is the last of Teen Wolf we will have until January 6, 2014! What am I going to do until then?!!?

The summer finale opens with Scott, Allison, and Stiles climbing out of the tubs and into a white room. The Nemeton is at the end and as they approach it they all begin to have flashbacks. All three are brought back to the night Scott was bit, and all three were in close proximity to the Nemeton. Scott also realizes that his new tattoo mimics the rings in the trees stump.

When they really come to and are back in Deaton’s office they learn that they have been out for 16 hours. Yet they all awoke with a general knowledge of where they are heading. Unfortunately, the full moon rises in four hours cutting down on the time they have to work everything out. To top it all off Aiden needs their help to stop Ethan and Kali from killing Derek. Poor Derek is still weak from healing Cora, and Peter urges him to skip town. There is no way he is strong enough to take on Kali.

Aiden and Lydia come to the loft to tell Derek that Kali was on her way sooner than expected. She is aware of the lunar eclipse and has no plans of that interfering with her ass kicking. Now somewhat aware of Lydia’s powers Peter asks Lydia what she feels, which she answers with, “like I’m in a graveyard.” Derek takes Peter’s advice and he and Cora flee leaving Aiden and Lydia to greet Kali when she arrives.

Meanwhile Allison, Isaac, and Scott head to the argents to stock up for their rescue mission. Agent McCall is waiting for them to ask some questions. It seems that the trio is stuck with nowhere to go. Forever proving what a badass she is, Allison has an idea. She justifies her dad’s weapon collection by the fact that he’s a licensed distributor and begins going through his inventory quickly picking up a smoke bomb and detonating it giving them a chance to run.

Back at the loft it’s not long before Jennifer makes a grand entrance, shattering a window and taking advantage of the situation. She is out for revenge on the alpha that she once consulted and left her for dead. The twins merge to help Kali ward off The Darach but they are no match for her power. The two women are in the middle of a standoff and Jennifer shows Kali just how powerful she is. She lifts the shards of glass and hurls them like knives at Kali quickly killing her.

Jennifer changes gears and sets her sites on Lydia once again. Luckily for Lydia, the super wolf rises and tries to take Jennifer down once again. It’s a fruitless effort because in an instant Jennifer snaps their neck and Lydia is left defenseless. However, it appears all Jennifer wants is for her to scream. One scream is all it takes for Derek to come rushing back.

As Stiles is racing towards the Nemeton the fog is so thick that he runs off the road and hits a tree. Things are looking good for him. Derek rushes to Lydia and is met by Jennifer. She has a proposition. If he stands in for the kid’s parents, they can go free. Her need to kill the Alphas was always about “us” (her and Derek). She also warns Derek that he is unaware of just how powerful Deucalion actually is. Paired with Scott he is virtually unstoppable, hence why she needs Derek’s help.

Deucalion meets up with Scott and Allison, and Isaac set out to grab Stiles and head to the root cellar. When they get there it seems they don’t have much time. The ground is starting to cave in as they enter and by the time they have all 3 adults untied they are trapped.

Scott sends Jennifer a video message asking her to meet them at the old distillery – a place of revenge. She accepts the invitation and arrives with Derek in tow. It’s at this moment we realize just how terrifying Deucalion really is. He is the Demon Wolf with his blackish blue skin and laser red eyes. Derek wolfs-up and begins to go at Deucalion, however he is still too weak. Jennifer tries but fails as well. Time is also running out for everyone in the root cellar; the support bean is about to go and Isaac can only hold it for so long.

Cora and Lydia realize that the twins are alive but barely hanging on. They quickly rush them to Deaton’s hoping that he can help. They have a short window of opportunity with the eclipse approaching and everyone is on edge.

At this point I was about to fall off my bed with anxious anticipation. Deucalion had weakened Jennifer and was holding her and demanding Scott takes her life. When Scott refuses and says his pack will save them. Deucalion is not pleased with this answer and will just have to do it for him. Dragging Scott towards Jennifer it looks like he won’t end up a true alpha after all. This time though Scott was a step ahead. Taking what Gerard said about Deucalion’s vision Scott sets off a flare giving him time to regroup. It also gave Jennifer time to run off.

Before they can battle again the eclipse begins and they all are left powerless – including Isaac who was keeping them safe by holding the beam. In the last seconds of strength he has it looks like it’s all over but it seems they are saved by a baseball bat. Who carries a baseball bat? Stiles that is! He always manages to save the day one way or another.

Jennifer uses this as her chance to take out Deucalion. Saving her power for ass kicking she comes barreling in with her true form exposed. She takes no time in bashing Deucalion’s head till he’s barely with it. Derek takes this moment to speak up and convince her to give him his sight back. Let him see what they did to her. Before he dies he should understand the pain he caused. In restoring his vision it weakened her and Derek tries to take her out and she continues to beat on him. The eclipse is over and he has his power back and she retreats to her circle of mountain ash.

Scott approaches the circle and attempts to break it. She reminds him of his previous failed attempt but this time he has it in him. He breaks the barrier and knocks her down. Now her goose is really cooked. He did it because he’s an alpha now. He tells her to stop the storm and if she doesn’t he’ll kill her no matter what it does to the color of his eyes. Dukes rushes in and slits her throat, because let’s face it; he’s killed so many it just doesn’t matter anymore.

All seems well in Beacon Hills. Scott and Derek let Deucalion go hoping he can be the man he once was now that his vision is restored. Allison suggests a new plan to her father. With the possibility of a bunch of supernatural things coming their way she wants to be prepared. With that she instates a new code: “We protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

Derek and Cora leave town while Agent McCall isn’t leaving. Scott and Stiles both feel the darkness but because of their friends they can find the light. Aiden has Lydia and Ethan has Danny. It seems that things are bright and sunny again in Beacon Hills (minus the Allison/Isaac tension that may cause some issues).

Oh but Teen Wolf would never end on a happy note. Nope that would be too good to be true. We are left with Jennifer crawling towards the Nemeton hoping to restore her power again. She is met with Peter who has been planning all along. Now that Scott’s an alpha he can steal it. With one quick swipe he finishes Jennifer off and declares: He is the Alpha, He’s always been the Alpha.

Uh oh Scott, looks like Season 3B isn’t going to be so happy after all. Those Hales are such party poopers! In the sneak clip for the second half of the season we find Allison and Isaac in bed together (oo la la) only to be abruptly ended by the return of Kate Argent! Luckily it was only some weird distorted sex dream!

Thanks for reading and watching with me! I hope to see you all back here for Season 3B on January 6th!


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