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Television / Celebrities PopWrapped | Television

It's A Matter Of Life Or Death As Battles Heat Up In Music City On Last Week's Nashville

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/11/2013 4:47 pm
PopWrapped | Television
It's A Matter Of Life Or Death As Battles Heat Up In Music City On Last Week's Nashville
Media Courtesy of BuddyTV
Ben Patton Staff Media Lead Welcome back to the Nash-drama, y’all! Last week we jumped back into the tour with Juliette, to find Layla still as stubborn as ever and pushing all of Juliette’s buttons. Little Layla was also making her public-only romance with Will into an uncomfortable experience that was starting to wear thin for the closeted crooner.
Photo courtesy of WeLoveSoaps Photo courtesy of WeLoveSoaps
Layla finds Will after one of their shows; drunk and dancing on the bar top…well, until he face planted on the bar floor. After the label cancels their morning interviews, Layla decided to pull the plug on their “relationship,” and Will gets a new companion to keep him under control. Charlie Wentworth files for divorce in hopes of proving his love and devotion for a skeptical Juliette. Meanwhile, Juliette puts her foot down to show Layla who’s boss after the rising star borrowed a little too much of Juliette’s time. Luckily for Juliette, she has a pretty big fighter in corner with Charlie by her side, and he encourages her to stand up for herself.  Right when Layla thinks she has the cards back in her hand, Juliette pulls a fast one and puts her right back in her place…for now. Zoe and Avery head out to visit Scarlett and Gunner on their tour. Though Scarlett and Avery seem to be back together (ish), Zoe and Gunner have still not come clean about their romance. Avery might also be the object of Juliette’s future attention, but that’s just speculation. Here’s hoping he and Scarlett can make things work. Daphne gets her parents together to ask if she can take guitar lessons from Deacon, and of course Teddy acts like he’s going to have a coronary. But Rayna manages to talk some sense into him and Daphne and Deacon begin to bond over their mutual love of music.
Photo courtesy of BuddyTV Photo courtesy of BuddyTV
Maddie’s solo debut at the music festival turns into a duet with Deacon which ruffled Teddy’s feathers, but it was amazing. Teddy, get off your high horse already! Teddy has to get all guns blazing on Deacon after the duet, which of course leads to a heated exchange between the two. After Maddie sees her Dad’s arguing she runs and threatens to stop talking to both of them. Tandy disappears during a hearing that would grant her father house arrest, and maybe save his life. In her stead, Rayna jumps in to give a character witness but nothing would save her father from his sins and he was sent back to prison. Tandy continues to struggle with the secrets she’s hiding from Rayna, and her father may be out for revenge. To wrap things up: Zoe blew her chance to come clean to Scarlett while she still could, and instead her and Gunner got caught with their pants down. Rayna urged Deacon and Teddy to work out their differences for Maddie’s sake, but it seems Teddy can’t play nice. Juliette ends her romance with Charlie and urges him to go back to Olivia, but it may be Layla who has the last laugh after leaving a tip for TMZ that could be a game changer. Tonight looks like one of the most intense episodes of the season, with the promo warning an impending death in music city. Who will come under fire and who will walk away on top? Tune in tonight to find out! [youtube=]


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