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It's All About A "One Armed Dude And Three Moms" On This Weeks Survivor

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/11/2013 10:43 am
PopWrapped | Television
It's All About A
Media Courtesy of CBS

Chelsea Workman-Jernigan

Staff Writer

This week on Survivor, we’re immediately thrown into the Redemption Island duel. Again, Candace comes into the arena insulting Brad Culpepper. John says that Brad was the major influence in deciding who went to Redemption Island. He continues in saying he was shocked that Brad voted him out, a statement that has Brad telling John, “You made the wrong decision in trusting me.” John kept a steady lead during the duel, and quickly became the winner. Seriously, his puzzle-building skills are admirable. Marissa was in second place during the beginning, but fell behind during the puzzle-building, and was ultimately the next person sent home. Because John won the challenge, he got to choose who got the Hidden Immunity Idol clue. Candace suggests Monica gets the clue, and while Jeff questions John’s decision-making around Candace, John agrees with her decision. Funny how Candace is mad at Brad for running Galang, yet she jumps right in to tell John whom to give the clue to. As John hands Monica the clue, Brad suggests Monica get rid of it. Monica throws the clue into the fire, saying the Culpepper’s don’t want this help. Monica seems a bit confused at the hatred towards her husband. She seems weary in thinking that the reasons for him being a target are because he’s strong and is the one who probably does everything for the camp. Despite Monica trying to defend her husband, she admits she would be shocked if he made it to the merge. Brad’s not surprised at the target constantly being on his back, but hates constantly going to Redemption Island to get yelled at. He wants to make the team stronger, but also wants to set up a vote where the person eliminated is one that won’t cause more anger at him. Caleb, Vytas, and Hayden discuss the idea of voting out Brad. They realize the Redemption Island duels are now the “Brad Bashing Hour”, but know they need to keep him until the merge, because he is the bigger target. In a typical off-Survivor moment, we find out Tyson and Gervase have a strange alliance going on; when no one is around, they sneak away to drink from the coconuts. They cut the coconuts differently each time so no one assumes the same people are taking them. Monica and Laura B. notice they’ve been drank from, but assume crabs are the culprit. Tyson realizes aligning with Gervase is a good idea since both of their loved ones have been eliminated. We soon begin the Reward and Immunity Challenge, where we see that tea, coffee, croissants, and biscotti, or fishing gear, are the prize. Despite his shoulder being damaged, Tyson feels like he is up to participating in the challenge, so Kat and Tina sit out for Galang. Tadhana starts in the lead, with Hayden obtaining the first crate as Galang finally makes it out to the end of the course. Laura B., Monica, Brad dominate the challenge, getting many crates for their respective teams. While getting their fifth crate, Tadhana’s boat tips, causing them to lose two crates as Galang is able to successfully start heading back with their fifth crate. The teams then must build a staircase with the crates they’ve obtained. As Jeff put it, “The crates will spell ‘Blood vs. Water’ on the side, you’ll know if it’s right!” Despite Galang building their staircase first, Tadhana quickly catches up, and they finish their staircase right before Galang does. At the top of the staircase, Tyson and Laura M. piece together the puzzle for Galang, while Ciera and Vytas do so for Tadhana. Galang quickly put their puzzle together and figured out the combination lock, causing a fourth straight win for the tribe. The title of this episode again comes from one of Hayden’s confessionals. In regards to the challenge, “We suck.” He says it’s disheartening because they’re a bigger and stronger team. (With the exception of last week, they have been voting out the weaker women, after all.) “Today, we lost to a one-armed dude and three moms.” Ciera points out that Tadhana’s usual post-Immunity Challenge routine is thrown off today. According to her, the guys “get water”, aka strategize against the girls, and the girls “make rice”, aka figure out how to avoid going home. Brad stays behind and chats with the two remaining women, explaining that Caleb needs to be sent to Redemption Island. Vytas, Caleb, and Hayden discuss voting Ciera out, but question Brad when he doesn’t immediately follow them to strategize. Caleb doesn’t fully trust Brad, and assumes Hayden and Vytas will be with him in a vote. Brad, still thinking he’s in control, says he needs to figure out who the tribe will send out – Ciera or Caleb. Ciera being voted out will make the tribe stronger, and Caleb being voted out will take a bit of the target off of his back. Jeff instantly unfoils Brad’s plan: It would be easy to vote out someone whose loved one is no longer competing! Brad seems shocked Jeff would say that, and hesitates before agreeing with the statement. Caleb doesn’t seem shocked. He says he loves a good blindside, and boy does he announce his plans for the night: he tells the tribe that him, Ciera, and Katie are going to be writing Brad’s name down. This tends to happen at least once a season, where someone, or a group of people, becomes so enraged with another contestant that they announce their decision to vote for that person. I love these moments, because the angered people really need to let out their frustration, and the person receiving the anger or frustration are always shocked to see these events unfolding. Hayden and Vytas immediately freak out, and Brad’s definitely not pleased. Brad still tries to run the game as he tells Caleb he isn’t writing his name down, but Caleb isn’t having any of it. His mind is set on who he’s voting for. Vytas is incredibly shocked, asking Caleb if he really is going to write Brad’s name down. One thing I always hope for is a tiebreaker. They don’t happen often, so I’m always wishing for something that probably won’t happen, but they’re always interesting to watch. It wasn’t surprising to see Vytas, Hayden, and Brad vote for Ciera, while Ciera, Katie, and Caleb vote for Brad. Hayden was the only one to vote for Ciera (and he actually crossed her name out before deciding he was really voting for her), while Vytas, Katie, and Caleb all voted for Brad. Brad wanted to let Caleb know he wasn’t mad at him before he left, and wished Ciera and Katie good luck. As Jeff sends him to Redemption Island, Brad says, “Oh, that should be fun!” I’ll be the first to say that I really didn’t care for the John and Candace love fest at Redemption Island. I’m not a big fan of either of theirs, and I’m while it’s nice to see former contestants playing against their loved ones, I’m not here to watch them hang out with their loved ones. Now that Brad is on Redemption Island, I’m really excited for next week’s Redemption Island duel.


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