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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

It's All About "Good Form" On This Week's Once Upon A Time

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/27/2013 11:56 pm
PopWrapped | Television
It's All About
Media Courtesy of ABC

Jacob Elyachar

Staff Writer

He is Once Upon A Time’s resident bad boy! For two seasons, Captain Hook has made fangirls go crazy every time he appears on screen. Tonight, Once viewers learned the true origin story of their favorite pirate! How did he become a swashbuckler? Read on to find out… Captain Hook was once a respectable naval lieutenant who served his brother onboard the Jewel Realm. He ran a tight ship and helped his brother navigate the ship on a hero’s journey to look for a mysterious plant.  Their journey took them to Neverland. Once, Hook and his brother arrived in the realm, they met Peter Pan who told them that the plant they were looking was the deadly Dreamshade. While Hook had second thoughts about securing the poisonous shrub, his brother did not and stabbed himself believing that it was harmless. Unfortunately, the brothers should have listened to Pan as Hook’s brother died for the first time. Pan appeared to Hook and the future pirate pleaded with the Neverland ruler to save his brother. Peter Pan stated that the Neverland waters would save him, but…at a cost. Hook took the waters and served it to his brother.  The water’s powers successfully revived him.  But the cost was…staying on the island…. which the brothers did not know.  On their way back to their realm, the Dreamshade poison once again took Hook’s brother. Grieving, Hook decided to rebel against his king and renamed the Jewel Realm…the Jolly Roger and took an oath of piracy. Back in the present day, Hook was about to experience the same episode but this time with Charming…who was dying from the Dreamshade poison. Emma’s father did not completely trust the pirate but as his condition worsened, Captain Hook stepped in and suggested that there was a way to save Charming.  After the men left the group, they began to bond over their departed brothers and losses. But before they continued on their journey, Pan confronted the captain and advised him to get rid of Charming and work with him. The pirate refused to answer but faced Charming’s fury who overheard the conversation. But just as Charming was about to strike, the Prince collapsed. With time running out, Hook slashed through the Dreamshade shrub and was able to retrieve the Neverland waters.  Before he taking it, Hook warned the Prince about the consequences…he could never leave the island.  Charming took a sip and went back to normal. Once they met up with the others, Charming hailed Hook a hero and he received a kiss from Emma!  However, Pan revealed to the pirate about Neal’s resurrection and appearance on the island.  Will Hook blab to Emma or keep this secret to himself? While Pan continued to toy Neal, Henry almost gave into his Lost Boy instincts.  Meanwhile, Snow, Emma and Regina were able to capture a Lost Boy and after a heated debate that ended with Regina taking the Lost Boy’s heart, they were able to make contact with Henry! Next week, Ariel makes her splashing debut! [polldaddy poll=7512570] [polldaddy poll=7512575]


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