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It's All About The 'Promised Land' On Last Week's 'Vampire Diaries'

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/14/2014 12:44 am
PopWrapped | Television
It's All About The 'Promised Land' On Last Week's 'Vampire Diaries'
Media Courtesy of the CW

Elena Butler

Staff Writer


The Vampire Diaries finale is this Thursday night and what better way to prepare you for it than by refreshing your memory with last week’s episode recap?  Although, some of you may want to forget the last few minutes of “Promised Land” since one very beloved character bid farewell to the human world.  Aside from the shocking—and very quick—death, this episode’s main focus was the growing threat of the travelers and their never ending quest to end all vampires.  Let’s break it down, shall we? The episode picks up with Damon trying to torture information about Stefan and Elena’s whereabouts out of a traveler.  Meanwhile, Stefan and Elena are getting drained of doppelganger blood but a mysterious hero frees Stefan, who then goes to save Elena.  Later, he calls Damon to tell him about their ordeal and to inform him that they’re stranded and have no idea where they are.  They finally hitch a ride with Julian’s wife, Maria, and she admits to being the one who saved them. In Mystic Falls, Enzo returns to remind Damon that he promised to help bring him back from the other side and hasn’t done anything.  Damon’s first priority is finding and killing Markos, so he leaves Enzo to Bonnie.  Somewhere else in town, Liv tells Luke that the coven needs them to kill the doppelgangers or else they’ll be stripped of their magic. Back at the Salvatore home, Damon has Jeremy and Matt bring all the unconscious bodies of the travelers back to the house to as a way to lure in Markos.  Caroline has a talk with Julian and he tells her Markos wants to restore the balance by killing all the vampires.  She tells Bonnie they should kill Julian/Tyler and then bring him back when Liv does the spell.  Bonnie finally admits that she lied about the spell and that the other side, including her, will soon go away.  Enzo hears everything and is definitely not happy.  Later, Markos arrives at the Salvatore home and informs Damon that the travelers returning to their own body isn’t essential to his plan.  In other words, he couldn’t care less that Damon took them hostage. The travelers begin their spell to get rid of all witch magic just as Maria, Elena, and Stefan arrive in town.  They are greeted by Luke and Liv who use their magic to cause a crash, killing Maria.  The travelers’ spell begins taking effect and Elena and Stefan’s daylight rings stop working.  Back at the Salvatore home, Julian hints at Damon that he should use the element of surprise to take on Markos.  He passes Julian a key and when he frees himself, he attacks Markos in hybrid form.  All the vampires have to get out of Mystic Falls to outrun the effects of the spell.  As Damon is making his way out of town, he runs into Jeremy who picks him up in his car.  Later, they reunite with Matt, Stefan, and Elena at Whitmore.  She greets him with a kiss, realizing she didn’t want to die without seeing him again.  Stefan stays behind to wait for Caroline and Bonnie and tells them to go without him. Meanwhile at the dorm, Bonnie comes up with a possible solution to their problem.  She has Enzo get in touch with Maria and ask her about the spell the travelers used to bring Markos back from the other side.  Maria’s willing to share the information but before she can say anything, the darkness comes, and takes her away.  Enzo tells Bonnie the bad news and all hope seems lost.  Back outside, Caroline meets Stefan and as they wait for Bonnie, Julian shows up looking for Maria.  Stefan tells him that she was killed in the crash.  Julian knows that the only way to stop the spell is to kill one of the doppelgangers and he does just that, pulling Stefan’s heart out of his chest.  Inside, Bonnie sees Stefan’s ghost and realizes that he’s dead.  She tells him she can’t bring them back and Stefan passes through her.  The episode ends with a distraught Caroline screaming for help as Stefan’s body lies on the pavement. Wow!  Just like that, Stefan Salvatore is dead.  But, there’s no way he’ll stay dead, right?  They’ll find a way around this collapsing other side somehow, I’m sure.  It was way too quick of a death and not a proper sendoff for someone like Stefan Salvatore.  If he’s ever going to die for real, it’s going to be epic and this was far from that.  What did you guys think of “Promised Land?”  Are you excited for the finale on Thursday?  Don’t forget to leave us a comment below. Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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