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It's All "Involuntary" On This Week's Masters Of Sex

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/26/2013 10:12 pm
PopWrapped | Television
It's All
Media Courtesy of Showtime

Jamie Harsip

Content Editor

This week’s Masters of Sex was not the most exciting, but I have a feeling that’s because the three final episodes of the season will more than make up for it. It’s performance review time at the hospital and no one is safe. Perhaps the strangest plot line this episode was Ethan’s. Vivienne comes up to him, totally freaking out about having seen a patient’s penis, and delivers the line of the night: "There was something really wrong with his penis. It looked like an anteater." As it turns out, the only recently deflowered Vivienne had never seen an uncircumcised penis before. This discussion leads to the issue of religion, which the newly-engaged couple has apparently not yet addressed. Ethan was born Jewish, but says he’s “nothing.” Vivienne, on the other hand, is Catholic, and religion is very important to her. At first Ethan agrees to begin the process of converting to Catholicism, since it’s important to Vivienne, but then he decides not to. He decides he needs to find something to believe in for himself. Ethan tells Vivienne that she would have been perfect for him ten years earlier, but now he’s not so sure she’s what he wants. Ouch. Needless to say, engagement ended. Libby still hasn’t told Bill that she’s pregnant. When her mother-in-law figures it out, Libby explains that she’s feeling a bit superstitious about it. She doesn’t want to jinx the baby, given the fate of her previous pregnancy. Libby also reaches a breaking point with Bill. She knows his research is incredibly important, but what about life? The work, she says, is just numbers. Family is what’s real. Gini finds herself suddenly without peers, and therefore without many friends. She is no longer a secretary, and therefore isn’t let in on a baby shower they were throwing for one of their own over lunch. She also doesn’t fit in at all with her fellow students. Gini finds herself alone in the cafeteria, only to be joined by Dr. DePaul. DePaul says that she knows what Gini is feeling – as a medical student she herself was completely ostracized on all sides. It’s not exactly the hopeful pep talk Gini was probably hoping for, but I assume it helps for her to know she isn’t alone. She gets a 99 on her exam with Dr. DePaul. Her peers want to study with her, but that brief moment of fitting in ends the very same day. Gini accidentally misses their scheduled study session, and the guys decided they didn’t want her for their study group after all. It turns out they don’t think they are compatible, what with Gini being “old” and a mother. Their priorities, it seems, are not in line. So once again, where does Gini fit in? The relationship between Masters and Gini continues to evolve – painfully. The theme of the episode is involuntary reactions. In the most literal sense, it addresses Bill and Gini’s current study focus – potentially involuntary muscle spasms. The inspiration to study this comes when, after another round of “sex for science,” Bill notices some massive scratch marks on his back. Oops. By this point it’s clear that there is something there between them – if for no other reason than the fact that the icy, scientific Bill Masters is able to joke about the clear evidence of how good he is in bed (or something, I was really distracted by the fact that he was making a joke at all). The study of such involuntary responses leads Bill and Gini to the idea that there’s another use for Lester’s recording equipment. They go to their tried and true participant Jane to be the first subject. At first she resists, saying this is different; videotaping her body as she masturbates is porn. Eventually she agrees, as long as her face isn’t shown. Jane does, however, demand she gets a view of the final cut before anyone else. Once she does, though, she takes back the whole thing. Jane says she doesn’t know who that girl in the video is, and she doesn’t want to. It’s clear that this is where she draws the line between feeling like she’s contributing to science and feeling like a porn star. If the study had ever just been about science and nothing more, that certainly is not the case anymore. Bill knows it, and I think that’s a lot of why he is so obsessive about the research. He thinks if he can distract himself enough with the work it will mean the sex with Gini is not the same as having an affair. And he will do anything to keep himself in denial about it. When his mother confronts Bill about the obvious feelings between himself and Gini, he blows up. Later, in what’s likely an effort to continue convincing him that having sex with Gini is only for the work, Bill insists Gini accepts monetary compensation, just like every other participant. Obviously Gini is hurt by this. The study had been the one place Gini felt she truly belonged, where she was viewed as an equal (more or less). That feeling has now been shattered. Meanwhile, Bill is still fixated on Gini. He’ll do whatever it takes to convince himself and everyone else that there’s nothing going on, but at the end of the day, he’s obsessed with her. Gini had volunteered to do the filming that Jane had dropped out of, and that night sees Bill watching it by himself. It turns out that, against their confidentiality protocol, Bill did focus for a little while on her face. There’s no denying that this is no longer just part of the study, and yet that is what Masters insists on doing. It’s only a matter of time before this thing just blows up in his face. Looking ahead to next week, things are really starting to boil over. It turns out one of the Masters and Johnson study participants has become pregnant. Based on previews, Langham is the father, and he is not happy about it. Ethan has failed his review and (not irrationally) blames Bill for it. Gini and Bill butt heads over a confidentiality issue, and Margaret seeks some answers about her husband


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