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It's All Part Of The Plan: "Buffering" Episode 5 Has Title!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/18/2013 2:07 am
It's All Part Of The Plan:

Sarah Goddard
Staff Writer

It’s been Facebooked about, Tweeted about, and Instagrammed. It’s had hashtags made in its honour. We’ve been treated to some behind the scenes photo’s as well. Well, now fans of Buffering have something else to post, tweet and hashtag about, Buffering Episode Five has a title, ”It’s All Part of the Plan”.

Episode Five, or as we can now call it, ”It’s All Part of the Plan”, will see three very special guest stars joining the cast, Tessa Netting, Riker Lynch and Titus Makin Jr.. Just exactly what their roles will be has been kept tightly under wraps, one can be assured that this episode will be nothing short of amazing.

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, allow me to introduce it to you. Buffering is a webseries that has its episodes uploaded to YouTube. It stars Curt Mega, Eric Carroll, Matt H. Zimmerman, Stephanie Stuart and Chase Edmondson, and tells the story of Ben Little (Curt Mega), a down-and-out-former star-of-a-tv-show-who-got-fired-from-his-show-and-now-has-nothing, so he decides to do what every out of work actor does, he starts a webseries. Accompanying Ben along the way is his best friend and roommate, the self obsessed and slightly (not so slightly) egotistical Alex Brody (Eric Carroll), who is the star of the hit TV crime show, Latter Day Saints.

Together, with friends Darren and Tim (Edmondson and Zimmerman), Ben tries and fails, and tries again, to create something of his own that he can be proud of, most often with hilarious results. 

Buffering is funny, witty, clever and is jam packed full of pop culture references and homage’s. Once you watch it, you will no doubt be rooting for Ben as his friends make his life hell, through only the best of intentions.

"It’s All Part of the Plan" is set to be released to YouTube, June 28.

Visit to learn more about the show and meet the cast and crew.

Follow @bufferingseries on Twitter, to chat with the Mystery Buffering Twitter Guy.

Go to their YouTube channel to watch previous episodes and see some bonus content.


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