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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

It's Christmas In July On This Season's Downton Abbey Finale

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/30/2013 10:56 pm
PopWrapped | Television
It's Christmas In July On This Season's Downton Abbey Finale
Media Courtesy of ITV/Nick Briggs

Erika Rivera

Senior Editor

Happy Holidays, my fellow Downtonians! It's that magical time of year where our favorite series gives us their wonderful and often shocking Christmas special (how will we ever forget losing Matthew last Holiday season?). We were left with a lot of issues up in the air during our last outing with Lady Lauano so without much further ado, let's see if we found some resolution to this season's biggest story lines. As always, spoilers lie ahead so if you haven't seen the episode, please stop reading. Almost everyone is in London for Rose's coming-out and presentation as a debutante, including Cora's mother Martha Levinson and brother Harold from the States, much to Violet's displeasure. The Dowager does detest those Americans a bit much, doesn't she?  Later on though,  two-woman sparring match that occurs between the Dowager and Martha finally goes down in the most epic way. In a face-off between the new world and the old, the heavyweight acting legends as their Abbey counterparts perfectly capture the struggles society faced in the 1920s as centuries-old traditions faded away while the new world grew stronger. As for Lord Gillingham and Mr. Blake, they are still chasing Mary, and mutually antagonistic towards each other. At a party, Rose's indiscretion leads to card-sharp Mr. Sampson stealing a letter from one of the Prince of Wales's lady friends. When he learns of it, the Earl mobilizes the family to get it back, and prevent scandal; he enlists the help of Bates, who uses his forging skills to get Mary into Sampson's flat, but the letter is not found. What are they to do? Elsewhere, Mrs. Hughes finds a train ticket for York to London for the day Green died in Bates's coat pocket; she tells Mary, and they agree to keep quiet, but later Mary has an attack of conscience, and thinks she should reveal it. Only when Bates picks Sampson's pocket as he is leaving (way to go, Bates!) , and retrieves the letter, does she relent and burns the ticket. They look after their own at Downton. Pip, pip! In drama elsewhere, Edith (remember her?) has had her baby and left her in Switzerland, but she is regretting her decision (poor thing). She ignores Lady Rosamund's protestations ("you're not a mother," she blasts her aunt with) and decides to revert to her original plan and give her daughter to a local farmer after sharing some words about socking it to the family from Branson (I love you, Tom!). The resident baddie, that pesky Thomas,  still tries to pump Miss Baxter for scandal, but she resists, helped by Molesley's support. I really love this pairing and ship it so. Here's to them! Thomas also tried to get Branson in trouble with the Earl but Tom had the last laugh when he explained himself to Robert. Take that! At the celebration Ball, Mary is startled to learn from Gillingham that the egalitarian Mr. Blake is actually in line to inherit a huge estate from a cousin, so he is more suitable for her than she thought. She tells them both that the fight is on and leaves them to figure out who will be the best man for her heart. I ship Blake and Mary so there's that. As for the staff, the Countess offers them a fun day out; Carson's suggestions are rejected as too dull and worthy, and Mrs Hughes tricks him into choosing the seaside. The episode ends with the two of them holding hands and paddling  (cue the awwws). That's it for season 4 of Downton Abbey. We'll have to wait till Fall before we feast our eyes on this crew so enjoy your tea and crumpets and mind your manners until then! This is Lady Rivera, signing off!


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