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Television PopWrapped | Television

It's Double Date Night On This Week's The New Girl

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/02/2013 12:36 am
PopWrapped | Television
It's Double Date Night On This Week's The New Girl
Media Courtesy of FOX

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

Love is in the air and the best way to celebrate is with a double date! Nick and Jess invite Cece and Schmidt out on a double date, unfortunately mere moments before he had made plans with Elizabeth. How he has kept up this ruse for so long is absolutely mind blowing! But Cece is starting to catch on because Schmidt is just acting off. Also teetering on the edge of crazy is Winston. His heartbreak is still fresh and he’s leaning on poor Ferguson the cat for support. He wants in on this double date action and promises the group a reservation at the newest hot spot Picca. Cece looks to Jess and Nick to help figure out what’s been going on with Schmidt. Nick is reluctant and only goes along with it because he loves Jess so much. Cece assumes that he is on drugs, whippets to be exact.  Nick sets off to get the details while Winston heads to Picca for a reservation. There is a community table that is not so appealing but he has a plan. Nick rules out drugs and Schmidt finally admits to being with both women. It takes Nick a few minutes to finally catch on and is really no help. The biggest catch is, he cannot tell Jess. Easier said than done. Nick is unable to lie, especially to Jess and breaks within seconds. It looks like Schmidt’s goose might finally be cooked! Winston camps out at the community table slowly laying claim to all the empty seats. Back at the apartment Jess confronts Schmidt and tells him what a crum-bum he’s been. She threatens to tell Cece if he can’t. At that exact moment Cece enters and Schmidt rushes her out before anyone can say anything. Nick and Jess follow in a slow car pursuit. Logically, Jess could just call Cece but that wouldn’t be as fun now would it? While the gang is en-route, poor Winston is trying to keep their table on hold. In a pinch, Schmidt tells Cece it is Nick who had been cheating on Jess. Now enraged she demands that they get to the restaurant so she can punch him in the nuts. At least we know Cece is the kind of friend who has got your back. The group finally arrives and Cece gets in two good punches to Nick’s crotch. Schmidt arrives and finally comes clean. He did the one thing he wanted to avoid, he hurt her. Bad. To make matters worse she went home to call Elizabeth, who shoved a pie in Schmidt’s face. I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too. The kicker is Schmidt doesn’t even blame himself, he blames Nick and Jess. His new goal in life? To break them up. This should make for an interesting story arc!


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