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It's "Election Day" On This Weeks Parenthood

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/25/2013 7:43 am
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of NBC
Shelby Parker Staff Writer This year, we didn't get a Braverman Thanksgiving, which was a little disappointing, but lack of drama and arguing was definitely not a problem. Normally, the first few minutes are spent as a recap or simply warming up for what's to come. This week, they wasted no time, but got right down to business. Let me just give you a warning, some of the relationships are continuing to take a down spiral, and it's not looking so good. But, I digress. Just know you've been warned. Max walks into Hank's Photography when he sees Ruby, Hank's daughter sitting in his seat. He continues to tell her that she's taken his seat and he needs to sit there, because he's swamped. She moves, and she starts asking what he does. He tells her he's a photographer. Hank comes in and tells her that Max is a good photographer, and being annoyed, Ruby leaves to get donuts. Hank: "So, you met Ruby..." Max: "How old is she?" Hank: "14." Max: "Perfect." While Hank and Max are back at work, Max informs Hank that he wants to ask Ruby to be his girlfriend, and since he's her father, he decided it was best to tell him. Hank doesn't think that's a good idea and keeps trying to warn him against it, but Max doesn't want to hear it. Max goes through with it later, and Ruby says, "Umm...Not gonna happen." When Hank hears, he tries to talk her into being a little nicer and possibly pretending to go along with it. Ruby gets frustrated and says she's going to call her mom. Hank goes to Sarah's place to ask for her advice on the whole situation. He tells her that Ruby isn't ready for a relationship and Max is just trying to check things off a list. Sarah told him, "He has to learn that you don't just get a girlfriend by saying you like her. She has to like you back. It's a two-way street." It seems that maybe she was saying it more directly to Hank than just informing Max. Hank decides to have a heart to heart with Max, and tells him, "Having a girlfriend is more than just being the same age and liking the same hockey team." He explains that it's about feelings and conversations, then tells him that Max isn't the only one who has a hard time with that. "Guys like us just take time-don't need to rush it," he tells him, and Max just goes right back to work and thanks him. The big day is getting even closer for Kristina, so she's getting her hands dirty with businesses around town, hugging some necks and talking to people, letting them know what she's about. Heather informs her that they're within two and a half points of Bob Little. Kristina says, "We could do this. We could win." While voting, Adam admits to Kristina,"I didn't want you to do this. I didn't think you were ready to handle the stress after cancer. You were right. I'm so proud of you." AW! He always supports her at the end of the day, no matter what it is. Kristina's friend, Gwen, shows up to the voting polls, even though she has been going through treatment for her cancer. "You could've voted absentee, you ding dong," Kristina teases her, and she tells her she didn't want to miss the excitement. Kristina's campaign headquarter is set up and all of the family is there to share the moment. Kristina and Heather continue to run numbers, while they wait for the final news to be reported. Adam tells her, "Either way, you did great." Unfortunately, Kristina loses the race. She thanks everyone and tells them how a year ago, she didn't think she would be there and she's just thankful for that. After, the lady she met at the debate, who explained the concerns for her child came over to thank her and introduced her to her daughter. Kristina said that means more to her than anything else, which just proves that she is the bigger person in this campaign. Crosby and Jasmine are helping Kristina's campaign by handing out flyers and encouraging people to vote for her. Crosby keeps giving her a hard time, asking her if she feels offended that Kristina sent her to the market they're at, because she's black, and she said not at all. She's just fired up about the election, thinking about how far they've come, and being able to elect Obama in the 2008 election. He tells her how touched he was by all of it, too, and "cried like a baby." Jabar starts asking questions about voting and whether you have to, and Crosby tells him it's your civic duty and it's something you get to do. They walk up to the table so Crosby can vote, when they inform him he's not registered, which comes as a bit of a surprise. He tries to justify his reasoning, and then just tells the lady that he'll vote "publicly" rather than "privately," so he just tells her who he is voting for. Him and Jabar pledge right there in line, before they're asked to move aside, because they're holding others up. Jabar and Crosby are playing checkers when Jasmine comes in after just voting. She starts talking to Jabar about the importance of voting, when Jabar tells her that Crosby talked to him about the same thing. That then opens a can of worms, as he asks Jasmine whether she voted "publicly" or "privately," and learns Crosby didn't vote in the election. Jasmine gets onto him for not doing that, especially after everything they'd talked about with the Obama election earlier, and tells him, "If she loses by one vote, it's your fault." Crosby tries to talk to a random guy on the street, in front of the polls, to try to change his vote to Kristina. But, when that doesn't work, he gives him $40. Jasmine and Julia can't believe he actually did that. Crosby says, "Yeah, but if she wins it, that'll be the best $40 I've ever spent." Amber is putting away clothes after doing the laundry and finds a prescription bottle that belongs to Ryan. Crosby asks Amber to come into the recording studio, while she's filing paperwork in the office, to lend her voice on one of the Ashes of Rome tracks. She's hesitant at first, then just goes for it, while Zach sits in the booth with Crosby. She comes home to Ryan, elated from the good day at work she's had, but he doesn't exactly share her enthusiasm. He tells her he got home early from work and had made dinner, but didn't realize she would be so late. She apologizes, then asks "Are you mad at me?" (That seems to be a pattern with every conversation they've had lately). She feels that ever since they returned the ring, there has been some sort of distance, which he says isn't the case. He just misses her. They kiss a little, then Amber brings up the pills she found in the drawer. He tells her that they were an old prescription, even though the label was dated from two weeks ago. He says they just haven't stopped them yet, and she has nothing to be worried about, he doesn't even need them anymore. Ashes of Rome officially tells Amber that they're going to use her voice, instead of getting a backup singer for one of the songs on their album, so they all go down to a bar to celebrate. They're all having a good time, when Amber calls Ryan. He tells her he was worried, since she was supposed to get off work early. She explains to him that they were celebrating and just lost track of time, and they'd been drinking, but she'd be home in a few minutes. He says he'll come get her, and ends up walking in to see Zach putting his hand on Amber's shoulder, trying to comfort her about the situation. He says, "Hey, if you guys are done cuddling, we can go home." Oliver tries to get him to back off from Amber, when he swings at him. When Zach tries to step in, things get much worse. He just keeps beating him to the ground. The next thing we see is Zeek showing up at the police station and Amber just cries into his arms. Victor goes back to the fourth grade, as his classmates snicker that he's getting held back, and he's having a tough time adjusting to it. While Joel and Victor duck into the bathroom for a minute, Julia takes a little bit of time to calm down, when Ed comes around the corner and asks if she's okay. She explains that Victor goes back to the fourth grade, and he's just having a hard time. Ed tries to make her feel better, when Joel and Victor return. Julia says, "You remember Ed," to Joel, and though he's civil, he's, obviously,  not liking the fact that him and Julia seem very chatty these days. They say goodbye, and take Victor to class, as Joel keeps looking back down the hallway. Julia's phone goes off with a message from Ed and Joel sees it. He makes a comment that her and Ed have been talking a lot lately, but she just shrugs it off and says that the committee at school is taking up a lot of their time. Julia picks the kids up from school, and when they get home Sydney keeps making things harder for Victor, asking whether he's going to get in trouble for saying the "s word" in the car, so Julia sends her to her room. Victor keeps saying that he's dumb and doesn't know why Julia told him he wasn't, since Ethan and his friends said he was, so it must be true. He goes to his room, and Julia doesn't know what else to do. Later on, she keeps trying to reach Joel, because she's having a tough day and just really wants to talk to him. Finally, she bursts into his office and tells him she needs to talk to him, then yells at Pete when she starts to add to the conversation. He tells her it's not an emergency, so they'll talk about it more later when he gets home. Joel and Julia have their "talk" at the campaign, and Joel asks, "How could you do that to me?" He tells her that he never would have walked in to one of her meetings the way she barged into his office. He could have lost the project. He says he has always supported her, and Julia doesn't feel like he has been there for the family lately. I have to say, I'm leaning towards being a little more "Team Joel" on this one. So, there's a lot going on in the wonderful world of Braverman. What will Sarah say when she finds out about the fight Ryan got into? What does that mean for Amber and Ryan? Are things going to get better for Joel and Julia anytime soon? And what's next for Kristina now that the race is over? It looks like we'll have to wait until Dec.12 to find out, which is a bummer! But in the meantime, you can catch up on all of your favorite moments from season 5 on, along with other exclusives, like interviews with the cast and what's up for the next episode.


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