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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

It's "Females Only" In The Season Premiere Of Girls

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/15/2014 9:44 pm
PopWrapped | Television

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

When we last left the Girls, Hannah was in the midst of a complete breakdown, Marnie and Charlie had gotten back together, Soshanna and Ray had split up, and Jessa was nowhere to be found. Cut to today. Adam is now living with Hannah and making sure that she is taking all her medication, Marnie is crashing on her mother’s couch, Sosh is sowing her oats, and Jessa is working in a mess hall. Hannah is still working at the coffee shop with Ray and it’s there where she witnesses Adam get confronted by Natalia and her friend. Her friend then tells Adam that Natalia is pregnant and Adam begins to freak. However, it was only used to get a rise out of him and Natalia is ready to leave until she realizes that Hannah is THE Hannah. She then goes off on what a whack Adam is and wishes them well (sarcastically) in their crazy life together. We then come to discover that Charlie dumped Marnie and now she is trying to dig herself out post break-up. She tries to assure her mother that she is fixing her life. She has a job (at the coffee shop), and an apartment (really?) and she’s really trying, okay?! Enough Marnie you broke this kid’s heart first. Sosh is also starting to feel the effects of her new party-girl life style. She better watch out or she’ll end up in rehab like Jessa. That’s right, Jessa’s in rehab. However, it doesn’t appear to be doing her any good. She is too cynical for the group and enjoys cutting everyone down and never opening up. She admits she’s just in rehab so that her grandmother will give her money to live again. Hannah is back on track with her e-book. Her editor even goes on to tell her that her writing is the best it’s ever been. Her therapist seems more interested in Adam’s papier-mâché skills then Hannah’s issues. Still not opening up about hers, Jessa is continuing to disrupt group. She calls out Laura on being a lesbian. Laura gets so upset that she throws her coffee in Jessa’s face. That’s strike 2 for Jessa. Jessa meets a man while playing checkers. They chat while having a smoke and she recounts her day. He lets her in on a little secret, stop using her honestly as a party trick. Some people need to come to things on their own. Not to mention he is probably the only one to get through to her. Enlightened Jess goes to apologize to Laura. She opens up a bit about her uncle and how she sometimes feels like a victim. Laura admits that she is in fact a lesbian but she doesn’t like to play sports. Jessa then tells her she was probably using drugs as a placeholder for pussy. She then proceeds to go down on her to prove her point. Adam is struggling with Hannah’s need to have her friends over for dinner. He’s not interested in anything they have to say. It’s not until he mentions that he saw Charlie that things get awkward. Marnie loses it. Adam opens up about one of his break-up stories and gets through to Marnie and she feels better. Points for Adam. Jessa isn’t feeling any better as her stunt with Laura gets her kicked out of rehab. With nowhere to go Jessa storms out and calls Hannah to come pick her up. Hannah is pissed that she pulled the disappearing act but caves and sets out to figure out how to get her friend. Stay tuned for part 2!


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