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It's "Lights Out" On This Week's Episode Of Glee!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/26/2013 11:26 pm


Bec Heim
Content Editor

Lights out everyone! You’re reading this recap in the most environmentally sound way possible. Seriously though I think that it’s strange that when Glee goes dark it’s the same week as Earth Day. Can anyone say conspiracy? 

But hey Sarah Jessica Park is back! So I’m not complaining at all.

Anyway we have a lot to discuss so let’s get to it. Plus celebrating with two more years of glee-caps!

So turn off your lights, plug in your lower back massager and get cozy in that chair you dragged in from the curb.


School In The Dark: Seriously. You can do school in a blackout? I did not legitimately know that. So for reasons (apparently a celebratory hysterectomy balloon getting caught in the power systems) McKinley has lost power! (Personally, I believe that Figgins forgot to pay the electric bill.) So since New Directions has no lights, no electric instruments or anything of the like it’s Unplugged week. Why? Well because Will has apparently driven to Indiana and spied on Jessica Sanchez practicing her patriotic singing. He thinks they need all the practice they can get. Gee a tiny sophomore with a big voice who can sing? I wonder where I heard that before…

Catfish and Texting: Ryder is still talking to Katie. (Why?) Jake tells him to stop obsessing over her and get a real girlfriend, which is sound advice. However, Ryder needs to find out who she is in order to move on. Mainly because he told her a BIG secret…even bigger than his dyslexia. Jake asks what it is by Ryder can’t tell him. Jake tells Ryder he needs some way to let out into the universe and better find it. Also Sam gets pissed at Artie for texting during his performance and says that we all are on our phones too much and don’t connect with people anymore. This feels like the most PSA thing in the whole episode.

Ryder and Kitty Get Character Development: Ryder uses “Unplugged” week to get in touch with his emotions. Or rather to deal with the events of his past. In one of the more shocking scenes of the episode, Ryder reveals that his babysitter molested him when he was eleven. (The only person he told before is “Katie” whoever she is.) Sam and Artie are kind of like “dude that’s awesome”. Ryder, who just made this huge emotional confession, realizes that they are judging him rather than supporting him. So he just shrugs it off like it was a goof. Except Kitty knows it wasn’t one. She tells Ryder that she understands because a friend’s brother molested her when she was in sixth grade. The aftermath of which leads to her changing schools. Ryder and Kitty develop a bond due to this. However, he doesn’t go out with her in order to talk with Katie. This leaves Kitty feeling betrayed because she doesn’t open up much and he’s ditching her for a girl who may not even be a girl.

Unplugged on Kitty and Ryder: Kitty I think this was planned from the beginning. A lot of stuff about her character makes a lot more sense with this bit of information. Hell a lot of her actions in the past make more sense when viewed through this light. Ryder…uh…no? I mean I get that this was supposed to come out of left field. Ryder does show how differently boys who are molested are judged against girls who are molested. I understand this. But…it just feels kind of awkwardly shoehorned into the story. I think it’s because Kitty is the only one who talks with him about. None of the guys talk to Ryder about it. Sam and Artie, fine they don’t have to do that. They need to learn and grow and realize that they shouldn’t have said those things to Ryder. Where was Mister Schue? Shouldn’t he have said something to them? Seriously guys. Jake should have said something. I mean Jake and Ryder are bros right? I think I would be less angry if Jake just told Ryder: “Look dude. Forget them. I’m your bro and I just want you to know I’m there for you.” It would have taken two minutes and a cut musical number and I would have been fine with it. Because one of the guys addressed what Ryder said happened and exists. However, hindsight of Ryder’s character and amazing acting from Blake Jenner and Becca Tobin salvages this plot point somewhat. Still if we cut out a musical number and put in a scene between Ryder and one of the guys talking about it, then I would be less angry with it. This is in addition to the Kitty scene. So I hope they bring it up again in season 5? Because some of the guys do owe Ryder a freaking huge apology. I just want some future acknowledgment that they said this and this happened and it’s part of their characters now. Forever. You can’t retcon something like this, writers. I hope you realize this. However, sexual abuse is a legitimate problem and issue. I just wished this was addressed with a bit of a deft hand? The episode just needed another rewrite to have a least some else mentioning it. Let’s just hope they remember this next season.

Sue Has Either Gotten Into Porn Or the 80’s Have Come Back: After being fired Sue is working as a personal trainer/fitness instructor at a gym. However, all the gyrating and thrusting was making my mind go to dirty places. Plus it looked like the eighties have come back. Anyway Blaine tells her that Roz is even crazier than her. He says that the Cheerios needs her. Becky, dressing like Sue, tells her that she wants to quit the team because of how Coach Roz treats her. Sue tells Becky that she’s happy as a fitness instructor but…I don’t buy it. Neither does Becky. So she gets Roz angry enough to take her to Figgins’ office. She then says to him that she needs to tell him something. What? Well I’m assuming it’s about the gun but the episode kind of left it on a cliffhanger.

Santana Needs Some Direction: God bless Santana Lopez. She can save anything for me. Rachel and Kurt hold an intervention for Santana because they found out (from Tina) that she is also working as a cage dancer/bouncer at a lesbian club. (How did Tina find this out?) Anyway Kurt and Rachel are genuinely worried that Santana isn’t doing something with her life. However, Santana points out that she doesn’t know what she wants from her life. She wants to explore her options and enjoy being young. She’s making money. She’s happy with her life at the present is that so wrong? However, have no fear because Isabelle Wright is here to help you! God Isabelle is definitely the fairy godmother of New York City. I love her to bits. Anyway she recruits Kurt, Rachel and Santana to volunteer at an event for the Metropolitan Ballet.  Santana reveals that she had them briefly as a child, but stopped after a few lessons. Isabelle assures Santana that not knowing what she wants out of her life is fine because not everyone does. She also assures Santana that baby steps are good things. She can achieve her dreams in little bits. No one is expecting her to do something big right now. So Santana takes her advice and signs up for dance classes at the NYADA Extension Program. She doesn’t know what she wants but she loves to dance. And that is just fine right now.

Favorite Moments/Random Thoughts

Hi Jessica Sanchez!

And now it’s the blackout.

Zombie Apocalypse? Really? Sam is not allowed to watch those doom and gloom shows anymore.

Figgins why are you thinking this is going to work?

Can school go on without power? Seriously?

Love intervention time. Okay see? THIS is the Rachel that I like. Can we keep THAT Rachel?

Run Joey Run was amazing.

Well bitchy Tina didn’t stay dead for long?

Wait Santana is a go-go girl? Why haven’t we seen that?

TMI Sam. TMI. Just saying.

This is bringing up bad memories for Sam.

It was rude texting during Sam’s song, Artie.  However, this still feels insanely PSA.

Kurt still works at

“Bless you fairy godmother.”

My friend is thrilled because they remembered the continuity fairy!

Sue’s journal! Yay!

Well the eighties came back in Sue’s aerobics class.

Sue as a personal trainer makes insane amount of sense.

I keep waiting for the environmental message.


Have Ryder and Jake gotten slushied? I…I don’t think they have. But whatever.

Ah! There are those slushies he was talking about!


Okay seriously though. Someone punch Sam and Artie. Seriously Sam you got all offended over Artie earlier? But here when someone is sharing something traumatic that happened to them…nothing? REALLY?!

This explains so much about Kitty’s personality.

But…why? This is a plot device. I mean…My thinking place hurts.

Don’t forget everyone! Jane Lynch is in Annie!

Isabelle is amazing. I can’t believe New York is my escape in this episode.

OhmyGod Naya looks AMAZING!

I love the itty bitty glee cast.

Becky confessing.

Idol worship and rampant cannibalism? Was that a legit fear?

Katie does ask a good question: “Why are you still talking with me?”

I’m kind of depressed I didn’t see Finn at all this episode. Or Blaine as Nightbird. Did stuff get cut?  

Santana hugging her little dancer self was adorable.

Okay in case you missed it. There was a service announcement about sexual abuse/violence at the end. If you need help please contact the RAINN organization. Please do so. They can help.



“You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’” sung by Sam Evans and Ryder Lynn with New Directions: This was a pretty mellow duet. It also highlighted the Unplugged theme the best here. It showcased the voices and the guitar. It didn’t used a lot of fancy tricks. It was just Chord Overstreet and Blake Jenner’s voices and a guitar. It was really solid.


“Everybody Hurts” sung by Ryder Lynn: I didn’t like this when I first heard it. However, seeing it performed changed my mind.  Blake Jenner has a lot of emotion while he sings it. Also the brief interludes with everyone getting slushied was adept in the context. I really connected with that part. It was the first really quiet solo of Ryder’s that I seriously enjoyed a lot.


“We Will Rock You” sung by New Directions: This is the opposite for me. I liked it a lot when I first heard. However, in the execution it wasn’t good at all. Truthfully? I think we could have cut this out and had a scene addressing what Ryder talking with Jake or Kitty or someone more. I think that would have been time well served instead of having this whole Glee meets Stomp thing going on you know? However, on it’s own it’s a great and fun cover. In execution it disjoints the episode. Performance:




“Little Girls” sung by Sue Sylvester: This is really just a preview to see what Jane Lynch is going to do in Annie. But boy what a preview! The vocals are just amazing. The whole number is interesting and dynamic. It’s a number where Sue can just really let loose in her own head and I appreciate that. Jane Lynch shows off her future Broadway chops and just does amazingly in the process. This wasn’t as disjointed as “We Will Rock You” and actually served to develop Sue’s character. She misses the Cheerios. She’s kind of going crazy without them. I enjoyed it immensely and desperately want to see Jane Lynch in Annie on Broadway.


“At The Ballet” sung by Santana Lopez and Isabelle Wright with Kurt Hummel and Rachel Berry: Kurt and Rachel were just back up to the real stars of this song: Isabelle and Santana. Damn did Isabelle and Santana bring it! Santana’s opening verse heart wrenching and gorgeous. Naya Rivera sold every part of her character’s backstory through song. Sarah Jessica Parker dug into her Broadway roots and gave use something very vulnerable and tender within her character. She gave depth to a character that only had surface stuff so far. It was just amazing to see. The vocals were perfection. The production was perfect. The ballet was amazing. I loved every minute of it. Outstanding.


“Longest Time” sung by New Directions: Maybe I’m just stuck with what went down in McKinley this week but this felt super disjointed. It was just odd seeing this happy, do-wop kind of song going down with what I was trying to process still in my head. Not that it’s a bad song. In fact I kind of loved it. This was a great accapella number from a group who doesn’t do many accapella numbers. It was fun. It just seemed weird with what we learned this episode to end on it. However, the vocals were pretty. The music was fun. Music in this episode threw me off context wise. Performance:





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