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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

It's Mac Day This Week On It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/04/2013 9:51 am
PopWrapped | Television
It's Mac Day This Week On It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Chelsea Workman-Jernigan

Staff Writer

With this episode, we learn that each member of the Gang gets their own special day. That's right, a whole 24 hours is dedicated to Charlie, Dee, Dennis, Frank, or Mac. That doesn't surprise me, and it probably doesn't surprise any fan of the show. These people are selfish and love to be in control, and for some reason, allow each to have one day of the year dedicated solely to them. Well, they barely allow each other to host their own day. Mac tells the Gang they cannot complain during his day, and if they must, they get one chance to scream into a pillow. I do believe the pillow was an honorary member of the Gang in this episode, as it was everywhere the Gang went. We only got to see Dennis scream into the pillow, and while Charlie does grab the pillow, I would have loved to have seen him and Dee actually use their respective "pillow scream" passes. Mac shoves in our faces the three things he loves most: anything "badass", the Bible, and guys. Yes, if you weren't sure about Mac's sexual preferences before, you will be now! (And if you still can't believe it after this week, you will certainly believe it after seeing next week's episode!) We get to meet Mac's cousin, "Country Mac", played by the hilarious Seann William Scott. Country Mac is a laid-back version of Mac, who also wears sleeveless tees, and is openly gay. One of Mac's activities for the day includes visiting male bodybuilders, where Mac instructs the Gang to "start greasing up these beefcakes". In fact, "These guys work off their beautiful glutes for our enjoyment!" Frank quickly protests, and the Gang seeks out Country Mac to help them escape. But no can do, Country Mac is having the time of his life; he's getting numbers left and right from these guys! This episode brings the return of Project Badass, and in this installment, Mac will be jumping off a bridge! Well, not really, because that will be added in during editing. No, the Gang must pretend to not know each not, not know Mac, and go ballistic at watching some guy jump off a bridge. Of course Charlie doesn't grasp the concept, but you would think Dee would use this as an opportunity to put towards her acting career. Or did all hopes of that crash and burn after her what happened in the premiere? Either way, Dennis attempts to start the video over when Mac jumps into the water. But, wait, it wasn't Mac - well, not "City Mac", but Country Mac! Each of these activities revolves around the seven days in which God created the world. Well, not all seven days, but God, religion, and the idea of homosexuality being a sin heavily plays a part in these activities. One of the activities includes a trip to the local planetarium, where they learn about how the stars were created. Mac actually takes them there to inform them that this is all a lie, and that God created the stars. Country Mac, while a heavy believer in everything Mac is saying, decides to start smoking a joint. The rest of the Gang joins him, but Mac quickly protests. He explains that weed is "still illegal in the state of Pennsylvania." As the guy doing the presentation calls out the Gang for talking, Country Mac exclaims, "Shut up, science bitch!" And with that quote, let's remember one of the funniest It's Always Sunny episodes, "Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense". Easter Egg alert: Country Mac is almost always holding a beer (unless he's throwing it at someone). Also, here's a fun fact: with the exception of Frank, this is the only episode where we've seen the Gang smoke weed. (Glenn Howerton confirmed this on Twitter.) After getting high, and as Frank, Charlie, Dennis, and Dee feed into their munchies, Dennis starts discussing how he thought he hated karate, Project Badass, and God, but he really hates Mac. "With all this God shit he's into, it could ruin my afterlife." Despite Frank, Charlie, and Dee's wariness, Dennis signs Mac up for a real martial arts competition. They were supposed to assist the Mac's in judging the competition, but since Mac has a black belt, why can't Mac compete against these other black belts? With a defense shriek and block, Mac obtains the first point before being pummeled in the face by the opponent's foot. Country Mac immediately runs over to Mac's opponent and throws a beer can at the guy before a fight between many people erupts. As everyone leaves, and after narrowly escaping a fight - one that was avoided by Country Mac's "ocular pat down" of some guy with a knife in his shoe - Mac announces that he's pooped his pants. Dennis, Frank, Dee, and Charlie watch Country Mac leave on his motorbike after asking him to be a permanent member of the Gang - Country Mac accepts - but are confused when Country Mac falls off his bike. 1977-2013 R.I.P. Country Mac The Gang can't admire anyone without something bad happening. What did you all think about this episode? While this episode was amazing and hilarious - something I haven't been able to say about any other season nine episode except for the premiere - I would have loved to have seen just a tad bit more of Charlie's day, when they were all searching for ghouls. I can only imagine the raw jellybeans and milksteak they must have eaten that day. I apologize, last week I accidentally said that this week would be the 100th episode of It's Always Sunny. I was wrong - this is only the 99th! Yes, that's right: next week will be the 100th episode! The episode is called "The Gang Saves the Day", and it sounds amazing. Keep yourself spoiler-free or go look up information about the episode, including the clip that was shown when show runners Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, and Rob McElhenney were on Conan last week. See you all next week!


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