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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

It's Night Two Of The Battle Rounds On The Voice

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/15/2013 11:21 pm
PopWrapped | Television
It's Night Two Of The Battle Rounds On The Voice
Media Courtesy of NBC

Bec Heim

Managing Editor

Welcome back to night two of the Battle Rounds! With Blake officially out of play for the steals and Christina down by one, it’s anyone’s game at the point. Due to vacation time, my fellow recapper Erika Rivera will not be on tonight. So let’s get to it! The battles rounds are still going on! “My Songs Know What You Did In Dark (Light Em Up)” Jacob Poole versus Matthew Schuler: Matthew is going to win. Seriously. I’m sorry that you are the sacrificial lamb Jacob. You are super hot. But this is going to suck for you. Oh and Matthew is freaking out all over the place. Seriously. I love Fall Out Boy. You guys screw this up I will lifelong hate one of you. But trying to do a song written for Patrick Stump it is like vocal acrobatics. Christina thinks that Matthew could be overzealous in his song choice. Oh they are both not doing good on this song. Someone is flat. Oh this song is not meant for duet.  I bet Christina just paired them together because they were sons of preacher men. Matthew has a stupid hat. Jacob is running out of breath in some of the song. No one is doing a good job on the high notes. They are desecrating it though. Oh God the lights are more annoying then anything else to be honest. They have a lot of energy though which is what the song is supposed to have. Cee-Lo is definitely impressed by their performance. Adam thought it was a musical ass-whoopin’. He thought that they both matched each other but ultimately goes with Matthew. Blake thought that Matthew was good but thought that Jacob was better seeing as how he was a one-chair turn. Christina is really proud of both of them. WINNER: MATTHEW SCHULER (To my eternal non-surprise) “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” Kat Robichaud versus R. Anthony: Kat. I want Kat to win because she was AWESOME and owned it. R. Anthony talks about his wife. Kat talks about her dearly departed father as her inspiration. Cee-Lo wants to pair them because they’re different. Miguel wants R. Anthony to pick and choose his runs. Cee-Lo tells Kat that she should roar but also have her soft moments. Miguel tells her to pick her real big moment and not to perform so much. Cee-Lo tells them to be emotionally involved with the song. Kat gives the performance some nice tenderness. R. Anthony does the same but his runs sound…weird. The runs in this song for both of them are weird. I still like Kat’s tenderness more though. Adam says he loves Kat’s intensity and commitment with the song. Adam thought that R. Anthony came out of nowhere. Blake loved the performance but prefers Kat’s intensity. Christina loves the presence of Kat. Cee-Lo says that there are both different and needs them for different reasons. WINNER: KAT ROBICHAUD Quick battle round time! It’s the battles that weren’t super interesting to put on the show. TEAM CEE-LO: COLE VOSEBURY TEAM BLAKE: E.G. DAILY TEAM ADAM: ASHLEY DUBOSE “Some Kind Of Wonderful” Monika Leigh versus Ray Boudreaux: Monika is intimidated by Ray’s tone and powerhouse vocals. Monika needs to add power to her vocals. Ray is having trouble hitting some of the notes because of his range. Cher points out that Monika has inconsistencies between performances. I agree with this because there is some inconsistency. Ray still has trouble hitting those notes. They both have some great rasp to their voice. Actually it’s hard to figure out who would win here. They both are doing pretty well to my ears. One of them is getting stolen. Christina thought that Ray would digging a bit deeper than Monika but that Monika had a great moment. Cee-Lo likes Ray and that Monika got lost in the moment. Adam said that he’s a fan of Monika but realized that Ray has a lot of talent. I love Ray’s daughter in the dead silence going “Ray!” WINNER: RAY BOUDREAUX Cee-Lo said he loves her strong voice and her taste in soul music. CEE-LO STEALS MONIKA LEIGH See you for more battles next week!


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