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"It's Our Time To Shine" This Week On Survivor Cagayan

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/16/2014 2:36 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of Zap2It

Jayden Sheppard

Staff Writer


After last week's vote, Jeremiah has some explaining to do back at camp. I know he made the right choice, but Morgan starts stirring the pot, and playing with people’s heads. The next morning, the so-called Brains tribe are reading treemail. J’Tia says she wants to build on “that winning streak”? Girl, you won one challenge after losing the first two badly. That is not a winning streak. Tasha once again makes the tribe do some practice before getting to the reward challenge; seeing J’Tia fail at being able to compete well in anything is always a good laugh. The reward challenge is the classic blindfolded person has to grab items while there is a chance they will hurt themselves, so us at home can enjoy their pain. And oh this one was a good one. Of course the Brains are terrible at working as a team to get items pulled up high, while the Beauty tribe has no problem at all. The tribe of beauties (or their proper name, Solana) easily wins the reward, with Luzon way ahead of Aparri. But J’Tia screws it up for Luzon, and they lose yet again. Back at camp, Jeremiah pulls out the clue to a hidden immunity idol and reads it in front of everyone, but we already know that LJ has found the idol. It was strange that we didn’t see any footage of anyone looking for it, though. Over at Aparri, Sarah, who now thinks Cliff and Lindsey are against her due to Tony’s lie, pulls Woo into the fold. Woo is a smart guy and knows that he needs to ride with the majority for a while. Tony promises Sarah that two cops will be sitting there at the end, but really he is ready to cut anybody's head at any moment. Sarah then decides that throwing a challenge to get rid of Cliff before a tribe swap would be a good idea. Let me tell you, throwing a challenge, 90% of the time, won’t work out well for you. Sarah even admits this, but goes ahead on the plan anyway after a agreement from Woo and Trish. At the Immunity challenge, Solana dominates and gets the job done fast. The Aparri are trying hard to give Luzon the win, but because Luzon, like Spencer, sucks at everything, and it makes it harder for them to throw the challenge. Spencer has to get what I think four out of the five balls for the tribe, and then has to compete in a ball throwing competition against ex NBA player Cliff Robinson. Kid had his work cut out for him. Once again, Luzon was heading back to tribal council. At camp, Kass and Tasha go back and forth on how Luzon should go. Tasha was so indecisive that a bunch of head nods and eye movements at tribal council decided J’Tia’s fate, and the rice destroyer was finally sent packing. On the preview for next week we see one big tribe swap is happening, which is good for current fan favourite Spencer, but someone is bound to be unlucky in the swap next week.

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