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It's The "End Of The Line" On This Week's Lost Girl

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/29/2014 9:08 pm
PopWrapped | Television
It's The
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Catherine Meushaw

Staff Writer

Hey Lost Girl fans!!! Two things before I get started. The first one being that Lost Girl is now at 10 p.m. EST on SyFy instead of 8! Sorry for not mentioning that last week. Second, if you are also watching the newest episodes airing in Canada, here is a big HUG because of the latest episode. For US fans, we’ll get to that in a few weeks, don’t look it up! Okay, so previously on Lost Girl, Dyson enlisted the help of an Elemental to rescue Bo, they boarded the train just as Bo jumped off and Lauren was working in a diner wearing the saddest red wig ever. Check out the full recap, here. On to this week! The episode picks up just where the last one left off, with Dyson and Clio having just boarded the train. Dyson is all growly and not feeling right, Clio tells him it’s transcendental sickness, but she’s an Elemental, so she can make it better. Dyson asks the conductor about Bo and the train shakes, which isn‘t very comforting. Clio is even less comforting when she mentions hearing the screams of damned souls trapped on the train. We go to Bo, who is running through the woods in her nightie when she comes across a house and goes right inside. No sooner does she enter the house than a family comes in; and Bo is still disoriented so it takes the daughter no time at all to hit her with a frying pan. Cut to Lauren’s place, where there is a dude taking apart the air vent, pulling out the information on Lauren’s past. The Morrigan is there and takes the folder from him, then turns him into a pile of goo. Which is just as gross as it sounds. Evony is wearing and eye patch, which means that Vex was not just threatening her with a stun gun in the season three finale, but actually used it. To the diner, where Lauren has OCD organized the condiments, impressing Crystal and giving her another opportunity to flirt. The two nearly kiss, which has Lauren saying, “I can’t” and before anything else can be said, they’re interrupted by their boss. Unfortunately, Lauren still has that awful wig. Back to Bo, who wakes up on the couch, while the mother and daughter just sit there knitting. She asks them if they were on the train, confusing them and causing the daughter, who gets introduced as Julia, to say Bo is on drugs as train is obviously slang for heroin. Bo sees the dad walking backwards outside while putting shoes up on a clothes line, she questions it and the mom, Kathy, just says it’s a Jenkins family superstition. Bo is very disoriented, which is a result of jumping off the train without an Elemental, and hears a voice, saying “kill them, kill them all.” The dad, Ian, comes back in and promptly tries to get Bo to leave, all but physically throwing her out. She asks to use the bathroom, which means she’s off to snoop. Back to Dyson and Clio on the train. They break into Bo’s room, Dyson knows from smell, and they talk to the maid Bo left on the bed, who tells them she left. They see the open door and find a piece of Bo’s nightie (again with the smelling), which makes them sure she jumped. Clio goes on about how Bo is going to be really sick since she jumped off the train sans Elemental and then they jump off the train after her. Back to Bo, who is wandering around the house and finds herself in the basement. In the basement she finds three cells and is interrupted by the family, with Ian holding a shotgun on her. Bo starts in on Ian about locking up his daughter and Kathy interrupts, saying their protecting Julia. Ian tells Bo that there’s a ghost that haunts the family on the same day every year. She tells them that she can help but Ian still tries to get her to leave. Julia wants Bo in the cell with her, but Ian still won’t agree, so Bo leaves and the family locks themselves up. Cut to Lauren’s place, where Evony is relaxing on the couch getting a manicure and Mossimo comes in. Evony wants him to grow her eyeball back. Evony turns the manicurist into a pile of goo and then tells Mossimo not to disappoint her. Mossimo pulls out a small jar of eyeballs, looking for one that looks right. Back to Bo, who didn’t actually leave, she came back for Julia. She starts to get cramps and calls Julia, “Kenz,” another indication of that transcendental sickness, and then asks her what’s going on. Julia pulls out an album full of newspaper clippings of people in her family that have killed their families and/or committed suicide and Bo hears the voice again. Julia expresses fear that her father is going to hurt her and her mother and Bo offers to get her out of there. Bo and Julia head out of the basement and we cut to Dyson and Clio, who are walking through the woods. Dyson is concerned that they’re lost, but Clio tells him that she knows the woods, her friend Lazy John fell asleep and was then buried by monkeys. They find John and ask him if he saw a Succubus, he tells them he did, but isn’t sure about the direction. This is the part where normally someone takes a bribe, apparently for Lazy John, that bribe in the form of being able to lick one of Dyson’s toes. Back to the house, where Bo and Julia make it outside, leading to Bo asking what’s with the clothesline of shoes. Julia explains that a ghost can’t come inside until they’ve untied all the knots and tried on all the shoes and that a ghost can’t possess you when you’re walking backwards. As soon as Julia walks passed the clothesline and turns around, the ghost, which is actually a body jumper, possesses her. Bo brings her in, where Ian is rather upset and starts yelling at Bo. When Bo tells him that Julia collapsed outside of the line, Ian pulls the gun on Julia, wanting to spare her the pain of what happened to him. When he was a child, he was possessed and killed his whole family, he told everyone it was his dad, but he’s been haunted by it since. Bo tells him again that she can help, it takes Bo showing off her baby blues when possessed Julia wakes up for them to trust her. At the diner, it’s closing time and Lauren is cleaning up when Crystal gives her the tips she earned for the day. Lauren once again makes a vague comment in an effort to shut down the flirting, and asks Crystal why she’s there. Crystal talks a bit about bad luck and big dreams and then shows her one of her “small dreams,” a farm she’d like to own someday. Before she leaves, Crystal tells her that she knows she’s off the market, but if she ever wants to come over for beer, pizza, and venting, Lauren knows where she lives. Crystal wrote her address on a napkin with the tips, which causes Lauren to smile. Back at the house with Bo, who is fighting with possessed Julia and trying to get answers. Right as Bo tells her she doesn’t want to hurt her, Dyson comes in and restrains Julia, causing the Fae to jump into Clio’s body. Possessed Clio comes right at Dyson with a knife and we cut away to Lauren. Lauren is knocking on Crystal’s door, with pizza and beer, ready to vent. Crystal answers the door not wearing much and holding a glass of wine, and invites her in. Cut back to the house. Dyson and Bo have possessed Clio against the wall, which makes the Fae jump back into Julia’s body. Possessed Julia picks up the knife and then calls her mother in for help. The second Kathy enters the room, possessed Julia slashes her throat and then runs. Clio tells her a peony plant can stop the bleeding and save Kathy, so she runs out to find some. Dyson tries to tell Bo that they need to go because she’s sick and Ian asks for Bo’s help, Bo tells Dyson she has to stay and help. Back to Lauren and Crystal, who are drinking beer and talking about erasing all of the “bad shit” they’ve gone through. Lauren brings up her time in indentured servitude, which kind of ends the “bad shit to forget” discussion. Lauren and Crystal kiss, which leads to sexy times. I’m really glad that SyFy did not cut the scene, I was a little worried they might, but the time slot change might have helped that. Back to the house or, more accurately, to a possessed Julia, who is running through the woods. Dyson and Bo find her and Bo succubuses her to find out what the Fae’s deal is. She gets transported into the mind/memory of the Fae and tells her she better stop torturing innocent people. The Fae scoffs at that and leads her over to a memory of the day she and the man she loved, Noah, died. She was murdered because it was believed she was a witch, but she’s actually an Elemental. The men who killed her held her under water to prove to Noah that she was a witch, it didn’t kill her, but it also didn’t turn Noah against her. One of the men, an ancestor of the Jenkins family, went to shoot her and Noah got in the way, causing both of them to get shot. The woman said, “They left us separate, forever” and vowed that she wouldn’t stop until everyone in the Jenkins family was dead. Bo wakes up and tells everyone why the Fae is after the Jenkins family, and then tries to fight off the Elemental, who is trying to take over her body. Cut to Lauren’s apartment, where Evony is checking out her new eye. The actress, Emmanuelle Vaugier, does a really cool thing with her eye that I really wish I knew how to do. She kisses Mossimo, which I guess was a thank you, and then goes on to say that she’s too nice. She came to that realization during her time behind bars and she blames Bo for putting her there. Mossimo tells Evony that he helped Tamsin get rid of Bo, and he did it for her. Evony rolls her eyes at Mossimo’s suggestion that he stay with her and she goes off to do whatever she wants. Back to the house, Bo tries to tell them how to stop the Elemental. Clio cuts in the second she gets it, explaining that they need to find the bodies of the Elemental and Noah and bury them together. Bo sends Dyson to find the bodies, promising that she can fight the Elemental off. The second Dyson leaves, Bo’s eyes get that cloudy, possessed look, so it seems as if Bo lost. Dyson and Clio find the graves and are putting the bones together, Dyson finds and pockets two wedding bands. Possessed Bo comes up to them and is very quickly captured, Dyson explains that they were never married and that’s why the Elemental can’t move on. They perform a very quick wedding ceremony, which releases the Elemental’s spirit from Bo. Noah’s spirit joins the Elemental’s spirit and the spirits join the bones, at peace. Bo starts to ask if Dyson just married them, he doesn’t answer, although I’m very sure it’s a no, and he just says they need to go home. They say goodbye to the Jenkins family and head out. To the diner, where Lauren is in a great mood, ready for her shift. The phone is ringing and her boss, whose name I think is Ronnie, asks her to get it. He explains that it’s been ringing every 10 minutes and the person on the other line asks for Karen, offering a reward for information. For those of you who have forgotten, Karen is Lauren’s real name, she was Karen, then Lauren, and now she’s Amber. Lauren books it out of the diner and heads to Crystal’s place, telling her that she needs to leave town. Crystal offers to go with her, but Lauren tells her no and asks Crystal to promise her that if someone comes looking for her, she will tell them she never knew Lauren. Crystal agrees and kisses her “for luck” and shows her the back way out. Bo, Dyson, and Clio are walking down the road when Dyson asks Clio to heal Bo. Clio pulls a knife on Bo instead. Unfortunately for Clio, the Elemental told Bo what Clio was up to in addition to healing her. Bo beats up Clio before succubusing her and leaving her on the ground. I’m assuming Clio is dead, and any L Word fans watching immediately rejoice at seeing Jenny Schecter dead once more. Bo and Dyson walk off together. They apparently steal a car and are driving down the road, Dyson tells her they have to talk about the train and Bo asks “what train?” and Dyson says he doesn’t know. For some reason, neither of them remember being on the train. Cut back to Lauren, who is walking along the road. She sees a car coming and sticks out her thumb, the car pulls over and she sees that Crystal is driving. Crystal tells her to get in, when she does, Crystal apologizes. Before Lauren can ask, a guy comes out of the back seat and grabs her, placing a cloth over her mouth. Bo and Dyson drive right past the car and Bo asks if they should stop. Dyson doesn’t even think about it, saying that he has to get Bo home, saying “Whoever that is can fix their own flat tire.” Did you notice that the car Crystal was driving looks suspiciously like the one Vex was trying to get into last episode? No Kenzi, Tamsin, or Trick this week, but they will be back next week! Couple of quotes that made me laugh: Evony: “And druid, don’t disappoint me like Chanel Number Goo did.” Possessed Julia: “What the hell are you?” Bo: “Awesome on two legs, now what kind of fae might you be?” Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!


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