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It's Time For A Good "Bloodletting" On This Week's The Originals

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/13/2013 10:57 am
PopWrapped | Television
It's Time For A Good
Media Courtesy of The CW

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

In case you missed it, last week more wars were started on The Originals. The elder witch Agnes tried to kill Hayley’s baby once again going through Sophie Deveraux, but that plan was severed when Elijah got Davina to undo the link between the witch and the werewolf. But I think the most important thing of last week’s episode was that Marcel found Klaus’ dirty little secret and in the end Hayley was nowhere to be found after his visit. Ladies and gentlemen, “Welcome to Fight Night”! Marcel likes to see his little minions play. The last vampire standing gets a daylight ring, but that event is cut short after Klaus and Elijah appear in search of Hayley. Turns out that Marcel was a good enough guy to just leave Hayley alone; someone else took her. That someone happens to be Mystic Falls’ resident werewolf, Tyler Lockwood, and he’s very disappointed in his friend. His hatred for Klaus is getting stronger by the minute. He brings her to a place where the remaining werewolves of the region reside, telling her that her birthmark indicates she comes from a “big shot family”. Josh is such an awkward vampire so it saddens me that Marcel caught on. He brings Josh to Davina to take away Klaus’ compulsion and make him into his own spy. Klaus addresses the big elephant in the room as he and Elijah search for Hayley in the Bayou. Klaus senses that Elijah is developing feelings for the pregnant werewolf. He doesn’t admit it, but he doesn’t deny it. The conversation ends for a little, when Klaus catches Tyler’s scent and now he’s determined to teach his first Hybrid another lesson. After all Klaus has taken from Tyler, Tyler is looking to take away all kinds of things that may bring the original hybrid happiness, including the hybrid baby. He draws blood from Hayley’s stomach as a werewolf holds her down, and then goes onto inject the blood into the werewolf. Maybe I’m reading things incorrectly, but it looks like Tyler wants to make his own pack of hybrids, if that’s possible. After his test werewolf wakes up from his death, Tyler makes him feed off of Hayley and from the looks of it, Tyler’s theory has worked and Dwayne is a full on hybrid. As Davina is trying to rid Josh of Klaus’ compulsion, she can’t seem to take the pain he’s going through. She tries to calm him down, and he ends up reminiscing of his past. He just wanted to meet boys, but now in addition to meeting boys he wants to feed on people and get a daylight right. I feel like this is going to be a beautiful friendship. Both Davina and Josh are stuck and just want to have normal lives. Tyler may have gotten to Hayley, convincing her that Klaus may just be in it to make more hybrids. She asks him to help her and hide the baby from Klaus, but he’s got other plans. He knows Klaus will find that baby and the only way to stop him is to kill it. But Dwayne comes in determined to protect Hayley – I’m trying to figure out if it’s because she’s part of the werewolf family in the region or because he’s sired to her and the baby. We’ll never know since Tyler decided to rip his heart out. Hayley runs and Elijah finds her, while Klaus finds his first hybrid. Of course, Caroline comes up during their little rumble. Klaus threatens to call the blonde vampire to tell her of Tyler’s actions and Tyler could care less. Marcel brings Rebekah to the garden where he keeps his disobedient vampires. He shows her the plans of a home he made for the two of them in the past and explains how the garden came to be. He’s getting into Rebekah’s head and I’m sitting here wanting Rebekah to just walk away and not give in. I get that Rebekah wants her happy ending, but I’m still not sure if Marcel’s side is a good or bad one. Hayley reveals to Elijah that Klaus may have different motives for accepting responsibilities for this hybrid baby. But Elijah reiterates his promise. He’s going to protect her and that baby even if it’s from his brother. Meanwhile, Klaus and Tyler battle it out some more. Tyler talks about Klaus’ failure and you can see that he hit a nerve when he tells Klaus that he’s going to fail his baby. But Klaus’ isn’t going to end his struggle by killing Tyler. I almost thought he would, as he had his hand in Tyler’s chest, but what’s the fun in killing Tyler when he can watch him struggle for the remainder of his life? After listening to Hayley’s theory, Elijah doubts Klaus’ intentions with the baby and is quick to protect Hayley. “Every King needs an heir,” Elijah repeats Klaus’ words and Klaus seems to think back to what Tyler said earlier about failing his baby. Everyone doubts Klaus as a father and now his walls are up and stronger than ever. He states he’s just the bastard of the family and ANOTHER war has begun, except this time it’s within the Mikaelson clan. Before Klaus leaves Hayley and Elijah in a huff, he decides to bite his older brother. It’s not going to kill the eldest Mikaelson, but it definitely sent a message. A bible is left of the doorstep of the werewolf house in the bayou. It has a family tree with a list of times and Hayley may have discovered that her real name may be Andrea Labonair. Klaus returns home and so does Rebekah. He enlists her to help in the plot against Marcel after losing Elijah in the battle. But it looks like Elijah lost Rebekah as well. And just when I thought Tyler was working alone and done, he’s seen making some sort of deal with Marcel, telling him that Hayley’s carrying a baby hybrid that could end Marcel and his vampire army.


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