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It's Time To "Gin It Up" On Parks & Recreation

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/18/2013 4:04 pm
PopWrapped | Television
It's Time To
Media Courtesy of NBC

Jamie Harsip

Content Editor

The “Recall Knope” campaign is getting out of hand this week on Parks & Recreation. I’ve got to say, though, the amount of time and money put into putting together “Recall Knope” gift bags and fabricating free Leslie Knope dolls that make excessive farting sounds is admirable. So, guess what? “Gin It Up” gives us one of my current TV faves as a guest star: from Orphan Black, the one (or several) and only Tatiana Maslany! She comes in as a doctor named Nadia from Doctors Without Borders who wants to reserve a park for a free vaccination clinic. April greets her in a typical April fashion (“We have a new policy: Parks can only be reserved for witch covens and Slip n Slide competitions. Which one are you?”) Tom, however, brings on a whole new level of crazy. Apparently he’s super into Nadia right off the bat, because he starts speaking in a ridiculous British accent. April seems thrilled about this development. Ben and Leslie have put together their wills and Ben comes in to ask sign as witness. Ron has a hunting bow. I don’t know why this shocks Ben, but it does. Anyway, conversation turns to Ron’s will, which he has had since he was eight years old. It's a small piece of paper that reads “Upon my death, all of my belongings shall transfer to the man or animal who has killed me,” followed by a number of weird symbols. According to Ron, the man who kills him will know what they mean. As Ben rightly points out, that is basically nothing. He also tells Ron that if he doesn't have a real will, when he dies most of what he owns will go to the government. Despite Ron’s opinion that lawyers are the least useful people in the world, this sways him. Meanwhile, Leslie is in session with the city council of Pawnee, and…it sucks. Councilmen Jamm and Dexhart basically ruin everything because for some reason they hate her. Jamm is actually the worst, but we already knew that. He did try to destroy Leslie and Ben’s wedding, after all. Anyway, Chris (Yay! Chris! I love you, Chris Traeger!) interrupts the failing city council meeting with some horrible news. The official Pawnee Parks and Recreation twitter has tweeted something very NSFW. Leslie thinks it must have been a bored hacker, but in fact…it was Donna. The tweet read “See you tonight, hope you like tongue baths you big nasty fireman.” It was accompanied by a picture of a pair of lips and an eggplant. Yes, an eggplant. You know what? I don't even want to know. Apparently Donna accidentally tweeted something to the Parks and Recreation Department’s account that she meant to send as a message on her personal Twitter account. Huh. Leslie tells Donna to be more careful in the future, because it could have blown up in her face. Oh, wait, it does, anyway - no thanks to Councilman Jamm, who decides to hold a press conference about the incident, which is known as “Twitter Watergate.” In the councilman’s own words, “This will be blown way out of proportion!” Back in the Parks and Recreation department, Tom is talking to Nadia, still using his British accent (which seems to have mutated in the last four minutes into an Australian accent). He asks Nadia why Doctors Without Borders wants to come to Pawnee, and of course it has to do with the average Pawneean’s health; Nadia says, “Pawnee is like a petri dish of weird diseases.” Evidently they have more cases of West Nile Virus per capita than the actual western Nile. Tom gives Nadia the proper forms to fill out, and says they’ll be just like “two biscuits inside a tin.” Uh, okay. Weirdo. Either way, April is having a lot of fun watching Tom be insane. Ron and Ben are at the lawyer’s office, which I’m sure will go off without a hitch. We all know how much Ron loves cooperating with the law. Ben says to let him do all the talking, since lawyers and accountants speak the same language and all, although he does point out that  “obviously accountants are a little more bad boy.” First things first, Ron is asked to fill out a form listing his assets and whatnot. He refuses. Later there’s an actual hearing about the offensive tweet from the Parks and Rec Twitter account. Jamm is ridiculous. He invents the word “intracksidance.” I’m over it. The one really good thing about this plot line is that Donna Meagle gets the spotlight for once. Nadia is filling out her forms when Tom comes in, sans accent, with a tray of prepared coffees, bags of coffee grounds, and an adorable little espresso maker. Nadia is unimpressed; she just asks what happened to Tom’s accent. He blames it on a cold, which may have affected his voice “in certain British ways.” April interjects here, declaring no more questions need to be asked on the subject (because sometimes she’s accidentally nice to people like Tom). Nadia asks if she can feel Tom’s glands, since he had that super weird British cold. She finds a lot of lotion, and even some glitter, on his throat. Tom takes the conversation in yet another direction, expressing a desire to volunteer at Nadia’s event, giving vaccines. But no, Tom, you are not a doctor. So you kind of can’t do that. Anyway, Tom says he’s in love with Nadia “whatever her last name is,” and he’s going to keep her there with his incredible skills in the field of “bureaucratic incompetence.” So, he tells Nadia she filled out the incorrect form, and gives her another one. This one is to lease a hanger at an airport, but she rolls with it. In usual Tom fashion, he busts out a blender, fresh fruit, and rum, as well as DJ Roomba, to impress her. Her response? “What is this place?” By the way, readers, I really hope Tatiana Maslany gets to do more comedy in the future. She’s got great timing, and I love her. At the lawyer’s office, things sort of go to hell after Ron kind of acquiesces the lawyer’s request. He provides the man with a ballpark figure of what he’s worth, prompting the lawyer to say, “Holy s***!” Apparently Ron’s worth a hell of a lot of money. Things fall apart when the lawyer says that with that amount of money, Ron’s kids would never have to work a day in their lives. If you know Ron, you know this is the exact opposite of a good thing, in his opinion. He tells the lawyer to take his original will and do something legal with it. Uh oh…. Back at the flagrantly unnecessary city council hearing, Donna is having some of her tweets read out loud. I don’t know why this is necessary, but it’s Pawnee, so why not? Either way, a good deal of these tweets are really negative towards Leslie. Often they are concluded with the hashtag “#BitchBoss.” Ouch. Poor Leslie. But apparently Chris later went through many of Donna’s older tweets and found some really nice ones. These ones have the hashtag “#BossBitch,” which, as Chris explains, seems to be a term of endearment. Awww. Tom is freaking out, trying to think of still more ways to get Nadia to stick around. Strangely, not once does it occur to him to ask her to dinner or anything. Either way, she finishes filling out the airplane hanger forms (her imaginary commercial airline being called Jet Blue Ivy – which is genius) and once again asks if the park is hers. Tom says no; unfortunately “someone else” already reserved it. I don’t know what he was hoping to achieve with that, but what he gets is Nadia hoping they all get West Nile virus before leaving for good. In his office, Ron is throwing darts. Ben walks in to talk about the whole will thing. As it turns out, what Ron fears is leaving behind spoiled children who don't work and live off their trust funds. And heaven forbid they actually buy their wooden furniture. Ben points out, rightly, that it doesn't matter what he leaves behind for his kids; how they live is dependent on what values they grow up learning. Does Ron really want to leave them without a safety net? In the end, Ron decides to leave each of his children 5% of his fortune – which is apparently still a massive sum of money. In addition, Ron says that if anything happens to him and Diane, the kids will go to the most important people in his life: the maître d at Mulligan’s Steakhouse and his wife. But, should that fall through (likely, given the couple are apparently approaching their centennial birthdays), they’ll go to Leslie and Ben. I think I may have shed a tear, to be honest. At the city counsel hearing, a newly forgiven Donna joins Leslie as she storms to the front of the room. Leslie says they’ve had enough of having their names dragged through the mud, and they are getting back to work. You go, Leslie Knope and Donna Meagle. You go. Tom and April have gone all the way to Indianapolis to find Nadia. He freaks out and tells April to say that everything was her fault. Obviously April does not do this. She tells Nadia that Tom wanted her to say that but he actually caused all the problems because he had wanted Nadia to stick around because he’s super into her. Nadia says she has to decide of Tom’s weird and over the top behavior is scare or romantic. Strangely enough…she goes with romantic. She’s leaving for Rwanda in two weeks anyway, so what the hell, right? All of Tom’s panic and fear and anguish pays off when Nadia asks him if he’d like to go out with her. Awww. It’s nice to see Tom win once in a while. And it’s even nicer to see April be kind and helpful to someone even when Andy isn’t around to act as her moral compass. Next week on Parks & Recreation we’ll get to see Tom attempt to impress his new girlfriend, while Ron and Donna bond on a hunting trip. April also gets the chance to reconnect with Andy, and Leslie throws Ben a patented Leslie Knope birthday party, but has to leave early for a filibuster emergency. Be sure to tune in to NBC at 8 p.m. next Thursday for “Filibuster”!


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