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Television PopWrapped | Television

It's "Us Against The World" This Week On The Fosters

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/19/2014 8:16 am
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of ABC

Jayden Sheppard

Staff Writer


After last week’s emotional episode, and the absence of Rita and her group of girls, we start of back at the Girl’s United house, where everyone is talking about Callie moving back in with the fosters. She tells them she is excited but a little scared. It was a nice touch to see the girls say what they have learned from Callie, and what Callie has learned from them. The scene ends with a group hug, at Rita’s suggestion, and which that the Girl’s United storyline is finished (for now at least). Callie returns home with Stef and Lena, but Mariana is the only one really excited to see her. Brandon is being all strange as he is about to tell her some news, and Jude is giving her the cold shoulder. Lena mentions that Jesus is at practice but what she really should have said is that he will be nowhere to be seen for the entire episode, and that I will be missing out on my weekly Jake T. Austin fix. Once everyone moves away from Callie he tells her that he is moving in with Mike. Which really isn’t the best move (I should remember that Brandon is known for his bad decisions). He needs to remember that he and Callie will have to live under the same roof as brother and sister. Later, Callie tells Stef and Lena that she is sorry about Brandon moving, but they are more concerned with giving Callie a phone, or as the way they are looking at it, a personal tracking device. At breakfast the next morning, Jude finds something he didn’t put in his bag, and Stef gets a notice to make further statements about the shooting, or something like that. We will call it Police talk. Honestly, I’m done with all this Ana stuff. It has dragged on for so long. We just need to know now if Mike has a job to go back to or not. Speaking of Mike, he now has a new girlfriend, who Brandon meets as he is going to school. She is very, let's say, touchy with Brandon and fixes his collar. I’m sure the neatness of his collar is what he is focusing on right now. Brandon is one of the characters on these teen dramas that carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. I could put him in a exclusive club with Chad Michael Murray's character on One Tree Hill. All Brandon is thinking about is how being apart from Callie is the worst thing that could possibly happen to him. But now he decides to think about someone other than Callie, and asks if it’s best for his dad, a recovering alcoholic, to be in a relationship. Mariana and Callie both end up going back to school on the same day. Mariana is nervous but she must of felt worse after seeing Chase and Kelsey, her number one enemy, together at the lockers. Zac asks Mariana to come the the cast party but she can’t face the idea of being around the pair, so he says they could go to the movies instead. She agrees, meaning Mariana is heading in the right direction towards Zac, the guy she should really be with. Earlier when Brandon was with Mike, he mentioned stopping piano classes, but things are about to get complicated when Mike calls the teacher to leave a message. He doesn’t know that Brandon told the teacher he couldn’t take lessons anymore a few weeks back, so he could keep his dad's money to help out Callie. We see Brandon on the beach skipping class and some guy from his school starts taking and invites him to a party that night (which ends out being the cast party). Jude and Connor are at school when a girl delivers cupcakes to their table for Jude. He mentions it could be due to tomorrow being his birthday, which Connor looks upset about, because he didn’t know. Latter at the house they search for more clues, but can’t figure out the message. After school Mariana is talking to Chase and he tells her to come to the cast party. She says she will be there even though she already has plans with Zac. As it turns out, later Lena is reluctant to let her go after the last time she went to a party. Stef is being questioned about the shooting and this time tells the truth. At the same time Brandon is paying Ana off, to make sure both Stef and Mike keep their jobs (Bad choice #2 for Brandon tonight). Mike comes over later to tell them Ana changed her story and they are both in the clear. I have a feeling Stef is not completely out of trouble just yet. Mariana and Zac go to the party together with Callie, where they will have to look after Mariana. She immediately runs off to speak to Chase. Kelsey is, of course, there to create more trouble. Brandon is also at the party to meet up with his new friend, and had no idea this was the party that both Mariana and Callie were going to be at. He speaks about a way to get some quick cash, as now he needs to pay his dad back for the piano lessons he never went to. And because this party wasn’t already filled with characters to mess with everyone, Brandon's crazy ex, Talia, is there. She is getting in Brandon’s head about Callie, when he snaps and tells her that Callie ran away, not to be with Wyatt, but because they kissing (Bad choice #3 for Brandon now). Mariana is so desperate to get with Chase that she uses crazy Talia’s idea to take off her panties privately and then slip them into Chases pocket. She then tells him she will be waiting upstairs. Back at the house Stef’s boss is over, to tell her that she will keep her job, but her and Mike will be on close watch. Mariana is upstairs when Zac walks in, to her disappointment. He is just about to tell her how he feels when Chase walks in, and Mariana basically kicks Zac out. Mariana only expected to make out, but she got more than she bargained for when Chase expected sex. When he doesn’t get what he wants, he leaves, and hopefully Mariana can now see that he isn’t such a great guy. Downstairs, it seems Talia has had to much to drink, cause she starts calling Callie every name she can think of in front of people at the party. Callie and Mariana leave with Brandon giving them a lift, both girls not having such a great night. The next morning Callie wakes Jude up for his birthday and gives him Hansel and Gretel as a present. She finally tells him that it was her leaving a trail of clues. Downstairs, everyone celebrates Jude’s real birthday with him.

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