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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

iZombie: 01x01 Pilot

Chrissy Baclagan | PopWrapped Author

Chrissy Baclagan

03/23/2015 4:28 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
iZombie: 01x01 Pilot | iZombie
Media Courtesy of The CW
Olivia 'Liv' Moore is not only an aspiring heart surgeon interning at Oregon hospital, she already has the prowess of a heroine. Her latest patient is cyanotic, a.k.a. "blue disease." Quick to save the day despite Dr. Jeffries being MIA, she takes a syringe and accurately inserts it into her patient's chest, saving him. She's got the markings of a hero; her bold actions even impressed a rival, going as far as to invite her to a party later that night. Like all hardworking overachievers, she declines right off the bat, saying that she has plans with her boo, Major. "Next time, though," she tells her as she leaves. With the appearance of a perfect life, it's no wonder why anyone could be Olivia's rival. However, when he hears about Marcy the rival's invitation, he persuades her to go, saying, "What's the worse that can happen?" Oh boy, was he wrong. "Try an inexplicable zombie outbreak." Unzipping herself from a yellow body bag, she manages to scare off an EMT worker working nearby. Oh yeah, she's looking quite different, too. Looking as pale as Robert Pattinson with the addition of lighter-colored hair, I can't blame the poor guy for bolting away in horror. But she isn't a sparkling vampire, oh no, she is totally much cooler than that mythical creature found in the Twilight series. Can you guess what? I guess the moral of this portion is that parties change you. Her roomie, her ex-fiancé, and her family noticed that change as well. With her recent behavior of being an unenthusiastic, droopy-eyed, unmotivated, anti-social young lady, it's obvious she isn't "100% herself." She came from having an enviable lifestyle to what seems to be nothing, for now. It's great that they are trying to support/uplift her in her time of trouble, but being an undead with a huge craving for brains? It's easy to see why she remains a recluse. Can I point out that reminding your daughter about how much of a catch her ex is is just terrible, but that's my opinion. That just adds to her "post-traumatic ennui," post-traumatic defeatism,"  and her "post-traumatic 'What's-the-point?'" At her new job at the Morgue, she assists a scientist on identifying her fellow dead. In this case, it's a Jane Doe with no matching prints or ID, yet. Upon his leaving, she 'becomes' who she currently is while moping on her now unfulfilled lifestyle. Apparently, a variation of the zombie diet includes hot sauce and microwavable noodles with a zombie's favorite and only food: brains. Without food, she becomes meaner (who wouldn't?) and the hot sauce allows her to taste something other than brains. If there's anything to know about secrets, not all of them can stay hidden, especially since this is the DC universe. Take The Flash and Arrow, for example. Her boss reveals that he's known about her secret identity for a while, from noticing the lack of brain mass from the victims of the boat party to speculating her when half-a-pound of brain went missing from one of the victims they worked on in the past. On the night of the zombie massacre, there was a new designer drug out on the market called Utopium, which is capable of 'frying your brain.' Hint, hint, much? Being the non-partygoer she is, she doesn't participate while avoiding the grasp of yet another eerie OUAT character, Victor Frankenstein/Dr. Whale. Screaming is then heard in the background, and I'm pretty sure that's a definte sign to run, run, and run some more. She does just that, but hides under a table for a moment before reattempting to run again. It's too bad that she gets some gnarly battle-scars, leading to her transformation. A new detective named Babineaux comes by showing them novelty handcuffs, and BAM! She sees a vision of the victim being arrested in Canada for shoplifting, making her a psychic of the sort. Blame the brains. Turns out her vision helped to identify the Jane Doe, her name being Lady Gaga's real name. Or is it? Note to self: zombies CAN sleep. Over-thinking late at night is one of the ways I can't sleep, and that affects her, too. For her, it's been five months of sleep deprivation, that is. But hey, this shows a more human-y side to her. Trying to be like her normal, alive self again, she participates at the annual Haunted House, while stealing several red eyeball props in the process. Once more, her family is worried for her, and her mother implies a hook-up with her ex. "No way in hell I'm risking giving the man I love zombie." A girl screams, making Liv tap into her newfound superpowers, this time seeing the weatherman removing his mask in front of the victim. Dr. Ravi encourages her to talk to the detective since she did eat the girl's temporal lobe. She also discovers that she has an affinity for red things, pocketing a red stapler and a red picture frame just before talking to Babineaux who was poked fun at after his peers earlier; the Jane Doe's name is definitely not Stefani Germanotta, Lady Gaga's real name. Hos co-workers definitely want a bad romance, Liv's in a bad romance, and this show is a bad romance, in a good way, trust me. This time, in order to avoid more embarrassment, he forces Liv to talk to Channel 11's weatherman to discover that the Jane Doe is Tatiana, a call girl. At the Morgue, Liv is right about one thing concerning zombies: she would have bad luck if she was part of a horde. Take a look at AMC's The Walking Dead or Zack Snyder's 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead if you'd like. Babineaux interrupts, claiming that he would be ruthless in a zombie apocalypse. Chivalry is dead, but he'd be alive. Getting her assistance, they investigate Tatiana's friend, Tess. Trying to avoid them, the call girl speaks in Romanian, but Liv finds out that she could, too. Like I said, blame it on the brains. When she hears that her friend was murdered, she freaks out claiming she knows nothing, but does give them a name: Tatiana Korzha. In an expensive-y part of the neighborhood where the detective would have to sleep with many people just to afford it, they find Tatiana's pad trashed. They find her phone with a voice message from Tess saying "Hey, you little klepto, get your ass back up to the suite or we are never gonna work with you again." We meaning that there was another call girl involved and Kleptomania as in having the urge to steal. Whew. That's why Tatiana has oddities, like a pacifier, in her room and why Liv keeps taking things. You are who you eat, huh? Looking at a window, she finds herself in another trance, this time seeing how the call girl died by falling from a window. Rise and fall, what a perfect way to start of this segment of the show. Beginning to take the case personally, they head back to talk to Tess some more only to discover that she poofed. Her over-protective neighbor, on the other hand, gave them the other girl's name: Monica. She gets permission from her boss to help detective Babineaux. In Dr. Ravi's eyes, he thinks that what Liv is doing is like Elton John's Circle of Life. I guess I can see how he'd see that, but that's for another day. Using her samples, he's trying to find a cure for her, bringing her hopes up for once. When meeting up with the detective, she tells him that she has other things to do, leaving him disappointed that he lost his psychic sidekick. He even had a name for them: Cagney and Pasty. He's not the only one who gets disappointed; she finds out that Major is spending time with another girl, and they happen to be playing a game that involves killing hordes of zombies. Ouch. Heartbroken, she still doesn't sleep and drowns herself in eating spicy chips. Her best-friend/roommate tells her that she's "her freaking heart" making Liv realize that she can choose to be a decent human being. Babineaux's boss notifies him that Pratt from CI will be taking over the investigation. At the Morgue, she finds the detective there waiting. He tells her that Tatiana had a bearded pig of some sort, eventually figuring out that she meant Pratt, who happens to be a bearded cop. Pratt turns out to be the murderer, holding the girls hostage in an abandoned house somewhere deep in a forest. The ring that was missing is something of great importance, and hell hath no fury like a woman's wrath. Monica confessed to pawning it, needing the money to pay for her education, yet Pratt blames her for everything. Babineaux tries to save the day, unfortunately he's not as great at that as Liv. Finding that heroine within, she ensures he doesn't escape. Even after being shot at, she causes him to crash into a tree, knocking the air out of him. Eyes turning bloody red, she's in zombie-mode until her sidekick (he did drive them there), the detective, shows up, preventing her from munching on some brains. Getting an open heart surgery from her boss, she tells him that she became "99 percent" zombie after becoming mad. After saving two women, getting justice for another, and putting a murderer behind bars, she's definitely a "dead, alabaster badass." Feeling full of life again, she's finally found what it means to be alive, in a metaphorical sense of course. She's embraced who she's become, even dressing the part for the Haunted House event. Finally having peace of mind, she can sleep until she wakes up from what appears to be a dream. A familiar zombie was chasing someone down an alley, but was caught by him. Did you like CW's newest show? Leave your thoughts below, and join me next week for iZombie!

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