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iZombie: 01x02 Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?

Chrissy Baclagan | PopWrapped Author

Chrissy Baclagan

04/02/2015 1:36 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
iZombie: 01x02 Brother, Can You Spare a Brain? | iZombie
Media Courtesy of Nerdist
Sometimes, dreams are cool. Sometimes, they're not. If you remember the zombie haunting her dreams from the previous episode, then you probably would think shit's about to get real. Liv and Dr. Ravi are investing the cause of death of a well-known painter named Javier Abano, who he happens to be a fan of. Like he said, who wouldn't like a "vibrant, abstract" nude portrait? He then jokes around by assuming the victim has drowned. "Hint: she eats brains," she responds, catching the reference. Good friendships have some of the greatest jokes ever, at least in my opinion. The victim apparently died instantly between 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM. In simpler terms, it's just like "stabbing someone's off button." Detective Babineaux arrives to quickly assume it's the wife. Typical. C'mon now, not all the things you watch on TV are real. Oh, and zombie munchies, particularly hers, are probably better than the normal person's. Saving the world, one brain at a time. What better timing than having her ex dropping off your stuff. Like lingerie, for example. Yeah, dropping off her undergarments is great. Please continue to make her sad by bringing up her engagement gifts, too. Oh, thanks BFF for wanting the engagement juicer. You guise are so much help. Stahp. Note to self: Zombies having zombie nightmares is a no-no. Especially if it happens to look like your attacker. Or if he looks like Dr. Whale/Victor Frankenstein from OUAT. Time to get on the nope train! How to find a zombie, Liv's edition: Stalk Facebook and Instagram. Oh, why not try Google, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Pintrest, too? How to make your zombie co-worker/friend relax, Dr. Ravi's version: Give her a stolen magazine that happens to have tips on sex. Fantastic. That particular article did come in handy, but not in the typical way. It's more like seeing through the eyes of Javier having an affair with another woman. Did I mention how Liv found it hot? Even going as far as sharing the intimate details with the detective. "50 Shades of psychic, and no vital details" is spot on. Still believing the artist's wife was the murderer, he invites Liv to go with him to question her. I've always been a huge fan of plot twists, but I was not expecting Javier's wife approving of his mysterious lover, Tasha. She also happens to be her personal favorite, which means there are more ladies like Tasha. Well, someone once told me that art is supposed to confuse you, and I'm hella confused. Kind of. According to Tasha, he had a way of bringing out people and revealing it to them. While Liv and I find this statement to be beautiful, I wouldn't go about the way Javier went. Each to their own, no? Babineaux STILL believes that it was the spouse who murdered her husband until they got a text message from Liv's boss saying that the killer must have been around 6'2" or 6'3". Lola, Javier's wife, is around the same height as Liv, so it is possible that it was another lady/guy who killed him. At the morgue, Dr. Ravi has a police sketch artist named Jimmy to well, sketch the mysterious man-zombie that's been appearing in her dreams lately. If you remember from the previous episode where Liv magically attains the personality traits of the brains she eats, it's easy to assume things did not go well between Jimmy and her. Artistic vision conflicts, yenno? This causes him to leave while she takes on the task of sketching the zombie from her dreams. Meanwhile, the detective is questioning Javier's art dealer on his whereabouts and his close friendship with Lola, unintentionally revealing that he didn't like some of the antics of Javier. In his eyes, he isn't a good husband as he is an excellent painter, and the latter has affected Liv to the point where she wants to "make love" to her art. Apparently, her latest sketch caught the eye of the zombie-guy she's been wanting to meet. Using it as his latest profile picture on Facebook, they discuss brains, food, the zombie life, and what happened in Liv's dream. It must suck to miss food. I know I would cry; I'm a huge foodie. Their friendly conversation was interrupted by her boss who, in turn, immediately asks for a urine sample. That escalated quite quickly. Anyhow, he conducts a checkup on him, just like he did with her a while back, and he accidentally knocks down a few things, making her go into a trance once more. A man who appears to be Tasha's boyfriend telling Javier that he's broken something he loves. In order to protect Dr. Ravi, she implies Mr. Zombie to leave. While it seems like this is totally uncalled for,  I feel like she has a legitimate reason to do that, whether or not she knows exactly why. He just seems sketchy, especially if his eyes turn red when he was having sex with a woman he met at the bar, turning her into part of Team Z. While Babineaux was questioning him, Liv seems to take on more of Javier's personality traits. I would have never known Tasha's ex was part Cherokee thanks to her. He tells them that the artist eventually dumped Tasha for a "much younger version of her" named Becca. Others have noticed her latest personality change as well. She's fond of jazz now and kisses Major on the cheek when he dropped off the juicer at her home. The relationship with Liv and Blaine, a.k.a. Mr. Zombie, is strained some more when he claims to have changed and "cut off" all the poisonous ones in his life, but Liv sees him with his drug-dealing homies. Disappointed, she leaves. Good thing. He IS sketchy. Why? The windows turned a bloody red. I think that's a pretty good hint of you ask me. Babineaux, Liv, and Dr. Ravi attend a post-humorous event for Javier. All three have come to investigate something-for Babineaux and Liv. it's the unsolved murder case, but Dr. Ravi is there to 'investigate' the fine art, the models, and the bar obviously. Overhearing conversations can either be a good or bad thing, in this case, good because an artist's death can bring about a considerable income, especially for an extremely broke friend of Javier. In other news, Tasha's ex wants to be with Liv ever since she raved about his cheekbones. Be as in sex. The forced kind. Luckily, she went into "full-on zombie mode", knocking him to the ground in the process. Atta girl, err, zombie. While it seemed that Artie, Javier's friend committed the crime, Dr. Ravi came just n time to suggest that it was indeed Lola, his wife, who committed the murder. Before Tasha's horny ex attacked her, she had a vision of Becca finding out she will be bearing Javier's son making them both happy. When Lola found out, she was devastated and killed him. She also knew that Artie would naturally cover her because he cared for her. I guess some things you seen on crime shows do come true. The thing about art is that it brings about completely different worlds to explore, and Liv sees how important that kind of light is. As an art lover myself, I'm glad she sees how art is something worthwhile. You can say we're both have some things in common, but that's for another time. As Liv says, "'s possible for parts of me to spring to life." Come join me next week for iZombie, PopWrappers!

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